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Nothing gives me a better high in life than a dose of travel to a new destination. My husband is my perfect travel companion and we love exploring new places and cultures, meeting new people and enjoying different cuisines.

 Travelling always made me feel happily restless. Packing our bags required not more than thirty minutes, which has been entirely my husband’s job, who is the self-proclaimed ‘most efficient packer of the house’.

But all this was before somebody arrived and turned herself into the centre of our universe. My role change from wife to mom made me restless and anxious now, but this time it had a lot to do with the hormones associated with such a huge promotion in life. One of the first questions that I asked my daughter’s pediatrician was when we could travel with her. My husband wouldn’t have missed the twinkle in my eyes when the doctor replied ‘in a week’. It still took us three months for our first trip with the baby. Surprisingly I felt secure and happy carrying a bigger bag compared to my regular small sling bag which I’d always held in front. After all who would want to steal diapers, wipes and baby food!

I have to thank my stars for transferring the travel gene to my daughter because new places, people and food keep her very excited. She is a social butterfly and her excitement levels are sometimes very hard to handle. During one of our European train journeys, we met a forty-something lady who was travelling with her teenage daughter. We exchanged pleasantries and that’s when the little one decides to greet her as ‘Grandma’. The embarrassment on the lady’s face was no match for ours!

I consider myself a cool mom although my husband thinks otherwise. They say ’by the time a woman realizes her mother was right, she has a daughter who thinks she is wrong’. The little one calls me ‘hyper’ whenever she thinks I am not cool enough. To be quite honest, it is her drama, occasional tantrums and some of the random things she says that takes me to the uncool territory. During one of our trips to a famous museum, she blurted out ‘Mumma nangu’ (literal translation: ‘mumma naked’!) out of nowhere. Indians in the museum who looked in our direction expectantly must have been disappointed to see my daughter point at the naked sculpture by Michelangelo.

Travelling with my curly-haired talking parrot gives me so many stories to share with family and friends once I am back. She makes all our travels so much fun and keeps me on my toes all the time.

And frankly, I would not want it any other way!




Sheethal Thappa Deniz is 33 and currently lives in Bangalore. She is a software consultant who has taken a break from paid work to enjoy motherhood. Sheethal loves travelling, cooking, interior decoration, reading and listening to music. She believes in keeping life simple and enjoys the little things in life!

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