The Wedding Drama

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Vinisha Gupta

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“Sia, Congratulations! Your wedding is in two months! Samar’s mother just called and informed. ”

Sia’s mother hugged her and said, “We have a lot to accomplish and we have very little time at hand.” Her mother looked more anxious than excited. The evening went by informing all the relatives and friends of the wedding date.

One month passed and the family went into a shopping spree for the wedding. The venue was finalised and paid for, engagement rings, furniture, electronic items etc., everything was being shortlisted and eventually purchased. The wedding was exactly 17 days away when Sia overheard her parents talking about some personal loan. She stopped and continued listening to the conversation. Her father said, “I have already used all the fixed deposits and saving certificates and I still need to purchase clothes and jewellery for Samar’s family. I think I will have to take a personal loan now.” As soon as she heard this, she barged into their room with tears in her eyes. She said, “Papa, you don’t have to take a personal loan, rather I will use my life insurance and you can buy whatever you need to.” To this suggestion, her mother said, “Sia, are you mad? That is your money. You don’t have to use your insurance for this. We will manage it, don’t worry. We won’t take a loan but will manage somehow. It’s important to buy things for Samar’s family, else they will feel bad. You just go and have a good night’s sleep.” With a long face and a heavy heart, she came out and went to her room. Of course, she couldn’t sleep and kept thinking about how burdened her parents had become due to these wedding preparations.

Their engagement was set to two days prior to the wedding. Everyone looked happy. Soon, the rings were exchanged and all the gifts and jewellery bought for Samar’s family was handed over to them. Drinks and dance, the evening just went by celebrating the togetherness. It was the evening of their wedding reception and they both looked very happy.

Soon after the guests almost disappeared, Samar’s parents called Sia’s parents in the lobby area. Everyone sat down including the newlyweds. His father said, “Do you even know what the standard of our family is? What kind of cash and jewellery have you given to our relatives? Is this what our near and dear ones came for?!”

Her parents appeared hurt but stood up and folded hands and started to apologize. She couldn’t take this non-sense, stood up, took off her engagement ring and kept it on the table in front of them. In a soft, but firm and steady voice, she said, “With due respect, I would like to tell you that my parents were under great pressure to please you and your family and have exhausted their lifetime savings for this wedding. Inspite of all that was done, you still moan and  complain? Do you realize how much these wedding celebrations have taken away from us? Were your relatives waiting all their life for the money they will get from our wedding? I never expected that educated people like you would behave in such a sorry manner. I am sorry but I would not want to continue with this marriage.”

Samar was stunned but finally spoke, “She is right and that is why I married her. She doesn’t give into what is wrong and unacceptable. I respect you both as my parents, but what you have done today is intolerable and disguting. You think having a son entitles you to the freedom to disrespecting and humiliating a daughter’s family like this? The answer is NO. I never knew you both will stoop down to this level ever in my life.”

He walked towards her parents and said “If you don’t mind, can I stay with Sia at your place until I find a suitable house for both of us?” Sia’s parents did not want to encourage the separation of a son and his parents.  They  said, “Son, it’s our mistake, don’t do this to your parents. We should have enquired and understood the family standards before buying the wedding gifts. Please forgive us!”

Samar’s parents had ego filled in their eyes at that time. Samar realised that his parents would not change, and they would probably harass Sia in his absence for this. So, he was firm with his decision and they finally went to Sia’s house.

Every day he received calls from his family members to return and divorce Sia. All this made him more determined .He finally bought a small but beautiful house in the suburbs and moved in with her. He worked hard, planned well and saved fifty percent of his salary every month. Seeing this, Sia would ask if he was  planning to buy another house or invest this money. To this he would say, “I have to repay a loan soon.”

After almost eight months of their wedding, he asked her to come along for a drive. Half way through the drive, Samar announced that they were going to his parents’ house. They both stepped inside the house and saw his parents already seated, waiting for them. Samar kept an envelope on the table beside his father’s chair. “This contains a cheque which I feel would satisfy your standards that were not taken care of at the time of our wedding. I am sure you know best on how to allocate these resources to the appropriate relatives. We wouldn’t want to waste much of your time so we will take your leave.” As they got up to leave, they saw Sia’s parents entering the room. They both were surprised.

Samar’s parents stood up and apologized to all of them for what had happened at the time of the wedding. They said, “We ruined everything and would really like to fix things and get back together.” Suddenly, there was silence in the room, with just the noise of tears flowing from his parent’s eyes. It seemed finally wisdom had dawned on them.

Next evening, they all flew out for a vacation, all paid up by Samar’s parents. And the broken ties were rejoined for a lifetime.

This might seem to you like a story straight out of a Bollywood movie. But that’s not true. This sort of drama really takes place at a lot of weddings. This is just being penned down to put in a seed of thought on what the ideal outcome in such situations could be. Ideally, let’s try and make weddings an occasion to enjoy and not create pressure on either of the families.

So, my dear girls, be like Sia, and dear guys like Samar – and don’t ever let yourself, your spouse or your parents get humiliated. Get married for a lifetime of happiness and not to exhaust your family’s lifetime savings. Marriage is important but more important is self-respect! Keep shining.




Vinisha, 30 aspires to leave a mark on this world (of course, a positive one) before turning into ashes. She is an avid reader and a blogger. Her husband is her biggest motivation who always encourages her to keep smiling .Writing is a form of meditation to her and she loves to write a lot about women in form of short stories, poetry or just a small write up. Her love for penguins has grown over the past few years which has added a new dream in her wish list to see the penguins live one day.

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