Is being a Stay-At-Home-Mom a duty?

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Rashi Mital

Is being a Stay-At-Home-Mom a duty? Loading

When Siddhi became a mom, her life changed for both good and for bad. She was overwhelmed with the bundle of joy God blessed her with. She was a very happy and proud stay-at-home-mom; she knew it’s a huge responsibility to raise a child.


She became a voracious reader during her pregnancy, reading everything related to pregnancy, delivery, and the initial years of the baby from being an infant to a toddler. Though Siddhi had her plate full with her child and managing home, she was enjoying her time.


Siddhi sometimes did crave for some alone time, but considering that her everyday to-do list was more important, she always locked the craving for her me-time in the corner of her heart, only to be opened some day.


Siddhi could feel and understand, now that she was sailing in the same boat, how her mother, grandmother, and the other ladies in her family juggled between their responsibilities and were on their feet throughout the day while expecting nothing in return. Siddhi could agree and identify with the responsibilities factor, but she was not convinced with the ‘expect nothing in return’ part. Why shouldn’t one expect?


She could not comprehend why even today, a huge number of females who are readily taking care of their family and home, are taken for granted and perceived as someone born to be confined to the carpet area of their houses. There is no denying that the area and situation of women are changing with time, but the change is still in a very smaller area, depending largely on the mind frame of the ‘man of the house’.


Why is it that our Indian society perceives mothers/females who forget about everything, their desires, their wants, their needs, and even their individuality to care of their children, their family and their house as regular? Is it only their duty?


In fact, a stay-at-home-mom takes care of her child and her home during her periods, on days she is fasting, and even when she is sick, sans any consideration and empathy. Doesn’t she deserve a break? Especially, at such times? And the best part is, no matter what she is going through, she is expected to satisfy the so called ‘man of the house’ when he is home after work.


Why the ‘man of the house’ is called so? Just because he is the earning member of the family? Well, in that case, now that there are mothers who are working and still taking care of the other things, shouldn’t they be called as the ‘woman of the house’?


Siddhi was troubled with these thoughts and the way the image of stay-at-home-moms is being painted despite the world heading towards a modern society. That’s when Siddhi decided to unleash the reality and whip out the myths associated with being a stay-at-home-mom.


Siddhi always wanted to voice her thoughts and reach out to people through her writing, and she had found her calling. She opened her laptop and started typing frantically:

5 Myths about Stay-At-Home-Moms busted

1.   Stay At Home Moms can find time for anything

Though a stay-at-home-mom is mostly at ‘home’, it doesn’t mean that she can accommodate time for those last minute requests. Every SAHM has a long to-do list, which at times stretches up to night, resulting in overtime. It’s high-time people realize and register the fact that a SAHM is hardly out of work.

2.   Stay At Home Moms love what they do

No one loves his/her job 100%, and a SAHM is no different. Everyone needs a break from their 9-5 jobs, so why shouldn’t a SAHM, who in fact, is working 24×7 sans any break. There is no doubt that a mother’s love for her child is unconditional and never-ending, but this doesn’t mean a SAHM loves doing everything every day.

3.   Stay At Home Moms don’t get stressed

Your child has been crying throughout the day, a corner of the house needs to be attended, you need to do grocery shopping, and you need to cook too; imagine to sail through a day like this. Certain days for SAHM are nothing less than whirlpools, tackling scenarios like magic, which, in fact, often goes unnoticed. Yet, is it right to assume that SAHMs don’t get stressed?

4.   It’s ok if the men do not share the load

Why do men get a free pass when at home? Why can men when at home after work, sit and do nothing? Keeping the house together a dual responsibility and every ‘man of the house’ must share the load off his spouse. After all, he is the better-HALF!

5.   Freelance job is a cup of tea for SAHM

Trust me, when I say this. Working as a freelancer when you’re a mom, is like walking on fire. Each time when I think it’s time I can heed my work without getting disturbed, my little one crops up, with some silly question, he’s hurt, which I can’t even see, or he wants you to watch the rhymes with him. A SAHM can never even block herself from home and yet work at home.


Has the journey of being a SAHM been easy for you? Let us know in the comments!




Rashi Mital, 31, is a freelance writer and mother of a two feet bundle-of-joy. She believes in taking charge of your life if you want to change it, or someone else will. Driving is her stressbuster, she loves speed and takes pride in her driving skills. She is an avid reader and a cup of coffee with a book is her idea of the perfect 'ME Time’. Writing is her passion and she writes her heart out at her blog called Live It Young, which is her second voice.

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