Chitra Doraiswami

Chitra Doraiswami, 69, is from Bangalore. She has written for many publications such as the Deccan Herald, The Times, Femina, Eve’s Weekly, etc. Chitra has many an interesting tale to tell including the one about finishing her Masters along with her son; sadly “only” getting a First Class, where her son got a rank. She joined CMR, NPS as Headmistress two decades ago and is now known as the Associate Principal of the institution. She also has a sixteen year old grandson. Chitra is an avid dancer, reader and drama-enthusiast. She's traveled extensively with her husband who was in the IAF. She taught wherever they were posted. Chitra enjoys teaching people innovative ways of helping children learn, but she is definitely not the prototypical fluffy grandma!

Ushasi Sen Basu

Ushasi Sen Basu, 37, lives in Bangalore and is the erstwhile Editor-in-Chief of She published her debut contemporary literary fiction novel, 'Kathputli’ in early 2017, in both Kindle and paperback formats. Ushasi has been a professional writer and editor for over a decade. She also has an unpopular blog called The Crib that pokes fun at everything, including herself. Ushasi (aka Shashi, "U" and 'You-Over-There') loves literature and music, and dances like nobody’s watching. She is the mother of a five-year-old girl, who is the joy of her life and grudging guinea pig for many of her parenting experiments.

Namita Kutty

Mommy of a pint-sized dictator (read toddler). Wife of a super busy entrepreneur who's also an incredibly hands-on daddy (never mind all her whingeing!). Lover of books, yoga; and fitness enthusiast (read: the long journey back to pre-natal petiteness) and member of the top secret 'New Mommy Club'. Namita in her previous avatar was a senior HR professional for over a decade in top IT, Banking and Retail MNCs. She prided herself on her people management abilities and effective conflict resolution. All of which comes to naught as she's totally owned by a toddler at negotiations.

Indira Anand

Indira is 40 years old and settled in Dubai for the last 18 years along with her husband. She works in IT Operations with a leading airline. Her hobbies include cooking, reading, traveling the world and other creative pursuits like knitting stuffed toys, clay modeling, drawing and painting. With her husband working in a furniture factory, Indira has the unique advantage of imagining a home improvement and actually having it come to life as imagined! A kidney transplant in 2010 changed a lot for Indira including her outlook to life and learning to live fully and in the moment. In her non-existent spare time, she also writes fiction and about strong women who have made it through everything. Catch her blog at

Vedika Srivastava

Vedika is an IT professional. A working mother, who feels that writing is a great stress buster and hence pens down her thoughts whenever she finds time to do so. Life is the best teacher and teaches great lessons, so her words are generally the reflection of her own experiences. Music and gardening are the other two pleasures she rates on par with writing and indulges in them as much as possible. Being a woman has always given her pride and satisfaction, and even more so now that she is part of the 'SiyaWoman' family.

Debolina Coomar

As a believer of 'live & let live', Debolina likes to enjoy the little things of life. As a person who enjoys reading, writing and interacting with people, she finds it exciting to write about emotions, experiences, stories, lifestyle, parenting, self-improvement, current affairs and pretty much everything that affects a common man's life. Debolina is an ex-HR and Corp. Comm. professional, wife to a wonderful husband, mother to a lovely daughter; and a freelance content, creative writer, content developer and blogger. She strives to ignite the power of thought with a whole new perspective. Debolina shares her thoughts at:

Nandini Vaidyanathan

Nandini Vaidyanathan is the founder of Carma Connect ( which mentors entrepreneurs, teaches entrepreneurship in ivy league business schools across the world, writes on entrepreneurship (has written two best sellers), climbs and treks. She loves to live life on her terms, using her discretion and not someone else’s.

Sheela Kedarinath

Sheela Kedarinath has around 20 years of varied experience in the corporate world. She has worked in the Corporate Social Responsibility sector and has also been managing administration for an MNC for a long period of time. In her personal life, she is creative and passionate about the various aspects of interior decoration. Sheela’s home and garden are her pride and joy. She has added value to a lot of her friend’s homes and balcony gardens in the last 20 years.

Mamata Kolte

Mamata is an energetic, optimistic person who believes that anyone can do anything if one wants to. She loves to travel, write poems, watch movies, cook, garden and sing. Mamata follows her heart in anything that she does and thus can not do any thing just for the sake of doing it.

Vinisha Gupta

Vinisha, 30 aspires to leave a mark on this world (of course, a positive one) before turning into ashes. She is an avid reader and a blogger. Her husband is her biggest motivation who always encourages her to keep smiling .Writing is a form of meditation to her and she loves to write a lot about women in form of short stories, poetry or just a small write up. Her love for penguins has grown over the past few years which has added a new dream in her wish list to see the penguins live one day.

Sangeetha Bhaskaran

Sangeetha is a 31 year old mummy who lives in Dubai, but with a heart in Bangalore, and a mind that wanders everywhere else. After pursuing a career in Finance for almost a decade, she decided to walk away and do something whimsical - chase her dream of writing. She currently writes and manages a parenting blog called 'No Time To Moisturize' that describes her bumbling adventures as a mother. Her hobbies are singing, drinking wine, telling people what to do & reading lots and lots and lots of books whenever she finds the time. She loves to blame the universe for everything that goes wrong, laugh at her own jokes, and ponder over the meaning of life once she’s done updating herself with all the celebrity gossip online.

Amrita Kolay

While pursuing my graduation in electronics and communication, I realized my life had nothing to do with why AC (Alternating Current) was passing DC (Direct Current) or why we had to turn into Aryabhata to answer which resistor or capacitor would fit in place. In the final semester, programming of Microcontroller introduced itself and our brief meeting was more than enough to kill the budding engineer in me. So after completing my graduation, I took writing as a full-time job. Of course, the transition was not easy and after 5 years of continuing in this field, I still encounter the question “Why did you choose to become a clerk after engineering” (I can be seen typing/writing/working all day). Over the years, I have tried my hand at various genres of writing such as Resume Writing, Blogging, Story Writing and Content/Website Profile Writing. Extracting the key points from a person's job profile and writing an impactful story in the form of a resume has always been my major area of Interest. So far I have worked for Top notch clients who were associated with big giants such as Google, Facebook, Walt Disney, IBM, Microsoft etc. Each day is a new stepping stone of learning, so I would call myself a truly passionate writer, who is keen to pour her heart out and let the rhythm of my words dance in sync with the readers.

Jai Shruthi

Witty and humorous, Jai Shruthi, is an aspiring writer. She has been a professional dancer for 6 years and after dabbling in graphic design for awhile, she found her place in event management. She is currently a happy-stay-at-home Mum of two adventurous boys. She is also the founder of Shruts Handmade Stuff, a small online venture where she showcases her handmade designs. When she isn't busy with any of the above, she loves to sit back and relax with a good movie, language no bar. A dancer by soul, designer by mind and a mommy by heart, she loves to explore and expand her creative horizons.

Rupam Sabharwal

Rupam Sabharwal, 29, works as a Brand Manager and lives in Mumbai. She believes life is too short to waste any moment and the time to live life is now. She is a curious traveller and is always ready for a new experience. A creative soul who loves to paint and create DIY things for her home and loved ones. Learning, for her, never stops and she embraces every opportunity to learn something new. Dancing gives her a high and she does that like no one's watching. She loves reading and a cup of coffee with a book is her idea of a perfect break. Writing liberates her and is her passion. She also writes a blog called Roasted Papad, which is on experiences that touch her.

Farha Abid

I am a stay-at-home mom. I work 24*7. I am paid in love. This is how simply my life can be defined now when I have taken a break from a decade long fulfilling career in Human Resources. Now, I use my skills like 'Performance Management' for my hubby and 'Learning & Development' for my daughter at home. I enjoy reading and writing. I am popular in my friend circle for my unique chicken recipes but I owe it to YouTube (which I never mention). As I have crossed the thirty year mark, people have started to take my opinions less lightly, and my new passion is to have an opinion about everything.

Dr. Arundhati Tambwekar

The Arundhati Foundation is a private, non-profit foundation started by Dr Shubhangi Sanjay Tambwekar and Mr Sanjay Achyut Tambwekar in the memory of their daughter Dr. Arundhati Sanjay Tambwekar who passed away in a gruesome road-traffic accident in Vellore on the morning of the 9th September 2014. Arundhati was on the way to CMC Vellore where she was Post Graduate Registrar pursuing her Diploma in Clinical Pathology. She was riding pillion wearing a helmet. Vellore roads are extremely bad and possibly this is the main factor which took away the life of a brilliant, talented, hard-working girl and a gem of a human being.

Bindu Bhat

A happy mother-cum-financial-planner-cum educator; community volunteer, avid traveller and history buff; Bindu loves it all. Along with being a mom to her 12 year old, Bindu is also discovering more sides to herself after crossing the '40' milestone and is enjoying the journey thoroughly. Bindu believes that working as a Financial planner gives her the fabulous opportunity of seeing people make positive changes in their money habits. And to catch them young, she conducts financial literacy programs at schools and communities. She's a Mathematics grad and Finance post-grad from Amchi Mumbai, worked with a banking group and a Hyderabad based start up, before finding her niche as a Financial Planner, based in Hyderabad.

Nandini Bhattacharjee

Nandini Bhattacharjee, 47, has lived in Kolkata, Durgapur, Hospet and now resides in Pune. She worked for 18 years in a steel plant mainly in environment management. Nandini has been a trainer for management training programmes for 21 years. She took an early retirement from 'paid' work and spends some time volunteering when she's not mentally wrestling with her teenage sons.


I am Anonymous. I want to be heard, but not necessarily known.

Tulip Fernandes-Hulkkonen

Tulip is an aspiring photographer (#walkanddiscoverfinland), yoga practitioner and future entrepreneur, with an insatiable appetite for learning and a perpetual WIP. In the process of listing sailing and the finnish language as her superpowers. Currently, a shiny brick in the wall, seeking divine intervention! Tulip has recently married and moved to Helsinki, Finland – Europe.

Rashmi Manvi

I am Rashmi Manvi, a 32 year old mom of a six-year old little boy. I have degrees in Engineering and Business Management, and I 've also done online tutoring for English writing skills. I have a passion for writing, and my style is natural, based on my daily experiences as a mother and wife. I am a firm believer of "The Law of attraction" and base my ideas on the same. I love spreading cheer and having interesting conversations, and oh, I love travelling too!

Charmi Trevadia

I am Charmi Trevadia from Mumbai. I freelance as a content writer and social media manager. I love food, movies, reading and traveling. I dream everyday of receiving my Hogwarts letter and have a soft spot for panda videos and Minion toys. I love writing stories because I think it is our best chance at spreading love and changing the world.

Antara Mukherjee Shah

‘Addicted to life’ is how friends describe 37 year old Antara. Living in London with her husband and the cutest three year old in the world, she is a senior Talent and Change management consultant in a global multinational. She is also a keen DIY-er, improvised-toy-maker, Netflix watcher, kitchen dancer, outdoors singer, book lover, foodie and a serious plant addict (read gardener). She uses her degree in Architecture to justify her frequent weekend DIY projects. Juggling home, child and a full-time job, Antara is now taking time out to reconnect with her one true passion – writing.

Sarba Basu

My name is Sarba Basu and I work as a Business Analyst with a consulting firm.Reading has led me to love the art of writing as well and here goes one such attempt.

Madhavi Ochani

Madhavi Ochani (nee Chandanapurkar) is the mother of a ten-ager(currently 10 but already going on 18) and relishes the challenge with gusto. An engineer by profession, she’s worked with some top IT MNC’s for a decade and a half before taking an early retirement from working outside the home. She used to consider herself a hopeless romantic by birth until ofcourse marriage cured her of that malady. Marathon reader, crossword-solver and fitness enthusiast on weekdays, she totally transforms herself on weekends into a binge serial watcher( Game of Thrones, SUITS, House of Cards) and food critic (external to her own kitchen naturally). A huge fan of laugh riots like P. G. Wodehouse, F.R.I.E.N.D.S and SEINFELD, she tries to find humour in everyday life situations and sometimes writes about it.

