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Sarba Basu

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(Topic: Memoirs of a piece of furniture)

Till a few years back nobody realized I even had a name or an existence as a separate being. All I did was stand short and carry the burden of a far more superior creature than my poor self. I liked to think myself as ‘Atlas’ the Greek god who carried the globe on his bare shoulders, well I’m almost of the same stature if you come to understand the magnitude of the being I carry on my head, it is the world for almost the whole world! Yes I have the supreme task of holding a television set or better known as the TV on my shoulders or on my back or on my front or however you see it because I’m a mere table or a stand sorts which is now popularly known as a TV table/ TV stand/set case or fancily enough Entertainment Unit.

Earlier of course I never had a separate identity; I was one among the huge family of my ancestral line of tables only shuffling around here and there with endless knick knacks and ‘What Nots’ crowding my head and my poor legs withstanding it all.  Then I got the immensely important job of carrying the TV and giving it a support for a lifelong basis. Although I gained the importance of having an entirely separate category of my own, I started to miss my days of travelling room to room, now I only stood in one place while my owners only saw what was on top of me while I got to bite the dust, literally.

Sometimes and usually nowadays I also get the additional job of carrying books and magazines on my side, sometimes flashy DVD players or music systems, all those silver metallic futuristic beings who look down upon my old school wood work. All of these make my being all the more unimpressive and the human race slowly forget what’s beneath their world of the Idiot Box.

There is more to the downside of my lifeline, I rarely get moments of peace to myself, the being above is never quiet and hardly bothers to keep it down. Throughout the day I have a myriad of people huddling in front of me from dawn to much later than dusk. All staring at that box as if hypnotized, forgetting the world around them. It starts with the early hours of prayer shows with my good man’s mother doing the honors of switching on that nuisance. The lady of the house then advances upon the remote control after of course her timely duties of feeding breakfast and sending off the husband and kids away to their day jobs. She manages her whole day around me watching that screen as if it transcends her to the world inside. She is curious as it tells her the stories of women like her, married with children but much more scheming and jobless, she then nurses her melancholic mind eating lunch as the tragic love story plays out in the afternoons. The evenings see her busy noting down recipes from world and around as the school bus horn indicates her time is up and she then gets up to fix a snack for her little darlings who of course are anything but darlings. The monstrosity in them comes alive as they wrestle and jump and do mock karate shots in front of the small screen while they see their animated heroes save the world and they think they can too! The craziness dies down by dinner time as the sleepy heads eat and proceed to dreamland and my good man; my owner, finally comes to watch last minute half hour news before retiring to bed.

And thus ends the saga of a day in the life of an Idiot box bearer. I would have liked to go on more about maybe adventures and thrills that come perhaps as an occupational hazard but pretty much this is it.  These days I am starting to feel a competition from a far off cousin of mine, the PC bearer. Well let’s keep that story for next time maybe!




My name is Sarba Basu and I work as a Business Analyst with a consulting firm.Reading has led me to love the art of writing as well and here goes one such attempt.

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