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I love travelling – any time of the year, with any number of people that can fit into the car! I pack in half an hour and am ready to chug along.

Like most women, I hate the thought of having to pack for my unpredictable menstrual cycles, or limiting water intake to avoid public restrooms.

I found two solutions that I MUST tell you about. The feeling is almost like what women’s lib activists must have experienced when they scampered around burning their bras! (Never really understood THAT action, but the ecstasy is mirrored).

These two magical things are the menstrual cup and the ‘she wee’.

The first time I heard about the menstrual cup was when a very stern gynecologist cum social activist was lecturing me on what a non-eco-friendly person I was. On being coldly told off to ‘go look up the Internet’, I scurried back home and promptly bought it online after some research.

After attempts at trying out this alien contraption by following the directions on the carton, I wisely searched ‘Youtube land’, and landed the ‘art of wearing a menstrual cup’. I think it is one of those amazing creations, that can be summed up by the slogan of the old ad ‘fill it, shut it, forget it!’. You don’t even need to dispose this off and it can be used up to 10 years. No sterilization needed too! Just soap and water does the trick, and it’s easy and undetectable to carry along.

However, I did face a few mishaps while trying to get comfortable with this. For one, the stem of the cup has to be trimmed down to what is convenient for your anatomy. The stem otherwise has a tendency to jab your soft insides. Once I was walking down to the grocery store with great gusto and my 4 year old in tow. All of a sudden, I sneezed and the force displaced the cup internally. With the stem of the cup evilly lashing out, I tried to look normal and regaled my son with my apparently ’pretend’ duck walk (and pout!), all the while trying not to wince, and eliminated everything that could slow down my retreat home.

Thankfully I did not allow my ‘size or age ego’ to be hurt while buying the size (the pack does say ‘big women’! And ‘30 plus’). I am one of those who has an enlarged passageway, so much so that I often think my devilish daughter chewed her way through the muscles (yes —blame it on the kids! J). Had I allowed my ego to be boss, I would have the cup slipping at every hop, skip and jump!

Another interesting one – the ‘She wee’. It’s for all those women who crib about why men get to pee wherever they want, or how we have to put up with unhygienic toilets, or even how it is just cool to stand inside your tent and have a contest on whose pee lands farthest.

I first tried this out when I went to Kilimanjaro with a friend. I got this version from the UK. It is like a small funnel and a pipe attached to the narrow end (now don’t try make your own contraption!). Like my menstrual cup, it is reusable and long lived, and the wash-and-pack along types. It also came with a pretty little pouch. As we started to hit sub 10 degrees temperatures, we got increasingly lazy about walking to the restroom in the middle of the night. So, my friend devised a system of keeping all her empty Pepsi bottles, into which she peed at night without getting out of her sleeping bag, and  ensured she disposed it off in the morning prior to my getting up. (Phew!!).

It has a long pipe – so once you own one, you can compete with your male partner on that pee trajectory!

If you are cringing at the thought of washing and putting your pee pipe back in your bag, there is good news! We found a disposable version of this online.

Shh — let this be a secret, else people will avoid shaking hands with you, just as we avoid shaking hands with the men who have just come out from the loo! If you’re not good at secrets, funky hand sanitizers can allay those fears too.




Lakshmi Ananthamurthy, almost 40, is the founder and CEO of Siya. She is the Jack-of-all-trades, master of none and has dabbled in Music, Travel, Reading, Sudoku while working in senior level corporate positions across the globe. She is the mother of two young children, who keep her active but not enough to help her lose her baby weight. She tries hard to not take herself too seriously, and is seriously working at it.

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