Payal Mukherjee

My life is currently run by two little monsters, one 9 and one almost 2 years old. My passions are reading and writing. While I read almost every waking free hour, my writing has taken a hit after my second daughter was born, and I am trying to slowly but surely get back to it. My big dream is to, someday, get around to writing my book. My job is to be a home CEO, a teacher, a doctor as well as nurse-on-call, a driver, a sometimes-chef, a hairstylist, and a mender of clothes and cuts and hearts. My 'profession', on the other hand, is executive search/ head-hunting and I am defined in the ongoing parlance of the age, as a work-from-home mom.

Ila Gautam

Sixty-seven year young Ila Gautam retired from a lifetime of teaching English and is now writing her Memoirs of coming of age in post-Partition Delhi. Apart from writing, she enjoys listening to classical Indian music and is a reading addict. Married to a retired Naval Officer, she thought she had brought up two daughters until they recently told her that she is a very recalcitrant ward for them. For her, therefore, the world of books is at least more predictably undependable; writing is currently her best shot at immortality and/or World Domination!

Geeta Yadav

I am a writer by choice. I’ve been writing for the past 18 years. Luckily my creative writing skills were enhanced as varied opportunities came my way. If contributing to newspapers groomed me to honour deadlines, then writing books for school children rekindled the spirit to enquire, question and explore. My experiences as a mum have been interesting and entertaining and found expression in my blogs with poems on Parenting for a website called I know that God loves me and keeps me so energetic and alive through thick and thin. My gratefulness finds expression in my service activities and writing for the Art Of Living Foundation and White Print ( a magazine for the visually impaired).

Kannika Iyengar

Kannika Bharath Iyengar, 27, is a Masters in Counselling from the University of Edinburgh. She is currently consulting in a number of Bangalore-based organisations for work related to autism spectrum disorders and counselling. Kannika counsels people across a range of economic and social backgrounds, and dealing with issues ranging from academic and adolescent to marital problems, old age related issues, aggression, obsessive compulsive tendencies, etc. She is also a passionate baker and loves to use healthy ingredients to make great food, and teach the same to others. A green advocate, Kannika ensures that people around her produce as little waste as possible and make the world greener.

Suchitra Yerukonda

Suchitra Yerukonda, a Software Engineer, currently lives in the USA with her husband. A bubbly girl whose life revolves around her family and friends, Suchitra's hobbies include reading, dancing, singing, traveling and trying out different cuisines. She's passionate about cooking and follows Dalai Lama’s instructions for life: “Approach love and cooking with reckless abandon”. Writing happened to her recently and Suchitra continues to explore it.

Runali Basak

Runali is a multi lingual person with knowledge of English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, making her multi cultural too. Her hobbies are writing, teaching, watching movies and listening to music. She believe that the most difficult thing to achieve in life is simplicity. She also endorses the fact that if you can make at least one person smile, it's a great feat.

Nandita Ghosh

Nandita Ghosh works as a Software Engineer and is the proud mother of a young, talented daughter. She currently lives in Germany. Her passions include writing, painting and travelling. She loves to write poems as well as prose about the small joys of day-to-day life. If interested, please follow her on:

Shaapla Sen

Shaapla Sen, 27, lives and works in Bangalore. She is physically occupied a few hours each day with HR and sales. But mentally occupied every moment with photography, painting, trees, cooking, music, family, affection and her furbabies.

Sana Zehra

I’m a Delhi University gold medalist and currently a work-from-home based content head and part-time coaching faculty member for the CAT exam. Proud to call Lady Shri Ram College for Women as my Alma Mater, I am married and live in Chennai. Cooking is my passion by compulsion, caught in a blitzkrieg of North and South Indian flavours. I love experimenting with food, the latest one being a blueberry cheesecake, and my ever appreciative husband is happy to oblige me with his opinions.

Geetha Gopalakrishnan

Geetha lives in Chennai with her husband and her two sweet children. She was with Cognizant for a long time and has now taken a break for the benefit of her children. A homemaker now, Geetha loves cooking, reading magazines and is now trying her hand at writing too. As a student, Geetha used to write poems in Tamil and completely enjoyed the creativity part of it. She is happy to be part of SiyaWoman's group of writers!

Namrata Chinmulgund

Namrata, 28 has done her B.A. from Mount Carmel College and M.A. from Commits, Bangalore. She worked for a Bangalore based lifestyle magazine as a Content Specialist. Her experience at the magazine, ranged from doing food reviews, interviews with celebrities, attending high-tea Christmas parties, and doubling up as photographer on these assignments. She is a passionate home-baker, cook, and adores hosting lunches and dinners parties for friends and family. Namrata is also an avid reader and a movie buff. She has also had a stint at teaching kindergarten kids, though her true calling is writing and travel, she is yet to go an expedition. Her dream romantic holiday is in Paris with her Mr.Right!

Suduhita Mitra

Suduhita Mitra is a 29 year old Software Engineer who currently lives with her husband in USA. She loves to capture life's different moments and write her own tales. When she is not writing, you can find her either bundled up with a dark chocolate and a book or going places in a quest to unravel the hidden beauty of the place! You can catch a glimpse of her travel diaries at her Travel and Lifestyle blog! Although writing has always been her first love but she indulges in baking sugary delights every now and then to add some flavor in her life!

Hester Bergh-Appoyer

Hester is a speaker and story strategist, communication craftsperson, cross-cultural connector, and change activist. She has a unique streetkid corporate savvy which allows her to share her bold yet refreshing coaching approach with clients all over the world. She has collected over 42 000 hours of lecturing, training, coaching, consulting, mediation and more recently key note speaking on the subject of cross cultural collaboration. “Being Nice Isn’t Enough – A How To Cut Through The Niceties And Get Real Collaboration” is her second book waiting to be published. Her first book is The Flying Rhino’s Guide to Intercultural Communication was commissioned in 2015. Born South African, she has lived and worked in South East Asia, the EU, and CEE. Her current address is in India. By the age of ten she had logged more than 10 000 unaccompanied flying miles and as a young person spoke on a local radio shows telling about her solo travels to far away destinations. She remains an inspiring and uplifting storyteller with the most recent highlight being a keynote on her book at the United Nations in Vienna, 21st September 2016. Read this for more on Hester (, and get her inspirations on fb (

Preeti Athri

Heat up pan of Indian values with a modern 'twist'ed handle.Add in the oil of a Convent School experience. Now, add in chopped interest in 'Science and Music'. Stir in till 'Science Graduation' is achieved. Now, pour in the stock of 'MBA in Human Resource', with the dash of 'lead singing for a Band.'Add in 'plenty of friends,a drive in the rain, foodiness and going crazy.'Sprinkle in 'marriage to an awesome man', then blend in 'job as HR executive in two companies'. Mix 'mum to two lovely boys' lovingly and garnish with 'writer' for effect.Serve with a smile :)

Candida Fernandes

Equipped with an MBA in Finance, I worked in the corporate sector for nearly 5 years before I discovered my passion for music, foreign languages and writing could turn into something more. Currently freelancing in French and music, I write articles for the local community magazine and maintain my own blog. I have always enjoyed writing stories and poems and have written and directed plays for community events. I enjoy reading books on various topics and composing music in my free time. And yes, I love travelling and exploring new cultures and places.

Konika S Writer

Koni is a writer, a poet, and a self-proclaimed weirdo. She hopes to be an author someday. She has whiled away her youth trying to latch onto the comforts of life. She is now adrift, and hopes only to be rescued by her writing. She holds a B.A in English Literature and an MBA in Marketing from SIBM-Pune. She loves the rain, the colour black and reading poems.


I’m Sandhya – a woman of many yet to be fulfilled dreams. I’m a jill of many trades and, proudly, mistress of none. In my 43 years of multi-hued existence, I have been a studious student, Bharatnatyam exponent, Carnatic music singer, drama artiste, chartered accountant, financial controller at various levels of the corporate ladder, CFO of a start-up, mom of two kids, sister of one, daughter of a whacky mom and an overly serious father (perfect balance there!) and surprisingly sweet wife of a 6ft 2in, tall, dark handsome guy – which says a lot, considering I’m 4ft 11 and a half inches myself! I love writing, especially poetry, and hope to leave my indelible mark in this sphere also, where people could curl up with something that I have written and laugh or cry helplessly as they get caught in the words I weave!

Sangeetha Ramachandran

Sangeetha Ramachandran is the reclaimed maiden name. She is both happy and sad that she is already 44 years old. She has just started seeing life in a beautiful way. She is a proud single mother of two children. She works for Western Railways in Mumbai for the past 24 years. Her hobbies and wish lists are always changing. She wants to try everything. One thing always remains constant....her search for love.

Satarupa Joardar

Satarupa, 35, is currently a highly educated homemaker living in Seattle, USA. She completed a doctorate in an interdisciplinary program in May, 2015. Satarupa loves reading and watching movies: she watched 100 movies and read 16 books in 2015 (she knows this as this is the first time in her life she kept count!) Satarupa also loves traveling, eating and cooking different types of cuisine and getting worked up about the state of the environment and the growing lack of humanity in this world. She also likes to write.

Deepti Menon

Deepti Menon has always been fascinated by the written word. She is the author of the book 'Arms and the Woman' published in 2002 by Rupa Publishers, Delhi. Many of her short stories have been part of numerous anthologies over the past two years. She is awaiting the publication of her second book in July, 2016. A quote that resonates within her heart is by the inimitable Maya Angelou. "The idea is to write so that people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart." Exactly her sentiments as well!

Aprajita Jain

Aprajita Jain is a Brand Marketing Evangelist at Google. She works with Google's sales teams and customers and helps grow customer brands through digital marketing. In her prior roles she has focused on various Performance Marketing solutions for some of Google's largest advertisers in the Retail and Travel industries. Aprajita earned her Bachelors and Masters degrees in business administration from the University of Saarland in Germany and has also attended the MBA Marketing curriculum at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley and The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. She is a die hard Bollywood fan, dancer, hiker and blog writer. She speaks four languages which makes her hobby of traveling the world a lot easier.

Viji Hari

Viji Hari is an Author of BCC: Behind Closed Cubicles, CEO and Co-Founder of Kelp HR, a human resources consultancy firm ( and specializes in setting up governance models, prevention and redressal committees of sexual harassment in the corporate world. She is a speaker in several forums on this topic and has conducted awareness workshops across India on the topic of Prevention of Sexual Harassment, Gender and Diversity sensitization. She loves reading, travelling the world to explore and experience the local culture, food, people and places. Connect with Viji at Share your feedback, stories and experiences on this topic at

Ananya Chatterjee

Ananya Chatterjee is a 36 year old software professional working in Kolkata. A gold-medalist in Computer Science, Ananya has always been passionate about writing verses. She is the author of the Amazon bestseller, The Poet & His Valentine, a collection of verses. Another Soliloquy and The Blind Man’s Rainbow are her other books. She was the winner of the Ekphrasis Poetry Contest at the National Poet’s Meet 2015. She has been awarded Certificate of Merit as part of Reuel International Award for Literature, 2015. Ananya also worked as a translator for the poems by actor and poet Soumitra Chatterjee, published in the book Forms Within. She lives in Kolkata with her husband and two children. To find out more about her works, please visit

Upama Misra

Upama Misra is an Independent Yoga Coach and trainer from world renowned "The Yoga Institute", Mumbai. She practices Ashtanga Yoga and Iyengar Yoga and also has exposure to alternate therapy. She is an expert in yoga related to women’s health issues and pre- and post-natal care. Apart from her passion to help women improve their health and well-being, she is the mother of two and a travel enthusiast.

