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There was much hype around the period movie Bahubali that was going to release and everyone, I mean everyone wanted to see it. Facebook shares, Insta posts, and all those mommies I knew wanted to watch it and they were already making plans. So I cajoled my loving hubby to take me to the movie. After my constant nagging, one ‘historic’ day, he finally relented and agreed to book the tickets. To my dismay, as I was casually checking my emails on this historic day, I received the final exam timetable of my 7-year-old daughter. And it was to start that same Friday – the day the movie scheduled to be released. I hurriedly requested my husband (to his surprise and glee) to postpone the plans for now. My entire week went in exam prep (Yes – you know that’s the way it works! Child’s exams = Momma’s exams!). In the meantime, all the groups on FB played spoilt sport and started to discuss the movie. Every single friend on my list posted “I am watching” to the point of annoyance.

Finally, we booked the tickets and went for the movie at Phoenix mall in Velachery, Chennai. “BAHUBALI – 2” – The much-awaited movie. The excitement had already built up seeing some posts, clips, pics etc. The movie did not disappoint me. (Note: I am not a critic and by good I mean it was quite entertaining) It was a total package and I was completely engrossed watching it. Right after the interval, when Shivudu (Mahendra Bahubali) was about to wage war against Palvaldeva with Mom dear Devasena right by his side, I was at the edge of my seat, eager with anticipation of the next scenes. I wanted to see the grandeur, masala and some neat tricks by stunt team and most of all Pabhas + Rajamouli magic. As it was happening, I suddenly saw some running towards the exit in a hurry. I could not contain my curiosity. I thought to myself, “What a crazy lady? Why in the world is she running now?!” Then, I could see a tiny figure running beside her. Bam!!! It dawned on me that it was a mother rushing to the restroom for her 4-year-oldear old daughter. The entire theatre was silent and so immersed in the scene, and I suddenly burst out with laughter. It was my turn to get the “Are you a crazy lady?” look from my husband.

I then narrated to him an incident that had occurred when we were watching Bahubali 1. Amarendra Bahubali was strategizing on how to defeat Kaalkeya and was about to execute it. The audiences were going to know who would be the next king when my daughter suddenly declared that she urgently needed to use the restroom. I was so displeased with the interruption that I gave her one nasty look. She held her tummy and said “Amma Amma urgent!” Being the typical concerned Mom that I am, I took her to the restroom. In a second, she quickly washed her hands and said let’s go. I was flabbergasted and said “What” loudly, and completed “the hell” in my head. It turned out that her hands were dirty from the masalas/flavors that were used liberally to season the popcorn!!!!!!!!!! We promptly turned on our heals and decided to rush back to the viewing hall to see what was Kalakeya’s fate! Unfortunately, Sivagami had already declared who the king will be! After this incident, I could easily relate to this poor mommy who was rushing out at the most important moment of the climax of the movie story. But I knew that she would never regret this moment. After all, the child’s needs always comes first and once a mommy always a mommy!




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