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Premila Naidu

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When people ask me “What ? You are going to Goa? How many times will you go there?!” This is actually more hurtful than the usual questions from my extremely concerned relatives. Anyway, I think I will be travelling to Goa on regular basis until I can finally settle down there. Yup life’s ambitions are sometimes nothing to do with career or family or anything sensible for that matter.
Why do I go so often ….? Bangalore to Goa is cheap, and fortunately so is Goa to Bangalore. During off peak seasons, it’s more cheaper and if you book earlier it’s the cheapest. For a person like me who has been chronically suffering from the ‘restless soul’ syndrome,  with an additional symptom of being excessively obsessively in love with beach, cheap travel plans are a bare necessity. Additionally, I use all my credit card points on travel.
My son loves the beach and more importantly eats every living thing that swims in it.
For a mother, whose son solely survives on the energy from some extra-terrestrials and doesn’t touch the food we mere humans eat, its an absolute joy to see him bingeing on seafood.
I love the beach and to ride the rental bikes there.
The rental bikes, especially Royal Enfields, are like priceless pieces in the Museum. It’s just that we are yet to unravel the history of those bikes. No one knows how many people from different states or even different countries have ridden the bike. If someone could scrape the DNA samples  off the bike handles, I am sure they will be able create whole human gene pool. (I have to agree I have a weird thought processing unit). The point of the matter is with this kind of use and abuse, mutant version of the bikes are created, which teach you to ride under any circumstances, brakes are almost always weak, headlights are a luxury and a single bike can make sound equivalent to at least 10 bikes. If you have any dislocated bones, a ride on this bike is all you need.
The joy of riding these bikes on the lazy lanes of Goa (especially  the North of North Goa, which I have visited 6 times in the past 2 years), is priceless. Even during peak seasons these beaches are relatively less crowded.
Hubby dear loves the beaches, bikes and beer.(I am hoping his list ends there!)
Anytime is a good time to go to Goa, even if its peak summer.
After a few drinks the climate feels cooler, and the trip, even in this climate, makes perfect sense. So, if you are a ‘no alcohol’ (or any other addiction) type of a person, or unfortunately if you are a ‘sane’ person, then my dear friend, summer may not be the right time for you.
I have come to realise with age and maturity that I may be having 2 or more types of people living inside of me.
At one extreme I love the clean serene peaceful beaches and then there comes a time when I just want to soak myself in the chaotic mess of an extremely commercialised Goa, like Calagute and Baga. I shop at their streets, just to sharpen and upgrade my bargaining skills, have a li’ll chit chat with the locals, just walk down the colourful lanes or may be dine at a club with all different kinds of music playing on the background. For people like me the North of North Goa is the best.
The beaches like Morjim, Ashvem, Arambol, Mandrem and Querim are where I have done my indepth research on Goa-logy. I have even visited the one and only hospital in that area (Galaxy hospital at Mapusa), thanks to my son who decided to dive outside the pool instead of inside it!
We had to take him to the hospital in the Rented Royal Enfield. The receptionist there said,” Hmm let me check with the emergency Doctor if she will see your son.” And my thoughts were,”Why wouldn’t a Doctor in the emergency see my kid or any kid for that matter!” I know he and rest of my family could be a part of devious plan to destroy the sanity of people but she doesn’t. She did see my
son finally and chased us away with some bandage.

By the way anyone needs any inputs on the North of North Goa .. please do let me know. The places to stay (INR 3k to 5k per day kind of places), places to eat, beaches and even the hospital.

There is so much more to see, the interiors, unventured churches and may be the city. And next on my list is South Goa …. Anyone with any inputs there?




I am a Pediatric dentist running the first ever exclusive dental clinic for children in Bangalore called Smallbites. A restless soul by nature who has recently started a photography company called sugar and spice. I am living with 3 boys, 5 year old son, a never growing up husband and a boxer called copper who thinks he is a human. Yes, it may come as a shock but I love my family.

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