The Little Early Bird

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Vinisha Gupta

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The tiny human being arrived. Yes, a really little one. Born in 7.5 months, my premature daughter is now always ready with her naughtiest pranks. I was admitted to the hospital with an extremely high blood pressure which just did not want to come down even with the best of the medicines. Then, we were informed that the baby had to be delivered in the next 24 hours to avoid any further complications. That was the time I just went into a cocoon, my husband says. There were so many things I said that I do not even recollect till now. Can’t say I was in shock but became very nervy thinking about the next day.

Following morning, when I heard her shrieking voice, I took a deep breath. It’s a girl. That’s the last line I can recall, before falling unconscious. And the lovely journey began. Every day was a new challenge. Prayers and blessings were all we wanted for our little one. There were few who did not even congratulate us as they doubted the survival of the one who did not even know what has happened. My husband and I did not drop hope. No visitors, no shoes in the room, timely medications were a few things we were told by the paediatrician at the time of our baby’s discharge from the NICU. Every day when we visited the NICU, we saw so many preterm babies and their parents visiting them with hopefulness that their little one continues breathing and becomes healthy.

It goes without saying that where babies need extra care, a preterm baby needs that much more. Most importantly, the parents, especially the mother, needs to keep the faith intact. There are a lot of times when the mother thinks that there was something that she did not do right which caused an early delivery. I can vouch for this because I too felt this way. This is where the people around her come in.

She needs to be reassured time and again that she is doing the best for the baby.

If she is unable to contribute to household chores for first few months, don’t think that she has forgotten her other responsibilities. Try and let her spend twice as much time possible with the baby because they both need each other more than anything else during that time.

She needs a lot of help primarily because she herself is not in pink of her health yet. Getting a nanny is not a bad idea at this time. Don’t think she is less of a mother if she hires one.  Think of the moment when she has to give few drops of MCT oil or some multivitamins to increase the weight of the tiny creature.

 No matter how much you want to meet the new born and the mother, restrict yourself until the parents and the doctor allow the outsiders. There is a squall going on inside the parents until they hear something good at least, if not great, from the paediatrician, regarding the baby’s health.

Initially, it’s a very challenging journey for any new born’s mother so think about the one who has been delivered before anticipated time. Please don’t forget to congratulate them upon the arrival of the early bird, they deserve to hear it. Carry love and respect for them, not just gifts.

Three cheers for all the beautiful mothers!




Vinisha, 30 aspires to leave a mark on this world (of course, a positive one) before turning into ashes. She is an avid reader and a blogger. Her husband is her biggest motivation who always encourages her to keep smiling .Writing is a form of meditation to her and she loves to write a lot about women in form of short stories, poetry or just a small write up. Her love for penguins has grown over the past few years which has added a new dream in her wish list to see the penguins live one day.

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