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Have you had a look around SiyaWoman? What did you think? Does it make you want to share your own experiences with other women? To say, “Exactly! That’s what I’ve always thought!” Or, “You’ve got it all wrong, let me tell you what I think!”

We’d love to hear from you, whichever group you belong to. Write for us, and have your pieces read by fellow-women everywhere*. But before you do, please read this to make sure we are on the same page.

SiyaWoman is fastidious about the kind of content it publishes.

We are keen on having content that is constructive. If any writer brings up an issue, it is always desirable if she can also, based on her own experience, provide ways to address said problem. If that’s not possible, have no fear, we will find people who do.

We would like to keep the tone of the site positive and upbeat. This does not mean that we don’t concern ourselves with the ills of society, but that we try to be pro-active, constructive and above all humorous (as far as it is appropriate, of course) while we address them. We find that however grim things look; a little laughter always makes things a tad bit better.

SiyaWoman is all about bringing out the individual experiences of every woman. It is meant to showcase how varied our lives are — how different most of us are from the few stereotypes that have been fixed for us. To this end, we encourage our writers to be fearless in expressing themselves. There is an option to write anonymously, and that confidentiality will be completely respected. That said, we will never entertain racist, communal, ‘casteist’ or any other bigoted opinions.

We have set a word limit of 500 words, plus or minus a 100 words for every piece. We are committed to providing crisp, to-the-point and entertaining text, and the word limit plays a crucial role in this.

Most importantly, we hope you enjoy writing for us, because that’s what this platform is all about! Feel free to write about anything that catches your fancy. We have just opened up our site to poetry and fiction. The world is keen to hear about interesting, unusual women and their life experiences.

Happy writing!

Once you’re done writing something spectacular please send it to with the subject line ‘Article Submission: [Name of Article]’.

*We would like to let you know that we are a site run on user-generated content, and so do not provide monetary payment for your submissions.







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