Anjali Susan Paul

My name is Anjali Susan Paul and I work as a Project Manager for a firm called Identcity.I am extremely fond of writing and often take out time to pen down my thoughts on various topics.I have also started my own blog recently.Quite a few of my topics revolve around the love-hate relationship I share with my country.I must also mention the fact that I am a super proud Indian, but at times the frustrating things happening around me make me want to instead of actually screaming... I choose to scream through my words....I have tried to keep it short & not very sweet......

Radhika R B

Radhika is a banker by profession, with a passion for writing. The happiness in her home is sponsored by her doggy- daughter Cindy. Travelling also triggers happiness in her mind.

Teja Dalvi

Teja Dalvi is a Goan by heart and a working professional in Bangalore. She is also an aspiring writer and an obsessive reader like how one breathes in oxygen. Married for a year now, she is an independent individual yet depends on her family for the love she seeks. In a city of Information Technology, she is one of those who do not belong to the “Engineering” quota. Her qualification makes her a Clinical Researcher and Microbiologist. But deep in her heart she is that little girl who spreads her color pencils and crayons all over the floor and let’s her imagination just flow and finally settle on a canvas. She believes to preserve the child inside her mind and feeds it often with board games and cartoons. She claims that her inclination towards Arts and reading books is what keeps her going through tough times and emerge even stronger.

Krishani Khound

I am Krishani Khound, an optimist and a coffee lover. Once upon a time, I was a popular Radio Jockey in Guwahati, Assam. Following marriage, I followed Angshuman to the quite little Duliajan, for I idolize Ruskin Bond’s small town life and happiness. I have books to treasure, plants to leisure, calories I do not measure, journeys to enrapture and writing to pleasure. We make memories with them for the sake of old age nostalgia.

Hampi Chakrabarti

Hampi Chakrabarti, is a Research Scholar trying to identify a pattern in the narrative of Indian Women's Autobiographies while totally clueless about her own life's narrative. Often found clicking pictures of the wonders around her. True blue spiritual seeker and beggar for divine intervention. Life mission to bring human beings closer to their truth and beauty. Allergic to Armchair hyper-intellectualism. Dreams of living in a tree house.

Preethi Baladev

I am Preethi Baladev, Ex- Software Engineer, now a “Life-ware” Engineer, owning my own yoga institute. Reading is my passion and writing is my ambrosia. I love getting lost in a world of words where the only restriction is how far beyond can your mind reach leaving behind the mundane existence of everyday routine. My dream is to become an author and write books that let the readers escape into a magical world that they can call their own.

Premila Naidu

I am a Pediatric dentist running the first ever exclusive dental clinic for children in Bangalore called Smallbites. A restless soul by nature who has recently started a photography company called sugar and spice. I am living with 3 boys, 5 year old son, a never growing up husband and a boxer called copper who thinks he is a human. Yes, it may come as a shock but I love my family.

Sanjukta Deb

I have completed my post graduation in English Literature from Bethune College, under Calcutta University, following which I worked as an administrator and production manager in Theatrecian, a theatre production company. Currrently I am working as Operations & Tech Development Manager with Tribeca Care, a health care company based in Calcutta.

Annelise Piers

Annelise Piers is a hippy yogi (minus the dreadlocks -- for the moment) who has immersed herself in the practice, researching and delivering content in an easy-to-apply design. Women's hormonal-balance coach, health blogger and yoga teacher, writing is her way of staying out of trouble. A corporate trainer/coach gone rogue, her newly-discovered purpose is to help women stop bouncing off the walls ‘those’ times of the month and trade in their broomsticks for magic wands.

Cindy D'Silva

I like to call myself an independent homemaker who does many things. I’ve recently learnt belly dancing and in my spare time, I write. Writing has been a passion since I was a young girl. Starting with a diary where I mentioned everyday events to a blog I manage off lately – I’m a mother to a lovely 3 yr old daughter who makes my otherwise calm life very interesting. I’m also part of a couple of social service associations that help underprivileged children get educated. I’ve been a singer in a band and worked full time, once upon a time, for 10 years and I miss it sometimes. But I’m content with my present life at the moment. Touch wood! ;)

Prabhneet Kaur

Prabhneet Kaur, 24, trainee with a leading newspaper.

Reenu Bahl

Reenu Bahl, an ex journalist, who once was busy chasing the stars,is now busy raising a star - brat 'R'. A full time mother, she is enjoying a long break seeing her child grow each day and in the process, gathering all the details required to write a book on children. However, going by her speed, the book may take years to come.

Reema Ahmad

I have been a closet writer and poet for as long as I can remember. The tiny little Braveheart in me has recently gathered some courage to peep out at the world in short glimpses. The world seems to be an incredulous place, it scares me with it's self assured swagger. I hope to stare back at it someday with just as much confidence. I studied at Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University, and continue to offend people with my feminist streak. In real time, I teach English and conduct Child Sexual Abuse Awareness workshops for kids living in small and grown up bodies. I am also a hesitant single mother whose purpose as a parent is to make her child see beauty in ugliness and to embrace the eccentricities of existence and his own self with grace and kindness. I read, read, read and travel when I can afford it. I cannot stand the offensive energy of bakers, parenting and food bloggers. It is an insult to my inherent laziness. I am, above all, a life long learner.

Quleen Kaur Bijral

Quleen Kaur Bijral is a Research scholar at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra. She received her B.Sc. from GCW Gandhi Nagar with first division and her M.A. from SMVD University with a First Position. Quleen Kaur is a student editor of the university magazine ‘Pratibimbh’, and has been appointed as a Judge in her alma mater for cultural and literary events. She has eight academic papers published in national and international journals. She has to her credit two books, one which is an anthology of poetry while the other is a short story collection. She is a Bureau Chief, and a columnist at The Logical Indian and is also a columnist in the leading newspaper Daily Excelsior of J&K. She has submitted ghazal renditions of Iqbal’s poetry to International Iqbal Society. When she is not writing or occupied by her research work, Quleen composes songs, plays lawn tennis and has been the J&K’s top player and also volunteers in the Vikalp program at her university which helps students from remote areas in their studies.

Indira Sahasranaman

I am Indira. I grew up in Chennai and now live in Bangalore. By profession, I am a Market Researcher and a lot of other things by desire, accident and passion. I record events and my observations as I experience life everyday. I am a mother of a teenage boy, a challenge by itself. I like to click click click when I am in the mood. have a long bucket list and am totally a work in progress.

Rasagnya Adithi

Rasagnya Adithi is pursuing her engineering first year in Civil Engineering from Matrusri Engineering College, Hyderabad. She has a great passion for writing and have written many works so far. She's also a great cinema and book lover, especially classic British novels.

Kiran Manral

Kiran Manral was a journalist before she quit to be full time mommy. Her blogs were both in India's top blogs and she was a Tehelka blogger columnist on gender issues. Her third book All Aboard was published by Penguin Random House India in August 2015. She initiated the online volunteer network India Helps, post the 26/11 terrorist attack on Mumbai and is also part of the core founding team of both (Child Sexual Abuse Awareness online initiative) and (Violence Against Women Awareness Month). She is on the Planning Board of the Kumaon Literary Festival and is an advisor on the Board of Literature Studio, Delhi. She was awarded the Women Achievers award by Young Environmentalists Group in 2013. She lives in Mumbai with her family and counts every day off the Nutella wagon as a successful day.

Aruna Pemmaraju

I am Aruna, an ex-IT professional, currently a stay-at-home-mother two my two children aged 6 and 2. After spending about 8 years in the corporate world, I have decided to stop and smell the roses. I have a deep love for the written word and read as much as I can across various genres. I find that writing is a natural progression for me and I am taking baby steps towards becoming a content writer. Though I am cursed with two left feet, I have taken the plunge into Zumba and have been enjoying myself for the last 6 months. I find music therapeutic and believe that life is always better with a sound track in the background. My other interests are gardening and photographing children.

Anindita Sen

Anindita Sen, 66 years, lives in Kolkata. She now enjoys a life of retirement after being a school teacher for over 30 years and raising two daughters with unnecessarily strong personalities. She performs Rabindra Sangeet, and enjoys books, movies, friends, and family. She is a proud and harassed grandmother of three.

Gargi Bhattacharya

I am a fresh practising doctor and very committed to my work. As I love diagnosing and treating, I am fervently passionate about writing and reading. An amateur poet, wannabe storyteller , I have won prizes in my school and college. I love simplicity and lucidity in prose, rhythm and fluidity in verse. I hope one day I shall be an accomplished writer.

Catherine Dohling

Catherine Dohling, 29, born and brought up in Shillong, is an entrepreneur who is also an avid wedding photographer. Having worked at Google for seven years, she couldn’t resist the call of the hills of home where she has returned and the lure of being her own boss. With a ravenous appetite for reading fantasy, she often has her head in the clouds with whimsical daydreams that she attempts to put to paper.

Aparajitha Nagesh

I am Dr. Aparajitha Nagesh, a paediatrician by profession and an author by passion, but the most rewarding job is being a mommy to my 8 month old baby girl, Anagha Naina. My debut novella "Perfect prescription for broken hearts" is being primped by Leadstart publishers. It shall reach the book stores very soon. I blog at

Priscilla Ramya

I am a full time dreamer and a part time travel freak, with a Masters in International Relations (UK) I am a foodie who runs a food blog ( under the pseudonym of Ms. Piquey Palate. I am an avid reader, writer, sports freak, hobby photographer and a trained singer and dancer.

Sreoshi Bakshi

I am Sreoshi Bakshi from Kolkata and I am pursuing my masters in Journalism and Mass Communication. Writing has been my passion for quite a long time and hence it gives me immense pleasure when I get an opportunity to participate in such interesting contests. For me, more than financial gain, respect and appreciation of my work matters more (but that doesn't mean, I am not giving any importance to money! ?)

Rashmi Deb

Rashmi Deb, 35, lives in Norwich UK with her husband and two children, Roshan (5) and Jasmine (2). She is employed 24/7 by her children with no pay whatsoever and dreams of a day when the children will reward her with at least six grandchildren.

Sonal Kumar

Hi , I am Sonal - an enthusiast and a self-motivator. If you are reading this we already have something in common and that is the passion to read, and for some of us, to express our thoughts in our own way through words. I believe that although it may not be fair, life is beautiful and one must find a way to live it to the fullest. Writing liberates me of my feelings, and I enjoy it. Apart from this I love baking, and working in the healthcare IT industry."

Divya Chaudhary

I am Divya Chaudhary, mother to an 11 month old girl. Like for all women, motherhood has been a life changing experience for me. All the academics and corporate world that society forced on me, motherhood has relieved me of it and given me the quality life anyone could wish for. I now find bliss in taking care of my daughter, myself, my home and devote time to my long lost love for reading and writing.

Janani Koushik

Janani Koushik is a software engineer by profession and a freelance writer by passion. Based out of Delhi- she writes on things that strike an instant chord with her. Mother to a wonderful three year old daughter- who is the inspiration for her works- she likes writing on things that she loves and Parenting is top on the list! Also interested in singing, books and cricket- find more of her reads at

Nida Zehra

Nida is an art lover, writer, and truly a poet by heart. Besides being an experienced editor, she is passionate about bringing a positive change in the society through her social work. She often expresses herself through her poetry and writings in English, Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi on her blog A die hard fan of the mysticism of Rumi's poetry and Kafkaism, she has an insatiable addiction to Murakami's work. Her other interests include traveling, photography, Sufi music, and food.

