Stay Prepared, Stay Safe Part I

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Till only a year ago, I would go for a walk in my colony every evening. Strolling through the boulevards was just perfect after a long day at work. I found it soothing to walk, feel the breeze on my face, and breathe in the smells of nature. I’ve been living in my area for over two decades now. When I was younger, afternoon playtimes on the streets, and a short walk back from a friend’s home following a play-date at semi-dark hours certainly didn’t worry me or my mother.

Times have changed now. I don’t feel safe anymore to step out after sunset. Especially that winter has begun, and dusk sets in as early as six in the evenings. Two incidents are still clear in my memory. The first was one occasion after sundown when a cyclist spanked my bottom as he rode by. He disappeared in the wink of an eye before I could even react. It took me days to get past this episode. I couldn’t go out after twilight for days. I was disgusted that some guy had touched me without my consent!

The second time was a while after I had resumed my usual walks in the gloaming. I saw a man in a car. He was trailing behind me. I ignored him initially. But, when he came closer: I realised he was naked below the waist and masturbating!  Freak!

As a woman I do understand that I need to be on my guard, and be vigilant about my surroundings. However, I didn’t know that things could get worse with each passing day.

Now Bangalore has earned the dubious distinction of being the ‘rape capital of South India’. The National Crime Bureau of 2011 report says that Bangalore is second in the country for crimes committed against women after New Delhi. The city accounts for 5.6% of these crimes in India; while the capital is responsible for 13.3%.

This is the deplorable state of the city, and indicates a deep-rooted rot that has set in. Recent incidents of rapes in Cubbon park by security guards, and that of a BPO employee, and several other cases of sexual assault has put Bangalore in a spot as an unsafe city for women. Bangalore is increasingly in the media for these unfortunate reasons rather than its achievements in the Silicon sector.

To paraphrase, Bob Dylan’s lines in his song ‘Blowing in the wind’ – ‘Yes, how many deaths will it take till he knows that too many people have died?’  How many ‘Nirbhaya’ assaults will it take for the government and the people of this country to change their attitude towards rape and sexual harassment? A recent study shows that India is the worst country for women among the G20 nations!

What can be done to stem this rot, and fast?

Please keep an eye out for “Stay prepared, Stay Safe Part II” next week for helpful tips on how to stay safe.




Namrata, 28 has done her B.A. from Mount Carmel College and M.A. from Commits, Bangalore. She worked for a Bangalore based lifestyle magazine as a Content Specialist. Her experience at the magazine, ranged from doing food reviews, interviews with celebrities, attending high-tea Christmas parties, and doubling up as photographer on these assignments. She is a passionate home-baker, cook, and adores hosting lunches and dinners parties for friends and family. Namrata is also an avid reader and a movie buff. She has also had a stint at teaching kindergarten kids, though her true calling is writing and travel, she is yet to go an expedition. Her dream romantic holiday is in Paris with her Mr.Right!

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