Stay Prepared, Stay Safe Part II

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(Continued from Part I.)

Everyone bemoans the state of safety for women, but getting down to brass tacks, what exactly can be done? Is it really an unavoidable disease that cannot be cured?  I think it’s lazy of us to think so. There’s a whole host of measures that can be taken.

 What can our government do?

Our elected representatives should tackle this problem city by city, and the issues need to be sorted out based on research and diagnostic studies; starting with prone areas. Some immediate practical changes (in case there are any dearth of ideas on this score) could be to improve street lighting especially in deserted areas, engaging community members to be more proactive about this issue, sensitising police, and employing more women police personnel.

What can we as a society do?

 Of course it’s not only the government. Society is spawning these monsters, so where are we going wrong? We’ve become more adaptive, more progressive in a hundred different ways. But on the other hand, there’s the unavoidable fact that rapists rape with impunity; and society and the law and we women ourselves discuss how the woman “invited” the attack. (“Was she drunk? Wearing a miniskirt?” ”Why was she out after 10 at night?”)

These sexist, parochial attitudes need to change. And for that the views mouthed endlessly in our movies, soap operas, and by our famous politicians and movie stars need to change first.

And, what should we women do to deter/stop such attacks?

Till the government and the society we live in wake up and smell the coffee, (and I suspect it is only when hell freezes over) we women have to take our safety into our own hands. This does not mean, as most people will tell you, that you stop having a life and hide at home, but keeping a few of the following things in mind:

  1. Read up as much as you can on different scenarios and how to avoid them/defend yourself. It will make you a little paranoid, but better safe and paranoid than sorry, right? Here is a very helpful link  that’ll educate you on getting around after dark or in a secluded place, in a safer way.
  2. Take a self-defense class: Basic or full-on martial arts, every woman should have a basic knowledge of how to kick a man where it hurts (very much!) and run to safety effectively.
  3. Carry something for self-defense, to be used when all else fails. Here’s a list:

Safety Gadgets

Pepper Spray is a great gadget to carry along for your personal protection. This spray contains chilli concentrate, which is twenty-percent stronger, and more effective when compared to chilli powder. When sprayed it gives you enough time to run away or call for help.

The Taser Gun/ Stun Baton sounds vicious enough to discourage pervy scum from ever trying a stunt like that again, on any woman.

 And some more budget-friendly safety gadgets for you to keep in your purse:

Women Personal Defence Alarm

Angel Key Chain

And then there are Safety Applications

If these gadgets fail to help you, safety applications could alert your friends and family and bring them to your aid in minutes. The bSafe – Personal Safety App has a Guardian Alert button/key control that helps you to reach out to friends and family, and let them know what exactly is happening. This app is available for iPhone and Android users.

The Safetipin app works like the Pinterest of personal safety apps. It has GPS tracking, alarm features, updates by user community, informs you about the safety of a location, and the directory option helps you find SOS location contacts. This app is available for iPhone and Android users as well.

Stay alert and prepared: stay safe, ladies!




Namrata, 28 has done her B.A. from Mount Carmel College and M.A. from Commits, Bangalore. She worked for a Bangalore based lifestyle magazine as a Content Specialist. Her experience at the magazine, ranged from doing food reviews, interviews with celebrities, attending high-tea Christmas parties, and doubling up as photographer on these assignments. She is a passionate home-baker, cook, and adores hosting lunches and dinners parties for friends and family. Namrata is also an avid reader and a movie buff. She has also had a stint at teaching kindergarten kids, though her true calling is writing and travel, she is yet to go an expedition. Her dream romantic holiday is in Paris with her Mr.Right!

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