Dr. Supriya Naik

Dr. Supriya Naik is an M.D. in Gynaecology. She runs her hospital called Total Woman in Borivali, Mumbai. She also helps Dr Kiran Naik (M.Ch. Plastic Surgery) in cosmetic gynaecology, genital rejuvenation and hymen reconstructions. She is a doting mother of two boys and is an avid travel enthusiast.

Sudarshana Ghosh

Sudarshana Ghosh worked in HR in an earlier life. She is now an avid blogger and single mother of two kids with an ardent interest for writing and an enthusiasm for life.

Minaz Ansari

Minaz Ansari is an architect, writer and educator and has worked in the industry for over a decade in various roles. She has trained with architects in Bangalore, Nashik and Mumbai and led various architectural and interior projects across the country in her role as a Design Director. Over the years Minaz has written for various publications including leading newspapers in the country, architectural journals and other design magazines. Beside architecture, Minaz’s passions include writing and teaching both of which she is currently pursuing with great fervor. Minaz teaches at the Rizvi College of Architecture, Mumbai and is a mother of two.

Marilyn Luis

Currently a stay-at-home mom, I'm a certified financial planner by profession, having acquired my marks with requisite training, experience, qualifications ( B.Com graduate) and on-going training in the field. I was also a financial columnist for three leading newspaper dailies in Goa, where I currently reside with my husband and three children. I continue to freelance as a writer on financial and common interest topics.

Shilpi Anjoo

Shilpi Anjoo lives in Mumbai and is a Software Engineer by profession. She has worked in the IT industry for more than 14 years. A mother of two, she is an avid reader and has a great passion for dance. She also loves to travel and try out different cuisines.

Anuradha Venkatnarayan

The written word has always had its sway over me, much to my terrestrial soulmate's envy. I'm not a straight arrow when it comes to writing. Launch, zip and kill. Nope, I'm more like a leaf in the wind, wafting along...with grand thoughts of being compost for the unborn leaves of the future! I am an editor by birth, proofreading even the love letters I received. Professionally, I'm currently employed as the CMO- Chief Mothering Officer(!) of an extremely personal startup. What the future holds for nobody's guess!

Diana Charles

live in Goa and have been an educator for most of my life. I am also a trainer and a freelance writer. I love to read and am an internet junkie. My entire family is from the Defence background and that has tended to colour my perspective on life.

Deep Dale

My name is Deep and I am a Software Engineer by profession. I enjoy writing more than reading. I mostly write poetry.

Shashikala Kini

I, Dr. Shashikala Kini, am a qualified medical Doctor and a practising Pathologist. I have been writing small articles since 1975, mostly in light humour, about my own personal experiences . This was just a hobby, and three of my articles have been published. However my responsibilities as a Doctor managing our own Nursing Home and Laboratory along with my Doctor husband, took top priority. Currently, as an octogenarian, whose mind is still young and active, and since I have been gifted a new laptop by my husband; I felt I should find time and energy to write down my varied thoughts, views and episodes in my life. Some inconveniences of physical ageing have not interfered with my interest in writing. I generally prefer to write my own topics with an emphasis on the lighter side of any situation.

Tina Sequeira

´Hello! I’m Tina Sequeira. I’m a thirty something with an obsession for words. I'm an India based author, blogger and book critic. Professionally, I am a management professional having worked in elite multi-national companies and an academic professor for a brief stint. Currently, I work as a Content Specialist for a pioneering Indian based leadership development firm. I am officially listed as a Goodreads Author with my debut book ´Soul Sojourn´. I do harbour grand plans of publishing many fun books in the future. I am the proud boss girl blogger of ´The Tina Edit ´ ( which reflects my pure love and joy of living through words´

Sneha Nair

Sneha Nair dabbles in writing, creating and dreaming and is willing to walk the far ends of the world in the lookout for a great story.

Janaki Rajagopalan

As an individual, I love life, friends, books, music, movies, travel, meeting people. I believe that one is only as old as one feels, and that one can find at least one redeeming feature even in the person one dislikes intensely. I love expressing myself through writing and have authored two books. As a professional, I have, after a 25+ year corporate stint in people management, taken a shot at being an independent writer and HR consultant.

Jumi Das

I live in Mumbai and I am in love with the sea. I love reading books, mostly fiction. Occasionally I dab into poetry. You can read my poems at Sales and marketing helps me earn my bread and butter. I dream about living a minimalistic life in Dharamshala but am currently too caught up in the fun and tragedy of an urban life to give this distant dream a serious thought.

Madhavi CN

Madhavi CN is a Management Consultant by choice; an artist, analyst and performer by habit; an explorer by birth; and a writer by addiction. She is inspired by ideas, challenges, kids, creativity and coffee. She puts the conversations with herself out on display for you to ridicule, retort, reaffirm or refresh. Through the written word, she intends to meet similar thoughts, conflicting ideas, conclusive jams and the whole world. The best part of it for her, is the rich experience and the worst is the exposure of being called looney. She is adventurous enough to take that risk, for she believes that the returns are high!

Sheethal Thappa Deniz

Sheethal Thappa Deniz is 33 and currently lives in Bangalore. She is a software consultant who has taken a break from paid work to enjoy motherhood. Sheethal loves travelling, cooking, interior decoration, reading and listening to music. She believes in keeping life simple and enjoys the little things in life!

Ankita Kar

Born and schooling in Guwahati, Assam. Graduation from Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi. Post Graduation and M.phil from JNU, New Delhi. Married for 2 years.

Rajmani Kumar

Literature was her major when she graduated from Mount Carmel College Bangalore. This was the subject that enthused, inspired and motivated her to pen her feelings. She seized an opportunity to further her love for the English language by taking up a teaching assignment. Much later, love and marriage took her to Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu when she took up a post in the well-known Life Insurance Corporation of India. A transfer brought her back to Bangalore where she now resides. A full life where she loves and cares for her family with a rare generosity of spirit, this self-effacing and cheerful grandmother says she is happy spending her precious leisure time in recollecting emotions in tranquility.

Amrita Datta Gupta

I am a Computer Science Engineer working in the Consultancy wing of an IT company. I am a programmer by profession and a writer by passion. I love to write, sing, debate - in short do something creative in addition to the regular 12 hours job that I have. Besides I am a avid book lover and read up everything from modern fiction to classics. I dream of publishing my own book someday :)

Trina Moitra

Trina Moitra is the owner of M/S Trina Moitra and is a top ranked digital marketer and project Manager on the international platform Upwork. An accomplished tarot reader and one of the '100 Most Beautiful Faces in the World' as chosen by the Perfect Human Face endeavour she loves Michael Kors and is an acknowledged workaholic.

Ketaki Bal

I am a teacher by profession,and an aspiring writer, and am based in Pune. I am married and mother to an an adorable boy aged 6.

Swati Panda

I am a PR professional, full-time Wife, love to Read just about anything that catches my fancy, Bake to keep all the stress at bay and sometimes love to play around with some Paint. When all the mentioned activities bore me, I prefer to touch upon my not so frequently updated blog and pour my thoughts out.

Sudha Madhavi

Y. Sudha Madhavi, has been working as a child psychologist in various schools for the past 10 years. She is a Masters in Psychology from Madras University, and is presently running a centre called Taare Counselling, dealing with learning difficulties and behavioural issues in childrem. Sudha is also a trained Reiki practitioner.

Nidhi Sankale

Nidhi Sankale is an MBA graduate who took a break in her career as an education counsellor to be a full-time hands-on mommy. She is a thinker, writer and philosopher. Writing to amuse herself as much as others, she is always looking to create a little chaos in an otherwise perfect life. But more than that she writes to ruffle a few feathers, create ripples and to make people see the truth under the surface. A crusader for a progressive and unprejudiced society, she uses humor to provoke introspection on deep social concerns. She also writes and narrates short stories for children. She also writes on her popular blog, in which three friends share interesting stories, anecdotes, recipes and DIY projects.

Vidya Prasad

An idealist by nature, I am a person full of dreams, passion and love! Apart from being a mom and a wife, I am also a Corporate Communications lead for a global ITES company based out of Mumbai. As a part of my profession I do write a lot at work but being able to pen your deep thoughts and share it with a similar mindset group is a different high altogether. In my free time (which is quite rare these days) I like to write, read, do nature photography (on I phone - not a pro) and go for nature walks.

Rashmi Rao

My name is Rashmi Rao. I currently live in Bangalore. I am an ardent traveler and I love to write. I used to work for goMowgli as a Marketing manager until I quit and came back to Bangalore. Now I am working on a project and if successful, It will be my first foray into entrepreneurship!

Sana Rahman

Sana Rahman, a 26 years old girl who has been penning down her sea of imagination in the form of poems and stories since the age of eight. Her poems and stories have always found a place in her school and college magazines. Presently a teacher by profession but always a writer at heart intending to move the world with simple words and thoughtful expressions.

Sanya Jain

My name is Sanya Jain and I'm a 21 year old girl. I'm a journalism student at Xavier Institute of Communications and I completed my undergrad in English Literature from St. Stephen's College, Delhi. I love reading, writing and travelling (such a cliche, but it's true)

Pooja Mehrotra

I am Pooja Mehrotra, mother of two kids, residing in Bangalore. I'm a computer engineer and a housewife.

Poorva Dinesh

Poorva is a freelance German translator, and a writer. She lives in Bangalore. Poorva finished writing her first children’s book last year and is looking for a publisher. She is currently working on her second book, which is for young adults. Poorva is also a graduate from Anita’s Attic (Season 2) – a mentorship program for writers by Anita Nair.

Preetha Nair

I am Preetha Nair, a financial analyst by profession and a mother of an awesome boy who is 6 yr old. I believe that every woman is an Angel and when someone tries to break their wings they simply continue to fly on a broomstick... Proud to be one such woman :)

Blogwati Gee

My affiliation with the English language began with reading whatever books I could lay my hands on, as a child. It graduated to winning elocutions and essay completions, and writing verse. Life happened and I went on to explore various fields, across a decade, like Events, Advertising, Telecom, Computers, Jewellery, Perfumes and Cosmetics and Entertainment. Words beckoned, and I began freelancing as a copywriter. I had articles published in the newsletters, wrote SOPs and drafted personalized rhymes. I realized this was what I was happy doing. There was so much to learn. There still is. Currently, I am a well-known blogger and go by the name of BlogwatiG. I am also a freelance content provider to agencies. Being able to translate the blurry concepts into concrete ideas is the adrenalin rush I thrive on.

Fatima Asra

My Name is Fatima Asra. I work as Marketing Specialist in Dubai. Vagabond at mind and a free bird at heart. A paranoid mum of a little boy, who can stay awake whole night thinking what to send in lunchbox tomorrow that my little monster would love to eat. A young at heart mother who refuses to enter 30’s, feels like a 16-year-old and claims to stay a teen at heart forever. Pursued working when son started going school. When at work misses her son when at home misses her work. My confused heart is asking me to get back to my passion for writing. Use to write for ‘Times of India’ when at school/college. I always had a flair for writing and was very passionate about it. Now thinking about it from a new perspective.

Mitali Sarin

Mitali Sarin- is an artist, dancer and a design educator.She works majorly in the field of artistic enquiry.Her on going research is in the field of impacts of visual art.She constantly questions 'our being' through all her work.

Shraboni Mazumder

Shraboni reads voraciously and writes occasionally. By profession she is a Consultant in Organisation Development, but by inclination and in her imagination, she is a writer. All kinds of writing spurt from her laptop, the most visible being the 3 plays she has written, directed and acted in. She is currently trying to combine her love for reading, writing and good food into a viable occupation. Not that it matters but she is 42 and lives in Bangalore with her husband and her books.

