Romance blooms in the Rain

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Nandita Ghosh

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Twenty-six-year-old Neha had just started enjoying her life, living abroad with friends and working with one of the best software companies in the country.

Having had many boys as friends and colleagues all through her college and work-life, she thought she had a clear list of requirements expectations from the guy she would like to spend her life with. But, she did not know who that person would be.

Neha’s parents would send her proposals and she would shortlist the ones to meet.

Neha’s male colleagues loved to listen to her stories of meeting guys and get lessons on what they should and shouldn’t do, just in case they ever had to similarly go to meet a girl for matrimonial purposes.

One of the potential partners that Neha met was when she was abroad. The guy was studying Masters there.

He called her and asked her to meet at the temple. Neha felt that to be weird. “Why temple? You want to immediately marry me, if I say yes?”, she joked.

She convinced him to meet at some nearby coffee shop.

In the coffee shop, the potential suitor did not drink or eat anything. It was clear that being a student, he was conscious of the high price of a cup of coffee and did not feel comfortable with what he termed as an extravagance.

Neha rejected this alliance outright, but still he pursued for days together to know the reason for rejection. Finally, Neha had to tell him blankly that she did not think they were the right fit since they were in different stages of life.

Next in the line of suitors was a guy she met in a coffee shop in Mumbai. The guy’s mental image of an ideal wife was someone who¬†wouldn’t¬†get angry at all. A shocked Neha asked, ‚ÄúDo you want a real girl or you are ready for an idol as well?”

One such person came from Chennai to meet Neha. They decided to meet in a restaurant and the guy’s first question was “What colour¬†for¬†car do you like? “

Neha was quite amused. “I like red”, she said.¬†He said, “I would like to buy¬†a red¬†car for you. After marriage we will sit in the front seat of the car and my parents in the back seat”.

Neha got an earful from her mother this time, for rejecting this seemingly perfect one.

Having totally given up on hopes of getting the ideal man Neha was looking for, she completely stopped meeting suitors. Her parents tried their best to convince her, but their efforts went in vain.

One day Neha was pleasantly surprised when Shyam called her. He told her that he got the number from her sister and would like to meet her. The following Sunday evening at Barton centre in Bangalore was agreed as the meeting point.

Sunday afternoon, as she was about to reach, it started drizzling and then raining heavily. Bangalore rains were always known to be unpredictable.

As she opened her umbrella and walked towards the Barton centre, she saw a guy smiling at her and sheinstantly felt that this was her guy.

Shyam greeted her as she apologized for being late. He politely said, ” I was not too early either.”

As the rain started pouring heavily, Neha suggested to get inside a super market, where they took shelter from rain.

Neha was very happy to go¬†to¬†her favourite cosmetic section of the store. As she was almost lost in window shopping, she asked, “what’s your favourite section?”

Shyam looked amused. He looked around and said, “Mid section”.

Both laughed and he said jokingly, “I never knew someone could have a favourite section in a super market .” Neha blushed.

As it was only drizzling now, Shyam suggested to walk further down M. G Road.

At the corner was a Bengali sweets’ store. Neha was so happy to see it.

They went in and Neha ordered a cup of tea for herself. Shyam ordered samosas and hesitatingly a cup of tea as well.

Neha noticed that Shyam sipped his tea like sipping whisky. She finished her cup and ordered another.

As Neha¬†enjoyed¬†her second cup of tea with ras malai, Shyam said, “From my side, it is a ‚Äö‚ÄėYes‚Äė. I like you and would like to marry you.”

Neha was surprised and for the first time she was not sure what to answer. She liked him too. She just smiled.

It was time to go back. Shyam offered to drop her home on his bike as it was still raining.

Neha agreed. For two people, vaguely attracted to each other, though not in love, or may be, it was a romantic drive through the Bangalore roads, soaking them as well as their souls in this new feeling that they felt for each other.

Neha invited him for tea as they reached home. Shyam smiled and said Next time may be. 

As he started his bike, Neha came closer to him and whispered in his ears,¬†It’s yes from me too.

Shyam kicked the bike to start and drove away, singing in rain.

She spent the rest of the evening, thinking about this man, who just swept her off her feet.¬†In the silence of her room, hearing the sound of pitter-patter on the roof, Neha wondered if it was God’s will to make this meeting so romantic.¬†She did not know¬†then¬†whether he would be the life partner she wanted,¬†but she for sure knew in her heart,¬†that this was her man.




Nandita Ghosh works as a Software Engineer and is the proud mother of a young, talented daughter. She currently lives in Germany. Her passions include writing, painting and travelling. She loves to write poems as well as prose about the small joys of day-to-day life. If interested, please follow her on:

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