Trials and tribulations of experiencing the (in)famous GM diet

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Sarba Basu

Trials and tribulations of experiencing the (in)famous GM diet Loading

This is a situation that forced me to change my perception about life!


A big piece of blueberry cheesecake came floating towards me, I thrust my face forward and bit into it, it tasted like boiled okra without salt! I woke up in utter disgust remembering today was my vegetable day.


After ages of going on about how much I am against the concept of diet, having been an advocate of physical exercise for weight loss all my life, I finally gave in to the famous GM diet. Having always scoffed at the idea of going on a diet, it came as a big surprise to all my dear ones as I began my ‘Everest’ journey. The need for dieting came as a desperate measure after putting on a good number of kilos through the last couple of months. However, having seen no one and absolutely no one succeed in completing the diet, I figured this was more of a challenge than an actual weight loss plan. To those who must be wondering what the GM diet is, it is a diet schedule of seven days initially devised for the employees of General Motors hence, the name. The diet basically divides the food nutrient intake of the body day wise and restricts mix of components. You start the week with fruits with no added salt or spice and gradually proceed by adding different food groups throughout the rest of the days. So, I set about ordering groceries online that looked like would feed the entire community. Before the fateful day of commencement, I decided to kill all my cravings by eating everything I loved starting from a breakfast of greasy aloo parathas along with a lunch of fish tikka and chicken masala to a dinner of yummy Chinese food.


Day 1

My yet to be eventful week began with a truckload of fruits arriving and I happily delved into the baskets. My excitement, however, began to plummet in a couple of hours as I soon grew tired of having only fruits. My kitchen became a kindergarten book where kids see pictures and learn the names of all possible fruits. I shuffled between bites of pears to spoons of custard apple to nibbles of both black and green grapes. Soon my craving for something salty began to overcome me. I decided a change of location might take my mind off fruits and I went to a pay a friendly visit. Turned out it was quite a bad decision as after few minutes passed by, all my friends gorged on chicken rolls in front of me and it took me all of my self-control to kill my hunger pangs as I took a bite of yet another apple imagining it to taste like chicken.


Day 2

The next day had only vegetables on the menu, I wanted to bury my head thinking of the boiled vegetables without salt. Major regret started to wash over me as I felt like a fool to go on this insane diet. The only saving grace was the potato, I kept dreaming of eating a whole baked potato and that was what pulled me through the day.


Day 3

The following day was no better, a combination of fruits and vegetables. It nevertheless killed the monotony of tasting only one flavor. The worst possible thing that could have happened was Diwali! My desperation to shed kilos made me miss out on checking the calendar. On my fruity and veggie overdose day, it happened to be Diwali, the festival of lights but more importantly, sweets! As I managed to put on a brave face throughout the day while lighting ‘diyas’, my first big test came in the form of a big ‘motichoor ladoo ‘offered by a neighbor, I smiled weakly and accepted the ladoo but swallowed a huge cheat urge and kept it away in the fridge. Passed my Day 3, woohoo!


Day 4

This day brought about an even bigger challenge with more sweets pouring in along with festive greetings. The challenge, however, was the day’s menu: banana and milk. Since childhood, milk has been a terror to me, it has felt yucky. As years passed by, I compromised by having it with cornflakes. Day 4 also added bananas, another not so favorite food item and the combination of the two made me sick in the gut. I made it through the day thinking solely of the protein intake the next day which would come in the form of grilled fish!


Day 5

As the saying goes, half the battle won means you won the war (I’m not sure if it exactly goes that way). Point is, by the time the last three days were left of the diet plan, I already felt I could complete it.  The next two days brought about healthy recipes of grilled fish and the ‘Basas’ and ‘Seers’ made me feel home; my pangs of hunger were substantially reduced as I came out victorious by happily refusing cake. On the last day, rice felt like heaven and vegetables no longer tasted dull. I galloped my way to success and after checking my weight the word accomplishment had a new meaning in my dictionary!


As I now I sit down to write about the week that was, I happily bite into a muffin thinking about a biryani dinner. I can already see you roll your eyes at the futility of staying healthy only for a week. True, you do need to maintain your diet to remain fit but to me, this diet was much more than that. Although it started out as a weight loss plan, it gradually proceeded to teach me something much more valuable. The importance of sticking to your decision. There are times we simply start something and the enthusiasm fizzles out thinking of far more important things, thus losing out on focus and determination to finish what we started. This can be a metaphor for everyone about staying strong and seeing the end to something, in the end, you’ll apply the same strength of mind to everything in life. Blueberry cheesecake or big data, nothing seems like a challenge anymore!




My name is Sarba Basu and I work as a Business Analyst with a consulting firm.Reading has led me to love the art of writing as well and here goes one such attempt.

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