All work and no play for the millennials

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“Mom, no one is coming for playing,” said my disappointed little one.

She was really looking forward to unwind herself after a tiring school day whereas her friends were busy getting ready for taking up their arts classes or tuition.  Having at least one class to attend daily, they too had no or less choice about playing. With the prevalent nuclear family system and rising social vulgarity towards girl children, parents feel much more safe in their kids attending classes rather than playing out in the streets. To top it all, ever increasing academic pressure brings jitters as well as dreams of creating young & ripened genius professionals.

“Mom, why don’t you put me in a class during weekdays too?” my daughter added naively, disturbing my thought process.  With no friends to play and no immediate way out from me to manage her monotony, she hooked on to changing the TV Channels. Though an at-home mom of late, I was completely against spending time before the idiot box.  My concern increased as she either chose between watching TV or browsing internet and it was becoming her favorite past-time.

Feeling pity for the millennial children, I would definitely vouch it as ‘Less blessed generation’.

Blessed were the older generation people (people who are now in between their 60’s & 80’s) who carried just a small cloth bag, walked back home for lunch and relaxed themselves in the streets after school hours. Even now, I can see them talking excitedly about their childhood days and games. Though not to the extent of our parents or grandparents, better are the generation people like us (people now between 40’s and 60’s), who can recall their childhood memories with now almost forgotten games and past-times like story-telling, climbing trees, kho-kho, kabaddi, lock and key, playing with marbles, pandi, pallanguzhi, gilli danda etc.

More than the games, the joy of playing with friends, sharing sweet-nothings, petty fights, complaints regrets added delight and spice to life and later to our memories too.

Friends are an integral part of life because of whom we learn, unlearn, grow, cultivate habits and become an independent individual.  A soul to share, a shoulder to recline – True friends travel along with us and share our deepest secrets too.

Carrying heavy-weight school bags with a hunched back, lengthy school hours, 4 different notebooks for a single subject and extra classes after a tiring school day, Is this what my child will recall all about her childhood?  Virtual friends and video games are the ones my child has to grow with? Is it a curse for being a part of millennial generation?

With deep concern in heart, I am inviting you to share your thoughts. Will you?




Geetha lives in Chennai with her husband and her two sweet children. She was with Cognizant for a long time and has now taken a break for the benefit of her children. A homemaker now, Geetha loves cooking, reading magazines and is now trying her hand at writing too. As a student, Geetha used to write poems in Tamil and completely enjoyed the creativity part of it. She is happy to be part of SiyaWoman's group of writers!

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