Nethra Menon

A student who swears by these words of William Faulkner, " If a story is in you, it has to come out!" Only 18, studying at St.Xavier's college, Mumbai. I look beyond the ordinary, as I search for hope and light in this cruel world, intent on sharing with others the magic that kept me alive, in my darkest times.I may be young, but I'm ready to take on the world, for all great writers started out the same way as I am.

Kirti Melag Padhye

I am Kirti, a wife, a mother to a cute little prince, and currently a homemaker... #Atypical woman in some ways. I've been a journalist by profession and also been into content writing. Writing gives me a sense of satisfaction. I love to write on any topics around me, especially cultural, movies and food (yum yum). My writing is for self, but I obviously love it when anyone appreciates it.

Rema Sivaram

Rema Sivaram is a lifestyle blogger who writes about the day-to-day situations in our lives. She has embraced entrepreneurship, dance and volunteer work after leaving behind a corporate job. On the days she is not doing any of these, you will find her enjoying her cuppa at her Bengaluru home.

Aditi Bose

Aditi Ray Bose is the author of the romance novels 'My Dream Man' and 'This Time It's Forever'. She does a lot of content writing for various national and international websites. And when she's not typing on her laptop or weaving stories then she's doing what she loves to do the most - being a mother to her daughter.

Savita Mirchandani

My name is Savita Mirchandani and I am currently a homemaker. Ever since I can remember I have had an immense love for creating stories and narratives. Having completed my graduation in Commerce, I ventured into the corporate world of facts and figures and back to home and hearth. Your contest has offered me a platform to showcase my skills and penchant for writing.

Sireesha Perumal

As my surname suggests, a typical Iyengar (the curd-rice types even!) and a tad old-fashioned in my head. As my surname does not suggest - a big fan of Wodehouse, Agatha Christie, solving crosswords and binging on Star World marathons, I am a simple bundle of contradictions. Lots of acquaintances, a few friends and funny strangers make my life interesting almost every single day in a very Higgins-ian kind of way, except I don't walk around carrying a notebook and pencil - although I have often thought of doing that!

Uma Fenton

I am Uma. A full time mother to a toddler and a new baby. I enjoy writing and making cakes for my toddler.

Shalini Minocha-Beri

I’ve worn many hats, stirred and spiced many pots. Worked with the back end of software design to understand how to play the front, designed ads and magazines, written and shot commercials, teach art and design to toddlers and college kids and am learning that the web is mightiest! I’ve crossed many bridges with many corporations in their transformation from one avatar to the other. I still haven’t had enough.

Pavithra Ballachanda

I am Pavithra Chengappa nee Poonacha, a stay-at-home mom to twin girls in my current avatar. My earlier avatars include an AVP at a leading pvt bank, city-head at a leading media house, a PGDM from IIM (Kozhikode), & an adventure sports junkie with a keen interest in theatre & often bitten by wanderlust. Married to a Naval Officer, I have moved across 5 cities in the last 9 years. After a 14 year career in the banking & media (more banking than media) , I wonder which sector will aid me in achieving my career goals along with devoting enough time to my kids. Once a voracious reader, I haven't read anything thicker than the newspaper in the last 3 months.

Pamela Sinha

Pamela Sinha, 33, hails from Kolkata but considers Mumbai as her adopted hometown. She is the author of the fiction novel "Of Love And Lovers", published by Jaico Publishing House and blogs at An avid reader, a travelling enthusiast and a budding culinary expert - these are some of the many hats she likes to don. She lives with her husband and two year old daughter and aspires to become a full-time writer someday.

Narayani Karthik

I am Narayani Karthik. I am a software engineer. I worked in the IT industry for three years after which I switched to content writing by choice. I love to blog and pen down my thoughts about the world here. Intermittently, I have guest blogged for Parentous and Women's Web. When I am not writing, I teach. Yes, I am a pre-school teacher, learning and unlearning with my imaginative toddlers. Besides, I am a loving Army wife and, a doting mother to my son Arjun, whose incessant questions make me realize, I have so much to learn yet!

Bijoya Syiemiong

Bijoya works at a Corporate Office. The #AtypicalWomanWrites was her first serious attempt at writing. Her writing style, ability to express her thoughts profoundly through words and her control over the language won her a place in the finalists of the #AtypicalWomanWrites Contest

Neha Dharia

Bangalore based Neha Dharia is a technology enthusiast and massive foodie. Both of these have found a way to become permanent fixtures in her life, one as a career and the other in the form of an ample waistline. Writing, for her is the glue that holds all the facets of her life together, whether it’s writing reports for her clients, emails to her friends about the best crème brûlée she has ever tasted or a cathartic short story or two. The written word is gravity for her world.

Gargi Banerjee

Gargi Banerjee is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior in the field of Gender Diversity From Xavier's Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar. She is married to a Marine Engineer and stays presently in Bhubaneswar, India. Before pursuing her Ph.D., she had completed her M.B.A in Human Resources from Calcutta University and was working with ICICI Bank, Kolkata for 4 years. In her spare time, she likes to read and write fiction. Her favorite works are of Agatha Christie, Rabindranath Tagore and Khaled Hosseini. She is also a big fan of the Big Bang Theory and doesn't miss any episode of the hit comedy series. She is a foodie and desserts are her favorite. She loves to travel to different places and taste the local cuisine with her husband or her friends. Someday soon she plans to write her own book on the adventures of travelling to distant lands, tasting new cuisines and meeting new people.

Chetna Khetawat

This is Chetna Khetawat, Age 26, from Nagaon, Assam I was working as an event manager at Guwahati till sometime back, but recently my mother fell ill and i had to leave my job and come home to take care of her. Writing has always been one of my favorite things and I am glad to write and share my thoughts and experiences.

Maitrayee De

This is Maitrayee De. I am an Instructional Writer by profession and a fantasy writer at heart. I have quirky little world of my own and tiny voices in my head that make me laugh and cry all day (okay don't send me to the mental ward just yet!). I have always harbored the desire to be a published writer and still hope i can make it some day.

Archana S

Eraser (to small or big whatever/however be the problem around me) - Sharpener (I push my family/friends to the max of their potential & so do they) & a Ruler - MY WORLD MY RULES?. Most of all a writer. I add too many filters while I talk almost everywhere and I am here to shed all those filters and to be a free spirit. Si Ya!

Mamta Chakravorty

A wife, mom, homemaker who loves reading, writing and is her second home.

Guddi Makhija


Deesha Kriplani

I’m a Freelance Writer & Editor who’s passionate and books and anything with words. I can write on anything & everything (except gizmos) and this is my first attempt at something humorous (and anal). I am a Reiki healer and spend a lot of time learning about other alternate spiritual paths like Wicca. I enjoy cooking and have creative interests in handmade jewellery.

Remya Nair

If there were only two shops in this whole world and one of them had all the clothes and shoes on discount and the other had food from around the world, and everyone were thronging to get in there, there would be one person sitting quietly under a tree with a novel in her bag and a book and pen in her hand. That would be me. I love the Word. Whether it is beautifully written or spoken or enacted; in that order. Writing makes me, well, me. Beyond that, I am a wanderer who is currently rooted, thanks to love. My name is Remya Nair and Cochin is my home for now.

Lisa Griffin

A blogger, famous writer, educator, and tutor. She cooperates with the students worldwide helping them to cope with various writing stuff. On her website, she shares tips&tricks of writing the successful essays. Her life credo is “That’s how the service needs to be provided.”

Reynah D'Lima

Reynah D'Lima, 29, is a happy Bangalorean who loves her filter kaapi, food, animals, nature and photography. She loves observing people as well as typographical errors. While she is not busy chuckling at a typo, she cooks, clicks and blogs (at She dreads turning 30.

Lalitha Murthy

My name is Lalitha. I am a mother of 2, and grandmother of 3! I live in the ever active Bombay city (though now called Mumbai!). I am responsible to ensure that everyone at home is able to function to their optimum best...this involves healthy cooking, cleaning and keeping things in their designated places, besides reminding them every now and then about everything. In my spare time, I like gardening, tailoring, reading murder mysteries and humor, writing and listening to music. I love meeting new people and learning from different cultures.

Indrani Biswas

I am an independent Bengali woman and right now I am pursuing Masters in Mass Communication from Visva- Bharati. I love to eat, sleep, cook, gossip, write, blog, read, watch movies and all that! And most importantly I love everything Bengali!

Vaisli Shanmu

I am VAISLI SHANMU (pen name), a doctor-to-be, final year medical student from Chennai. I also work as a blogger at a online medical magazine, lexiconin. I was fascinated by your contest, this particular topic. It hauled me to put my thought on this.

Sarita Mishra

Sarita is an entrepreneur and runs a company called GreenCosmos in the sustainability space. A doting mother of two children, she also dabbles in making natural cosmetics at home. She enjoys teaching her children and advocates eco friendly living and methods.

Aasiya Aslam

I am an avid fictional reader, adventurer and design enthusiast. Currently trapped within the webs of an 9-5 but making every day count as an architect. I am constantly in the look out for design palaver and creative release. Brought up in Chennai but currently living in Bangalore, someday aspire to be a writer.

Charmaine Rathish

Charmaine Kenita Rathish is a creative writer, and founder of Out 'O' Box Content, a creative writing firm based in Bangalore. She has written for several reputed brands in the field of Education, Home Décor, Fashion and Lifestyle and published articles for the Huffington Post, MyCity4Kids and Buzzing Bubs.

Sandhyaa Venkatachalam

I am Sandhyaa V., 28 years old, from Mysore, Karnataka. I am a Life Sciences professional. I like being organized and neat. Apart from my interest in science, my hobbies include painting, photography, travel, cooking, reading and writing. I enjoy sports like badminton and rafting. I also enjoy playing indoor games like Carom, Scotland Yard, Battleships, Monopoly, Scrabbles and Chinese Checkers.

Magdalene Chand

Magdalene Chand was born in 1948. She studied in Nainital, and worked in Calcutta, where she met and married a Tea Planter. She loved life in the tea gardens and kept herself busy raising her five children. In 1981 she moved back to Calcutta, where she worked for UNICEF for nearly 25 years. Her children have all grown up and left the nest. When she retired, she decided to move to Bangalore to be with family. She loves travelling and reading. Her ambition is to write a novel one day.

Rekha Rao

Rekha Rao holds two Master's degrees, one in Communication from the University of Hyderabad and the other in Television-Radio from Syracuse University. Currently a stay at home mom, running the home and raising her eleven year old son. Loves art, music, travel and photography. Lives in Hyderabad.

Swati Renduchintala

I am a development professional working as a Young Professional with National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM). I am currently posted in Uttar Pradesh and working with communities in rural Agra on their livelihoods , capacity building and financial inclusion . I am a voracious reader and a side effect of this comes with the knack for writing my thoughts out . I look upto J.K.Rowling and Ayn Rand as my idols and want to write something so good that someone reads it 30 years after I am gone and says Wow!


Sujini is an entrepreneur with diverse interests in Textiles, Healthcare, Nutrition and Genetics. She is a full-time single mother of an eight-year-old boy; and thoroughly enjoys parenting and mentoring kids. One of the best moments of her life was when she passed her Master's of Science in Biotechnology - Genetics with a distinction from Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom. Her hobbies include cooking, reading books and traveling. She chose to write, express and share her experiences from the environment that has enriched her life. Adversities in her life have made her strong, self confident and optimistic. Sujini believes life is beautiful and meant to be lived to the fullest.

Nilima Kale

Born and bred in Mumbai, Nilima has a classic Mumbai attitude with bohemian sensibilities. She is a quintessential traveler through life and places. She is a keen birder- of the feathered kinds though she would love to be one of the other kind. A bubble shooter addict by day and a net surfer and stalker by night, Nilima is a huge Roger Federer fan and dreams about playing and defeating him one day! Her favourite pastime is to watch the clouds go by! A huge lover of brand and design, Nilima is an advertising and marketing professional and someday, very soon, plans to retire in the Himalayas!

