When I Almost Missed My Own Wedding Part II

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Satarupa Joardar

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(Continued from Part I)

The death-defying dash to the Emirates counter ended with (in keeping with the wonderful day we were having) our being told that the gate for the 4pm flight had just closed. And that we really shouldn’t have bothered dashing about America, since there had been no empty seats on the flight for us anyway. The worst news was yet to come (yes, there was more!) from the inscrutable Emirates representative who dispassionately informed us that all flights to Calcutta from SFO was overbooked for the entire next week. She asked us to call their call center to find alternate airports like LA, maybe even Seattle! Oh, the cruel irony of that statement.

By that point, I was totally spent and was no longer a human being but a squishy, shapeless mass of nerves, hunger and despair. I found a seat in a corner of the airport and just stared into space, stunned by our incessant bad luck. I had no more ideas, no more energy. We were going to miss our own wedding! There was nothing to be done.

R tried to talk to me about what we could do next but I was in no state to respond. He finally got on the phone, yet another time, with Emirates customer care and did his best to explain the situation. After an almost hour-long conversation where R was put on hold several times, the airline finally booked us on a flight to Calcutta from LA two days later for a considerable extra fee but by that point both R and I were beyond caring about mundane things like money. We just needed a ticket home, we didn’t care for anything else.

Could we dare hope our luck was turning finally? We were in San Francisco. How would we go to LA from here? Since we hadn’t technically completed our domestic flight which we abandoned midway in Oakland, R called them back and once again recounted the horror of the long day that we’d had. The airline staff, this time, were helpful and asked us to come to SFO at 10 AM next morning to fly to LA… free of charge!

The sun was setting outside the glass windows of San Francisco airport. We would spend the next two nights, one in San Francisco and the next in Los Angeles in a purgatorial state of suspense. We couldn’t rest till we were finally strapped into a seat on an aircraft leaving an American airport and heading to Calcutta. Our wish was granted and we couldn’t believe our luck when we finally heard the pilot’s opening announcement over the welcome hum of the aircraft, as it readied itself for take-off.

Homeward bound! Finally! R and I both had tears of joy and relief in our eyes, and the madness of the last 48 hours started to recede into the realm of a nightmare we’d woken out of.

But as they say, all’s well that ends well! We landed in Calcutta a couple of days before our big day and were immediately caught up in a whirlwind of last minute shopping and wedding preparations. The ceremony went off without any hitches (the Universe owed us that much!) and was memorable and fun for everyone present.

We had finally made it to our own wedding! It’s been two years this December, and my heart still skips a beat every time I think of it!




Satarupa, 35, is currently a highly educated homemaker living in Seattle, USA. She completed a doctorate in an interdisciplinary program in May, 2015. Satarupa loves reading and watching movies: she watched 100 movies and read 16 books in 2015 (she knows this as this is the first time in her life she kept count!) Satarupa also loves traveling, eating and cooking different types of cuisine and getting worked up about the state of the environment and the growing lack of humanity in this world. She also likes to write.

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