Saving and Shopping Dilemmas

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Krishani Khound

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My husband took me shopping the other day. Ladies, don’t go “aaww”. It was my birthday, and he forgot to wish me, let alone order a cake or buy a gift. He had to pay the price of his ignorance. Best way to do that is take him shopping and loot him.

He trailed behind me for two hours hopping shops, malls and showrooms.  From clothes and shoes to bags; from watches to glasses, I explored every femme zone with the man, my convict. But, I didn’t buy a thing. Yes, you heard it right. On our way back home he said, “That’s why I don’t like shopping. You basically waste time doing nothing.” I couldn’t deny the truth of this and took pity on him for a moment. Then, the feeling was gone when I remembered he forgot my Birthday. He deserved every minute of those two hours.

Am I choosy? Were the shops out of stock? Didn’t I like anything? Were the collections not according to my taste? The answers to all this self-questioning was a big and confident, “No”. Then why did I not buy anything? It is a simple mathematical calculation that only a woman’s brain can understand. There were no sales in the shops or offers in the store. How can I waste my husband’s hard-earned money buying something at the original MRP? See, I took the decision keeping him in mind, though he didn’t seem grateful. We women always think of others first and make sacrifices for the family’s well-being. It is our inherent nature to act “mahaan” in every aspect of life.

Now, sitting at home with no birthday cake or gift I begin to feel self-pity again. Self-pity is stage one. Stage two is self-analysis. When I have enough time on my hands, this is what I do.  I realised that being brought up by a sarkari middle class family and married to a sarkari middle class man, I can’t bring myself to buy a non-discounted or a too expensive (there is a fine line between expensive and too expensive) product. Moreover, the brands have spoiled us down the years by giving shoppers hefty discounts and the online shopping sites vomit discounts like Sale Monsters. These websites behave like grandmothers, who always spoil you only for your own good. Stage three is self acknowledgement. When I know I made the right shopping decision defeating temptations served by the big consumer brands; I feel like the proud three hundred Spartans who won the Battle of Thermopylae. I experienced such a proud moment on my birthday, when I spotted a kurta I’d bought a few months ago on discount, now hanging in the brand store at original price (Yes! I saved five hundred rupees).

Now the time has come to reward myself for making the sacrifice and saving money. I will buy two or three products for the amount that was fixed as my birthday budget; instead of the sole, unattractive offer I could have availed earlier.

Here I would like to make a ‘thank you’ speech. One lady has for ages been inspiring me and many middle class ladies in making smart shopping choices and decisions. She has bravely faced her mother-in-law’s remarks for craving products on sale. She was unperturbed by the classy and expensive picks of other women. She was the iconic middle class woman. She is Monisha Sarabhai of Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai. Every time I have to make an important purchasing decision I ask myself, “Would Monisha have bought it?” If and only if, I hear ‘Yes’ (in my head), I go for it.

Monisha Sarabhai, thank you for being my guiding angel in the ever-important activities of Shopping and Saving!




I am Krishani Khound, an optimist and a coffee lover. Once upon a time, I was a popular Radio Jockey in Guwahati, Assam. Following marriage, I followed Angshuman to the quite little Duliajan, for I idolize Ruskin Bond’s small town life and happiness. I have books to treasure, plants to leisure, calories I do not measure, journeys to enrapture and writing to pleasure. We make memories with them for the sake of old age nostalgia.

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