Anita Belani

Anita Belani is a seasoned professional with 29 years of rich post MBA experience as a business leader and a senior human capital professional. She is currently with BMR Advisors as a Partner. Anita is also an independent director on the board of Eternis Fine Chemicals, Wanbury Limited & Laxmi Organic Industries Ltd. Anita takes keen interest in mentoring startups and is a key member of the Lead Angels network which focuses on investing in early stage companies. She is also the Advisory Board member for Unitus Seed Fund and has been invited to be the jury member for the IIT Bombay Entrepreneurship Summit for the past 3 years. Anita received her M.B.A. from XLRI, Jamshedpur and B.A. in economics from Miranda House, University of Delhi and is a Certified Executive Coach.

Swati Solke

My name is Swati Solke and I am 27 years old. I belong to Nagpur and I am an Software engineer by profession. I am an army brat as well as an army wife. Writing has been my passion since childhood.

Rekha Nitin

Rekha Padinjattakathu is a voracious reader and an avid traveler. She is passionate about nature and wildlife and loves spending time out in the wilderness. Rekha adores four-pawed, furry friends and feels that a life without one is a life diminished. She holds a Master's degree in Computer Applications and worked several years in a multinational information technology company. She enjoys exploring new possibilities and is currently pursuing a second Master's degree in Germany, where she resides with her husband and two little boys. She has a keen interest in photography and absolutely, completely and totally loves writing. Rekha blogs in English and Malayalam, her mother tongue, at:

Bidisha Bhattacharjee

I am a banker by profession and a reader by choice..and I guess a writer, more like a poet, by aspiration. I love laughing and love staying happy. I am a woman, atypical at that. I stay at Raipur. I am from Assam.

Ayesha Kaiser

I would like to introduce myself as ME...A daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother and above all a happy, confident WOMAN! A homemaker by profession, becoming a writer has always been my secret ambition. Though cooking is my passion, I always admired writers and wanted to persue my dream of being one myself some day.

Neha Singh Tanwar

I am a 22 year old girl currently pursuing my masters degree in English language and literature. With a zeal for the written word, I truly believe the pen is mightier than the sword. An ardent and voracious reader.

Ashima Kalra

Ashima Kalra, a free soul. I was always one but since the time I moved to Goa, away from city life, I have become more conscious about happiness, the real way. For me life is a lot more than struggling to get a job, car and a house or settling down and raising a kid (at least for now). Life is about experience and happiness in every possible way. I am with a life partner who respects my opinion. Both of us believe in equality. We work, make enough money to survive and handle house hold stuff together. Our major goal in life is to travel and explore as many places we can and keep learning.

Manasa Reddy

I am a marketing professional in the pharma field and an amateur writer. Too often finding it difficult to word my thoughts.'

Rashmi Pillai

Rashmi Pillai is a pharma professional and lives in Mumbai. She loves to express herself through writing, which is her passion. She has authored a children’s book and some of her short stories and articles have been published online as well. She is an avid reader, her other interests include travelling and watching movies. She blogs at

Bidisa Sarkar

Talkative, inquisitive and social, I am currently studying in final year of M.B.B.S. I love reading and trying my hand at writing and cooking. I love F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Jhinuk Sen

Jhinuk Sen is a PhD scholar studying in JNU, she is also a journalist working with a newspaper in Delhi. When she is not trying to fight through high-philosophy and depressing research material, Jhinuk likes to be with her books and movies and trying to figure out ways to have beer without getting fat. She has recently discovered the joys of irresponsible travel and hopes to run away to Prague or Scotland - and never return.

Suvidha Jani

My life is that of paradoxes and oxymorons. I love writing and exploring the unknown.Unveiling the silences is another thing I enjoy because who listens to the shor! I love reading and watching movies.

Swati Kamat

I am Swati Nadkarni, I am 26 yrs old, have a masters degree in Biotechnology, and have been part of the clinical research field for the past four years. I live in Mumbai, married to my sailor husband for a year now. I am a voracious reader and love to dance. Travelling and seeing new places has become a hobby recently, I enjoy cooking and eating non-vegetarian food. Strong-willed, assertive and chubby - just some of the adjectives that describe me.

Swetha Tawker

Myself Swetha .Earlier surname Nair, now surname Tawker .Earlier with hair and some shame now bereft of both and also without a paying job .Spending time cooking,renewing AMC's, dowloading bank statements for ageing father in law.Remaining time would like to just spend reading meaningless fiction and watching big bang theory.But too guilty to do that .So i try in vain to read some heavy stuff or watch 'intelligent movies 'and leave them half way.Also just turned forty .Liking it when I can intimidate people by throwing my age at them and hating it when nurse asks the age to write the prescription in front of a decent looking young doctor.Blessed with a good set of parents and in laws and an even better husband.Less said about the teenager son the better. And, presently experiencing very inconsistent bowel situation induced by fear for the awaited results of the spanish 4th level exams i have written

Vatsala Gurunath

Vatsala Gurunath – ‘alemaari’ the only word that truly captures me in my sense. It is a Kannada word for the ‘wanderer’ – the Gypsies. I am the woman who is always ‘running to stay rooted’. Settling is very unsettling and I am forever in transit. A wordsmith whose only clarity flows as words and never in thoughts. I am a Bangalorean who lived and loved across India and is currently cooling my heels in Melbourne… for a while!

Khushboo Singh

Khushboo is a passionate blogger and loves writing about anything under the sun. She believes every situation a bit of humor to it if one decides to look for it. She has a large appetite for fiction. She lives with her husband in Toronto.

Rebecca Cherian

My name is Rebecca Cherian. I currently work at being a great mother to my 6 month old, Andrew and a loving partner to my husband. Language and books have been a passion since before I can remember. My idea of an evening well spent has always included a really good book and the perfect cup of coffee (bring those together on a rainy day and you’d never see me move for hours). Writing is the only way through which I can truly express my thoughts and feelings. This is what keeps me sane. I sometimes find I need to write things down before I can make sense of them. There’s not much that I’ve written per say, but I’d describe my writing style as a Dr. Jekyll- Mr. Hyde phenomenon. While some of my poetry are really dramatic, most of my prose work is quirky and fun. Looking forward to doing a lot more writing from now.

Sarika Iyer

An MBA grad in Marketing with close to 8 years of experience in the IT space, an electrical engineer by core discipline, a bibliophile by choice with roots in Vadodara, Tirunelveli, Chennai, Palakkad - but none of this defines this 32 year old...who is currently leading a lovely life with no mainstream profession but a life like no other with her best friend (her husband) and her heartbeats (her two kids).

Chandni Mathur

My name is Chandni Mathur and I am a writer/translator and editor. I also produce and host a show called 'Chalo Kuch Padhein' on All India Radio, Kolkata. My qualification says I'm a Post Graduate Diploma holder in Mass Communication. I am passionate about books and reading and writing is more than a hobby to me.

Cauvery Muthanna

Cauvery worked at an investment bank for nearly ten years, performing multiple roles in a software programming domain, and is now pursuing what she enjoyed most during her tenure - blogging and motivating people. She renews herself through meditation, reading science journals, long chats with mom, poking fun at software with her geeky husband, and entertainment from her sneaky two year old.

Chinhita Bose

Chinhita Bose is an HRM Practitioner, with rich and diverse experience in effective handling of people and processes. Chinhita means the ‘marked one’ or the ‘chosen one’. She would describe herself as an English Enthusiast and an HRM Zealot. She attributes her achievements to her natural tenacity than to her talents. She has grown up hearing the self sacrificing and courageous tales of her maternal grandfather who was part of the mainstream radical movement of Indian freedom struggle. She holds a Master Degree in English Literature and Language from Jadavpur University, an MBA in Human Resource Management from IISWBM and EPHRM from IIM Calcutta. In her leisure time, she enjoys reading, writing, graphology, swimming and practicing mixed martial arts. Swimming has been her childhood passion as it has helped her to conquer the fear of water, test the power of endurance, only to increase it and develop her into a stronger individual. She resides in her favourite city Kolkata.

Priya Ramachandran

Priya Ramachandran traded her journalism job, chaotic city lifestyle and other urban maladies over a year ago, for a quiet life in Goa. Here, she writes, breathes fresh air, explores her neighbourhood and wanders across the country with her photographer husband. You can find their travelogues on

Aishwarya Menon

I'm a 20 year-old who enjoys penning down my quirky thoughts as and when they come. For me, reading and writing are the perfect ways to spend some quality time with myself. I am a hardcore foodie and a movie buff who believes SRK is the best actor to have ever walked on the surface of the Earth. I am also into arts and crafts- I make jewelry whenever I'm not too busy reading. And, Binge-watching TV Series is my thing.

Anandam Ravi

Anandam is a Learning Development professional by day and a not-so-closet serial rhymer by night. She finds humour in odd place (and sometimes her car keys too). She hopes she will some day get around to picking up those bits and pieces of writing in her hard drive and get them all published, mainly so that someone else will then keep track of them.

Vaijayanthi N

I'm a marketer by profession, a writer only my momma knows (that's my diary), and totally a daddy's girl. I find inspiration in everything I see around, from a lady in the footboard calling her friend just to wish a good morning in a jam-packed train to a baby laughing repeatedly to its dad's same old trick. "Find beauty in everything" is my motto.

Namrata Das

I am a final year MBBS student from AIIMS whose joys in life include writing, reading Wodehouse and forcing my friends for an early morning run. Medical research in the field of clinical pediatric genetic disorders is what I intend to work upon whilst writing about whatever baffles, inspires or brings happiness to my life.

Jahnavi Kohli Laungani

Lawyer by qualification, Jahnavi turned to writing as a medium to voice her strong creative side and multitude of thoughts. She writes on all things that inspire her, from politics to yoga, womanhood, life and more. Follow her at

Richa Changmai

Engineer by profession and now a homemaker by choice and a writer by heart. i am a 26 year old married woman living in Kolkata but belonging to the hills of Assam. column writer of some north east English magazines. having my own quirky yet firm opinion on almost everything which annoys my husband a lot. spiritually inclined and feminist. and oh! my name is richa.

AmrutaLakshmi VS

I am Amrutalakshmi V.S.I reside in Chennai. I work for the software Industry.I read a lot and have great interest in writing.

Haimanti Banerjee

Haimanti Banerjee is a member of faculty in the Economics department of a well-known university in the USA. She has mixed emotions about teaching. Haimanti loves reading and talking about what she reads. It has been noted by her colleagues that she is adept at making connections to food through very tenuous links.

Seetha Rajagopalan

A Northy South Indian (as I like to call myself), I graduated as an electrical engineer, worked as a software engineer, went on to master business administration through human resource management and now an aspiring HR professional at Eaton, Pune. Having traversed across the country from Pondicherry to Gurgaon for my education and professional experience, I love to immerse in the diversity that our country offers. Writing offers me a wonderful platform to express this confluence that I have experienced. A breather to my soul, it is my favorite way to unwind, next only to my passion for dance.

Namrata Chauhan

Namrata Chauhan is an indulgent mother, nagging wife and a fun-loving person. She is an architect by qualification, IT consultant by profession, writer by obsession and plump by choice. She lives in Gurgaon. Besides reading a lot of books and writing stories and poems, she loves cooking and watching films. She secretly hopes to lend a script to a film someday.

Anna Thomas

I am Anna Thomas ; a new mother to my beautiful 7 months old daughter.An Avid reader & music lover describes me as a person to my dear ones. I am a Software engineer by profession, completed my bachelors in Electronics & Instrumentation. Presently settled in Chennai with my husband and currently, on maternity leave. I am passionate about travelling & jotting down my thoughts.Writing and listening to lullabies are my new found hobbies except for spending time with my little one. She has indeed been teaching me new lessons on motherhood daily.and I am enjoying this phase of life....

