The New Year Resolution

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Amrita Kolay

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The scene was perfect, a little drizzle, sunset, backside of the cafeteria, he bent on his knees and said, “Ami, I love you,” Our friends peeking from the cafeteria window came rushing towards us with joy, one of them had even collected grass and twigs to shower at us. It was beautiful. I thought if this is not love then what is? Everyone was happy and nobody noticed that my answer was still pending. Not even me. ‘I was Isabella in Love’

I danced with joy but strangely my heart was quiet. Maybe this love thing was new for me. I thought, “After all this is what happens in most cases. Nature creates a romantic scene, the boy proposes and you say yes.” Time flew by and the long phone call started, the fights, caring for each other and what not. College was about to end and in the chilling winter we were between our exams.

With the onset of snowfall in the hills, came the New Year eve of 2010. I was missing home and cuddled on my bed, weeping since morning. To cheer me up, my friends took me out to celebrate New Year’s Eve. The clock ticked 12 and he came forward to hold my hand.

Romantically he said, “I will never let you cut onions.”

“Uh.. sorry what? I thought I heard Onions.”

He repeated “My love, I will never let you cut onions.”

“I am not cutting any.” Shivering in the cold with a confused state of mind, I asked, “Are you trying to say you would never let me cook?”

“No, cooking is a part of girl’s duty after marriage, but I will cut the onions for you.” He smiled.

“What do you mean duty, won’t you cook?” Everybody around was dancing and hopping to the New Year beats and here I was figuring out the significance of onion and cooking in our relationship.

“No, boys don’t cook,” he declared. Since I had gotten into the relationship, I had received signals that he was an absolute male chauvinist. I ignored and adjusted because I thought love is all about making compromises.

Then, he came closer, grabbed my hands and whispered in my ears “Silly, I won’t let you cut onions because I can’t see tears in your eyes. This new year, I am taking the resolution I would never ever make you cry, be it in any way. Even onions.”

This was one such incident. Our love story survived college and sailed with us when we both entered the corporate world. He loved me way too much or rather excess I would say; used to call me every half hour, off day meant spend time with him, did a background check on every new friend that I made and much more. All he wanted was to get married.

Blimey! This was my teen love story, sounds hilarious when I recall the incident now at 2017.

Few years back, life hit me hard and there came a dark phase and this guy was the first to say goodbye. I wept for him. He never called back. Luckily, during the dark phase I learnt an important lesson, always listen to your heart and look out for initial warning signs in any relationship. Never compromise when you are not comfortable, it makes the situation even worse. Also, now that I have a lovely family and friend circle I realize that each person is unique in their own way and you just have to blend in with the right people. Nature gives no sign but your heart does. When in doubt listen to the throbbing; it never lies. Luckily, I did not marry that guy, but what would have happened if I had? That’s something I don’t want to know the answer to either.




While pursuing my graduation in electronics and communication, I realized my life had nothing to do with why AC (Alternating Current) was passing DC (Direct Current) or why we had to turn into Aryabhata to answer which resistor or capacitor would fit in place. In the final semester, programming of Microcontroller introduced itself and our brief meeting was more than enough to kill the budding engineer in me. So after completing my graduation, I took writing as a full-time job. Of course, the transition was not easy and after 5 years of continuing in this field, I still encounter the question “Why did you choose to become a clerk after engineering” (I can be seen typing/writing/working all day). Over the years, I have tried my hand at various genres of writing such as Resume Writing, Blogging, Story Writing and Content/Website Profile Writing. Extracting the key points from a person's job profile and writing an impactful story in the form of a resume has always been my major area of Interest. So far I have worked for Top notch clients who were associated with big giants such as Google, Facebook, Walt Disney, IBM, Microsoft etc. Each day is a new stepping stone of learning, so I would call myself a truly passionate writer, who is keen to pour her heart out and let the rhythm of my words dance in sync with the readers.

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