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Teja Dalvi

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This is today’s incident. Just as fresh as a blossoming flower. But it has imbibed on me something that will remain eternal in my soul.

I see this man, a delivery boy, everyday, quiet in his own way. Nothing unusual, working like a normal individual until you realize his pièce de résistance.

I was sitting at a café knowing nothing about my plan of action for the day. I sat with a straight blank face and the wheels of my mind ran aimlessly. The minute hand of the clock completed one entire 12 to 12 trip and suddenly, I noticed this person had pinned his eyes on me all this time. To break this silent stare game, I got up and headed towards the counter to place my order. I saw him moving from his place. He stood next to me while I placed my order and started my normal conversation, apparently hysterical for Pallavi. Pallavi is the counter-in-charge who takes the order. As the staff and I got engaged in our humor, from the corner of my eye, I could see a tiny curve emerge around his lips. At first, my temper was teased and I asked Pallavi about this guy and his actions ever since I noticed. I was getting my rage geared to fire this man, but what happened next filled my eyes to the level that blurred and distorted my vision entirely. I could no longer see what I normally saw till today. She told me that he is speech and hearing impaired.

This absolutely normal looking man with healthy physical stature was actually unable to use two of his 5 sense organs. I apologized to him for the thoughts I fostered for him. I later realized why he was staring at me. Apparently, unlike every day, I did not smile at him when he opened the door for me. I remained silent and motionless for about an hour. I would either be fiddling with my phone, talking or discussing stuff with my sub-ordinates or I would sit with the staff and we would chat. Today, when he did not get the same response, he was actually worried about me. I asked Pallavi how she could understand all this. She said that he could read lips and grasp what they talked about and replied back with a Whatsapp message. He even requested everyone to talk to him and not text him unless he is not around. In this manner, he rectified the minute flaws he had in learning lip sync and developed his skills.

This incident left many questions in my mind. We tend to forget how much we are cared for by people who we least expect. I was further told that he calls me a cute chatterbox and that I was all he would want in a sister. How easy it is for us to judge people based on one situation and how conveniently we label it like a scar on a rock that never erodes.

There are times and there are people who want to speak and hear or be spoken to and heard, but unfortunately, miss that calibre. And, here we tend to disconnect ourselves and get into an anchored vault. We get into a cloud of our issues and guard ourselves from every possible intervention.

We possibly fail to notice how much and how well we are observed. We neglect the fact that the world is tiny enough and we are here only to spread love as long as we live. We live in this myth which makes us believe that silencing our voice box actually resolves the screams and chaos that bubbles in the mind, contradictory to the truth. Not for once did I contemplate that there could be a stranger whose day shines bright because of my smile. I couldn’t believe that being myself and cheerful would actually be someone’s sunshine.

I learnt a lesson to accelerate my life in a better way. We forget to appreciate our possessions until we get a reality check from those who own something that they absolutely don’t deserve. Another thing that got registered in my mind was that you can be one hundred per cent cheerful being by seeing or making someone happy .

Words, phrases, idioms and quotes are used by the voice box to convey emotions and communicate with other like beings. A voice box is actually considered to be initiator of a relationship because it deciphers your thoughts into an intelligible format using words. Soon, it turns into a chatterbox once it gets comfortable with other individuals. Conveniently or voluntarily, we mute or transmute it.

But, if this liberty was unavailable, how would we connect with others? It is said that a mother reads every thought of her child, ever since she first felt it’s presence within her. We enter this world through our mothers and she knows us 9 months extra than the entire world. Even she, at times, fails to take our straight words in the right sense, then how can we trust this world to perceive our intentions without proper speech?

Admiring little things actually gets us closer to the blessings on the highway of life, those which we are chasing and will chase all our lives, leaving aside what’s in our hands today.

We should respect the fact that we have a voluntary control over some qualities and actions. We can choose to express or not. When the choice vanishes, our perspective is lost and we are compelled to accept our disabilities. In short, the existential purpose of being a human transforms from living to just respiration. From being born to spread the joy to just be there and serve.




Teja Dalvi is a Goan by heart and a working professional in Bangalore. She is also an aspiring writer and an obsessive reader like how one breathes in oxygen. Married for a year now, she is an independent individual yet depends on her family for the love she seeks. In a city of Information Technology, she is one of those who do not belong to the “Engineering” quota. Her qualification makes her a Clinical Researcher and Microbiologist. But deep in her heart she is that little girl who spreads her color pencils and crayons all over the floor and let’s her imagination just flow and finally settle on a canvas. She believes to preserve the child inside her mind and feeds it often with board games and cartoons. She claims that her inclination towards Arts and reading books is what keeps her going through tough times and emerge even stronger.

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