Sharada Kuchibhotla

I am an aspiring writer, self-proclaimed poet by night, and a writer of working code by day. My first article was published in The Hindu when I was 12 years old, and I never lost the urge to write since then, and have been published on blogs on Quora and college magazines. I am also working on my first novel. I am also a graduate in Electronics Engineering and a Software Engineer who loves to find stories in code.

Wisdom, Woes, and Funnies

WWF - Wisdom, Woes and Funnies include: 1) Nidhi Sankale, 32, counsellor and passionate advocate for societal reform. 2) Neha Sankale, 36, architect, expert baker and master illustrator. 3) Antara Mukherjee Shah, 37, management consultant, crazy gardener and DIY enthusiast.

Diya Gupta

Diya Gupta is a PhD researcher at King's College London, UK, working on India and the Second World War. She also writes for universities, charities and newspapers. Diya graduated from Jadavpur University, Calcutta, India and the University of Cambridge, UK, and has worked in academic publishing and higher education. She spent most of 2014 high up in the Himalayas, volunteering as an English teacher at Munsel-Ling School in the Spiti Valley. Read her blog on her experiences at:

Nandini Gupta

Nandini Gupta professes Electrical Engineering at IITK in between reading books. She is in a complicated relationship with a football - crazy teenager.

Veena Ramanath

I am an artist, blogger and stay-at-home mum to my beautiful two year old daughter.I bid adieu to corporate life four years back. Though not an active blogger currently, I hope to renew my writing spree with this article.

Ranjini Sivaswamy

Ranjini Sivaswamy is an independent Writer and Communications Consultant. She believes that her work and words should create a positive impact. She served as the Editor of the IIMB Alumni Magazine and is a writer at The Better India. Outside of work, when you hear loud laughs and sense subtle sarcasm in the air, you know she's around.

Pallavi Sanyal

Socially handicapped. Verbally challenged. Emotionally inept. Incorrigible nut. As a post-graduate in English I have a passion for literature and I am tentatively trying to focus on writing.

Monisha Narang

Monisha Narang is an M.B.A from I.I.L.M, New Delhi and an Economics Honours graduate from Miranda House College, Delhi University. She started her career in the field of Advertising and Brand Management. She worked for the British Civil Services at the Department for Work and Pensions in London for 13 years. In her career span of about 17 years, she has worked in the fields of Sales, Marketing, Customer Care, Strategy, Brand Management, Counselling, Recruitment, Voicing, Acting and Television Anchoring. After relocating to India with 2 little daughters in 2009 , Monisha pursued her hobby as her next career move. She is now an experienced TV Anchor, Voice Artiste and an Actor/Model. She strongly believes in a good Work Life balance.

Shweta Kumar

An Educationist by profession, A Psychologist by qualification, With a writer’s heart and soul. I feel every feel that touches me and let experiences wrought me into the person I am meant to become. Creativity keeps me going along with doses from nature and adventure. It’s an unflagging spirit coupled with a zeal to express. That’s me!

Divya Chaturvedi

I am a part time copy/content writer and full time home maker. Born to a politician father and a colorful wit of a mother, I learnt early to appreciate the power of words. An interest I fed with voracious reading, an honors course, and an M.A. in English literature from D.U. A brief stint at India Today started me writing. The jury is still out on that one.

Purvi Petal

Purvi is is an eager artist, a willing teacher and reluctant but good cook. Born in Delhi and with a post-graduation in Arts degree, her first love is poetry but she has always been a storyteller, even in her poems. Inherently a writer and by inheritance, she dons the cape by birth, choice, no choice, profession, depression, repressed aggression. There is no time when she is not writing, on her cell phone, her tablet, return envelopes, leaflets, newspapers, tissue napkins, bills and if not there, then in her mind. Painting helps her soothe her mind and clicking pictures in words as well as sights do to her what an hors d'oeuvre does before a meal.

Janavi Iyer

A Radio Jockey by profession and a new mom to a darling baby boy, I write to celebrate life in a personal way. I love meeting new people and by virtue of my job, I get to do this often! Treading the skillful art of balancing a baby and a career, writing keeps me sane. I also sing a picture, paint a tune and dream a reality to keep myself going.

Aastha Katyal

Aastha Katyal is a free spirited media professional who often speaks before she thinks, and is mostly lost in her own world of thoughts accompanied by an overactive imagination. She pens down some of those on her Facebook page "Kissey" and is open to comments, criticism and coffee always.

Urmi Nair

I am Urmi Nair, Mother, Wife, Daughter, Daughter in law .. not in any particular order. I am also a professional woman working with Hsbc Hdpi as AVP KYCS. I am a Calcuttan .. A Bengali or Bong married to a Malayali gentle-man from Kerala with a 11 year old girl. But over all I believe I am an humane human .

Silja Pillai

I am Silja. A full time housewife. But in my life i always wanna do extra. Extra work which give me a identity other than a housewife.

Kavita Mishra

My name is Kavita Mishra. I am a content writer and editor, having studied the strange combination of Physics and Journalism. Originally from Bombay, I have settled down in Lucknow. Some of my articles have been published in TOI and HT.

Priya Rajan

Hi. I'm Priya Rajan from Kerala. Freelance copyeditor by profession, mother to an awesome 6 year old, and writer from birth. My interests include early childhood education, self-directed learning, researching on these topics, blogging and of course, writing. That about sums it up.

Rashi Mital

Rashi Mital, 31, is a freelance writer and mother of a two feet bundle-of-joy. She believes in taking charge of your life if you want to change it, or someone else will. Driving is her stressbuster, she loves speed and takes pride in her driving skills. She is an avid reader and a cup of coffee with a book is her idea of the perfect 'ME Time’. Writing is her passion and she writes her heart out at her blog called Live It Young, which is her second voice.

Pia Srinivasan

A software engineer by profession with a passion for writing. While coding remains my first love, I like to dabble with writing as well. I currently live in Bangalore with my husband.

Shasya Goel

A staple diet of books, movies, and good music goes a long way in keeping my disoriented self, sane. A big time foodie, I would love to get paid for eating, in short becoming a connoisseur. I love beaches, hate make up, would love to rent a library as a make-shift home, and generally like anyone who loves to read and knows what comics to gift me.

Simranpreet Kaur

Simranpreet Kaur is a Research Scholar in Department of Languages & Literature at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra (J&K). Her research is related to the portrayal of women in Indian Cinema with specific reference to contemporary movies. She has done her schooling from Army Public School, Udhampur and Graduation from Govt. College for Women, Udhampur. She also holds a Master of Arts in English from Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University. She has been writing articles for school and college magazines. Besides this, she has also worked as an active volunteer for various NGOs like Vikalp, My Blood, Helpage India, etc.

Vidya Prasad Janaki Rajagopalan

Vidya Prasad – An idealist by nature, I am a person full of dreams, passion and love! Apart from being a mom and a wife, I am also a Corporate Communications lead for a global ITES company based out of Mumbai. As a part of my profession I do write a lot at work but being able to pen your deep thoughts and share it with a similar mindset group is a different high altogether. In my free time (which is quite rare these days) I like to write, read, do nature photography (on I phone - not a pro) and go for nature walks. Janaki Rajagopalan - As an individual, I love life, friends, books, music, movies, travel, meeting people. I believe that one is only as old as one feels, and that one can find at least one redeeming feature even in the person one dislikes intensely. I love expressing myself through writing and have authored two books. As a professional, I have, after a 25+ year corporate stint in people management, taken a shot at being an independent writer and HR consultant.

Hema Chockalingam

My name is Hema Chockalingam aka Hema Suri. I’m heading Communications in British Council Shared Services Centre. I have 12 years of work experience (Internal and External communications, PR) and I’m a closet writer. I have a dream of becoming a published writer (yea it’s very unique, I knowJ ) but till I figure out my rent money, I can’t leave my day job. I live in Noida with my mom, husband and 3 year old precocious girl.

Chitra santosh

Chitra Santosh, 28, is an avid reader and newbie blogger. A hotel management graduate, she quit her career to be with the man of her dreams. He is now a lab rat bearing the brunt of her culinary experiments. She loves to dance and enjoys doing craft projects. She is a certified chatterbox and once she starts, the only way to shut her up is with a good book or some yummy food. She has finally found her match in her two year old daughter, who matches her level of crazy. Her current address keeps changing due to her husband’s job. For now, she calls Arakkonam home, where she stays with her husband, daughter and Bubbles, her pet Labrador.

Anuradha Kulkarni

Dr. Anuradha Kulkarni, a practising dentist since 10 years lives in Chembur, Mumbai. After dentistry she did MBA and diploma in clinical research and now works as a medical writer. Apart from job and career; she likes to dance, travel, trekking, watching movies, listening to music etc. Her approach towards life is constant learning and evolving. She believes in spirituality, connection to inner self rather than being religious and her mantra of life is ‘Live and let live’. She also believes that each one of us has the potential to achieve everything they want just by believing in themselves.

Feisty Falcons

The members of the 'Feisty Falcons' are: Kriti Toshniwal, 32, editor, researcher and writer based in Amsterdam. Saira Ranj, 43, Tattoos and sparkles define this artist who seeks beauty in every crevice. Sujini Ponnusamy, 40, Entrepreneur and sports enthusiast Sangeetha Bhaskaran, 31, Aspiring writer and believer of endless possibilities.

Sunita Jhora

I am a software engineer currently settled in Bengaluru. This is the first time I am participating in a writing contest. I have written few articles before in my office blog. I am a passionate dancer, traveler and a foodie. I love exploring new places and meeting new people.

Parimala Pushpa

I am a 33 year old woman . I travel the world, through the articles written by travellers! I have two kids and one husband. Apart from writing, I love to cook. And that love prompted me to start a catering business with the help of my love, my husband.

Nisha Kurian

Nisha Kurian, aged 42, moved for work from Kerala to Chennai and now lives in Bangalore, where she’s been for the past 11 years. Her professional life is so demanding that she believes she is a full time writer-cum-editor and a part-time wife and mother. She now aspires to be an agronomist and liberate herself from the pointless pursuit of making money, the malaise of urban life.

Zehra Naqvi

I'm a freelance journalist and book critic, served as the edit page editor and active member of the features team at Financial Chronicle (sister concern of Deccan Chronicle) and now hold the position of Assistant Editor at The Luxe Cafe, one of India's leading luxury magazines (online). I also contribute feature stories to FC, along with two weekly columns, one of which critiques books and the other deals with philosophy, psychology and social issues. A hands-on mum to a three year old hyperactive boy, I'm the proud owner of the blog The Reluctant Reproductionist ( ), an alternate take on syrupy, hallowed motherhood.

Neha Malloli

I am Neha Malloli, working as a Software Engineer at Intel Security in Bangalore, Karnataka. My association to being #ATypicalWoman, started right from my childhood, as I went to a all-girls-school in Mysore. Going further, as a Graduate Assistant during my Master's at the University of Texas at Dallas, USA, my contributions to the field of Women in Science and Engineering, STEM makes me a proud #TypicalWoman. But is there #ATypicalWoman who has no love towards cooking? No! Kitchen is my lab and my family loves my cooking experiments, but only second to my poems. Writing has been my passion since childhood and it is my major stress-buster.

Ritwika Mutsuddi

Ritwika is an optimist, which reflects in her writing. She is a Bengali by birth, now a true blue Mumbaikar, residing happily with an awesome husband and two children. Her son is 13.5 and daughter is 9 years old. She primarily writes about relationships, parenting being closest to her heart. She strongly advocates gender equality, live and let live attitude, and spreads love and positivity.

Divya Sarah Paul

I am an atypical woman married to the most awesome guy in the world and mother to an adorable son, who just turned five. I home school our son, and manage everything with regards to home and the family business, together with my husband. We live in Hyderabad and are passionate about God, family, business and travel. I thought of myself as a not-so- bad writer until I decided to write for this contest and realised it wasn't a good idea to have let my inclination to write rest for a long time. As my post graduate degree from Tata Institute of Social Sciences sits pretty in the corner of my cupboard, I wake up to the resurrected dream of being a writer and this, I believe, serves as a start!

Rini George

My name is Ms Rini George. I stay at Ahmedabad, Gujarat with my parents. I am MBA (Finance) by qualification. I am pursuing a career with Mortgages (Lending) Sector & have experience of 5 yrs+ . I am presently employed with Manappuram Finance Limited as a Branch Credit Manager. In my previous roles - I was employed with HDB financial Services & Tata Capital Housing Finance Limited. I am a creative person & like reading Fiction novels. Back in my school days - I was very active in extra curricular activities like Debates, Extempore, Poetry writing etc.

Palak Baxi

I am a daughter, a friend, a sister, a wife, by profession a lecturer but this does not complete me as above all I am a soul looking for bigger perspectives in life, trying to find its purpose and spreading the message of happiness, compassion and love.

Sonia Rodrigues

Sonia is from Malad in Mumbai, India. At 40, she's discovering new facets of life as a mother of a teenage son, who is her strength and inspiration. Sonia was in Hospitality & Customer Service before moving into the Education field. Looking at life through the innocent eyes of little children gives it a whole new perspective, and Sonia finds it wonderful to be associated with one of the leading schools in Mumbai. Snia developed a passion for reading and writing from her Dad, who helped her learn to love the English language.

Amrita Choudhary

My name is Amrita Choudhary. I am a simple and fun loving person at heart. I have done my graduation in B.Sc. Right now I am working with a well known company in Bangalore. Reading books is my hobby and I aspire to be an author.

Roopa Thomas

Roopa loves to read fiction and write about life. In the past she was a journalist and instructional designer, but these days you will find her curled up on a recliner reading, or writing about her entertaining sons. Mommy blogger-cum-Baby entertainer, she is also a wannabe baker who is eagerly awaiting the next season of Game of Thrones. Opinionated and ready to laugh, she also hopes to entertain and touch people with her own book some day. She lives in Bangalore with her husband, two sons, a cocker spaniel and a dalmation.

Shrimoyee Mukherjee Sen

Shrimoyee Mukherjee Sen, 37, is a professor of Marketing at Stamford International University, Bangkok. She is the proud mother of 2 boys, three dogs, three turtles and several fish. She loves to travel, read, listen to music and write; among other things.

Arunima Dasgupta

I am Arunima Dasgupta who is an introvert in front of strangers and a complete nutcase among close friends. I like to think a lot and my mind is a crazy place of unparalleled activity even when I am asleep (no wonder my dreams are so weird!). I am a coder by profession and I live to code! I work in an amazing organization where everyday I learn something new and that keeps me mentally stimulated. My hobbies would include dancing (Oh I love it! ), reading and tinkering with IoT projects. My dream is to drive around in a black Jaguar (the high end one ofcourse!) accompanied by people I love.

Anushree Thanatil

I live in Bangalore currently with my husband. I used to work at a factory in Chennai and oved towns after the wedding. I love the place minus the traffic. My family consists of my parents and my elder brother. We were a Malyali family of four, living in Nagpur (where I grew up).

Shilpa Prashanth

A passionate learner, a novelty seeker and a hands-on DIY expert. After 10 years of corporate life, I quit to get in touch with my creative side. I am now a full-time mother and enjoy every minute of it.

Richa Vyas

I am Richa. My full time job is being mom. In rest of the time, I work as Lead User Interface Engineer for Teradata. But most importantly, I am a woman who tries to find her happiness in mundane things which happen everyday. I am a creative person not just because I put my emotions on paper or I dance or because my wall have some canvas paintings hanging on it but because art is not an option for me. It is the thing that makes me happy, uplifts my mood after a long day at work and sometimes also makes me understand my emotions when I myself cannot understand. Trying to enjoy everyday of my life!!!

Bakul Tanksale

I am software professional for over a decade who at heart desires to be everything from chef, budding entrepreneur, dancer to a teacher. I am a voracious reader and trying to be an amateur writer. Struggling to prioritize and focus, I try and dabble in bits of each. I yearn for a flexible work opportunity that leaves me with enough time to devote to all that I love doing and to my 4 year old daughter. My current mantra "There's just one life - who says it has to be spend doing only one thing. Take it all"

Rinky Sharma

Rinky Sharma, based in Hyderabad, is an account manager at an ad agency, a professional musician, a doting wife and a mommy to a fourlegged fur ball. Besides juggling her two jobs, she spends the remnant of her day trying to remain fit (while enjoying cheat meals), preaching a heathy lifestyle to her happy-with-being-unfit husband and planning holidays to exotic locations that have slim chances of ever materializing. Rinky’s family and music are her pride and joy.

Priyanka Tampi

I am a Post graduate in Animation Design and a freelance illustrator. Although drawing has always been my first love, I also like to dabble in poetry and short stories from time to time. I hope to make illustrated poems for children and adults alike and short animated films and graphic novels. Lots to do and an avid procrastinator. It's a constant struggle. But I manage.

Purple Diaries

Purple Diaries is made up of: Smriti Sinha, 52, Home-Maker and a passionate Artist; Stuti Sinha, 30, Marketing Manager and an indulgent pursuer of Fine Arts; and Rupam Sabharwal, 29, Brand Manager and a free-spirited Writer.

Merin Abraham

A working woman with 2 children, committed to both my work and my family. Double Post graduate with about 10 years of work experience. Tries utmost to give the family, the best they deserve.

Sheefa Kasar

Sheefa kasar is a second year automobile engineering student who has a keen interest in writing. She is an aspiring travel writer. She is also a foodie and habitual reader.

Rajrupa Ghosh

Likes to take long walks by the lake, have tea from artsy teapots (served on a tray with a single flower), bake fabulous looking fondant cakes, be a Facebook diva as a smashing, manicured mum, and rock Twitter with 140 clever, feminist characters. Likes, but can do none.

Sia Mitra

Sia Mitra is a blogger, painter, needlework artist, mother – a woman with fingers in many pies. A Content Crafter by day and avid reader by night, find her blog at

Saira Ranj

I have always stood out...With my height. With my thoughts. With my non successes. At a stage in life I figured, I am just not meant for this ride- ended up on planet earth quite by chance! I seem to have no semblance of a lot of worldly practical everyday matters and it annoys me no end that quotes exist but reality differs. Raised in Dubai, UAE- I am the exact antonym of what you’d expect being brought up in what is known as the plastic city. I think growing up in this very cosmopolitan place without the glare of harsh reality keeps me from boiling over into an adult with excessive judgments. I am an Educator working with children of all ages running workshops on brainpower and communication skills. Most of my literary work is based on under the carpet issues. Being extremely sensitive and sponging off emotions from around me, I think writing has helped me go from ruminative to cathartic. Creativity is what I thrive on- my brain cells explode when I write intensely, paint away or even speak in front of an audience. I connect easily with people of all ages and enjoy working with children the most. A great believer in life long learning, energy, good vibes and gut- I am a free spirit that gives my work my brutal all.

Pushkala R Padmanabh

I am Dr. Pushkala R. Padmanabh, a food researcher by profession and a wannabe writer by passion. I love writing and have penned a few short stories and poems. I am also an avid reader and my favorite authors are Sydney Sheldon, Agatha Christie, Dan Brown and Enid Blyton, from whom I draw inspiration. Someday, I wish to be a writer who could touch the hearts of people with words.

Khushboo Motihar

A Jack of all trades (Munni, if you will) who loves to write, eat (only chocolates!) and is a strong advocate of magic, true love and "they lived happily ever after"

Kalwyna Rathod

Kalwyna Rathod is a Content Writer who cringes when people mispronounce her name and doesn't always mind it when friends do so on purpose. She loves cheese, pizza, quality chocolates, and her family, not necessarily in the same order.

Avril Miranda Fernandes

About the author: Avril Miranda Fernandes is an HR professional in a multinational organization. She is a double post graduate holding Masters degrees in Biochemistry and Management Studies. Her interests include reading (literature) and music. She is a trained Western classical music singer and plays the piano. She lives with her husband in Mumbai.

Madhavi Vaidya

I'm a Content Writer by profession. My love for writing began with writing short stories and poetry. I also love to dance and read a lot of fiction- Satyajit Ray and Ruskin Bond being one of my favorite authors. I live in Pune and my seven year old son Romir is my inspiration to write and live life with full zest!

Prerna Gupta

I am Prerna Gupta. I live in 'dilwalon ki dilli' i.e. Delhi. I am a sweet, fun - loving girl. I am a big shopaholic. I am an ambivert and like to listen and read more.

Beatrice Rao

Beatrice Rao is a Goan with a fun and feni in her blood. She gave up a career in advertising to go back to College about a decade ago, and since then got her Masters in Ancient Indian Culture, a PG in Indian Aesthetics and various diplomas in yoga. However, she still can’t do Surya Namaskars, and her mind refuses to stay still while meditating. A freelance copywriter, she often slips into blank verse, random ramblings or goes off on wildlife trips to keep herself sane.

Purva Joshi

I am a Business Analyst working with S&P Global Market Intelligence. I love reading in my spare time and I have recently taken to writing. I write short stories and poems and ensure that I further the stereotypes of poets by making my friends hear each and every one of them at length. With behind the scenes. I am also looking to write a novel, if all goes well and I'm not distracted by a nearest fluttering thing.

Vanaja Lakshman

I have been a teacher for three decades with a stint as a Principal of a school for seven years. I love reading books on Crime & Detection/Mystery and Travelogues with a little writing for my writing group.

Ms. Terry Writer

Can you guess who I am? If you can, write to with the answer!

#AtypicalWoman Contest Entrant

This #AtypicalWoman gave a splendid entry for the #AtypicalWomanWrites Contest. Her style of writing, ability to express her thoughts and her control on the language got her to the top entries in the competition.

Charmi Trevadia

I am Charmi Trevadia from Mumbai. I freelance as a content writer and social media manager. I love food, movies, reading and traveling. I dream everyday of receiving my Hogwarts letter and have a soft spot for panda videos and Minion toys. I love writing stories because I think it is our best chance at spreading love and changing the world.

Smitha Shiv

Smitha is an illustrator and entrepreneur who lives in Bangalore with a cat named Spock. When she was 21, she started Pencilsauce an illustration company that works with startups ad agencies and publishers. She teaches creativity through visual-thinking at both corporate and educational institutions. Smitha is also the co-founder of Wheekids, a Maker's club for Kids - designed to cultivate creativity during the early years through Parental Bonding. During her spare time she loves drawing, reading and growing plants in little painted bottles.

Sonya Verma

My name is Meenakshi Verma (Sonya), I am a full time working mom of three (under 6 yrs of age) rambunctious, spirited, happy children; I firmly believe that everything good in life is either fried or immoral, my BFFs include wine, chocolate and a good read. With all that is going on in my world (a mini soap opera) I wanted to save some of this crazy time for posterity, so here I am with random musings about life, love, living away from home and yet feeling home in a country I wasn’t born in. I have now been living in the US since 1998 though my roots are firmly planted in Patiala, Punjab (as are my parents). I currently live and work in NYC.

Shamanth BS

I'm on an exertion to sell dreams and peddle. When you find me without a pen, book, or Kindle – I could be planning something big!