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Vidya Prasad

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It is a weird, ‘never before’ feeling that just takes you by surprise.

When it sets in, the world around you simply becomes a different place. It starts with a sudden churn in your stomach, very similar to the one we all experience when the examiner starts distributing the question paper. Your senses take a back seat and the thick dark clouds sweep your mind. Your mind says just let the clouds pass. But no, the heart holds on to them and weeps like a newborn. Tears become your closest buddies. They appear from nowhere and anywhere.

The mind asks the heart, what is worrying you? And, the heart simply replies, you can’t imagine the pain – the pain of the unknown.

That’s how I believe is the state of depression.

Someone said depression is very different from being sad. And, it is. Sadness dawns on you while depression engulfs you. You are in complete control of your sadness while depression is often in control of you. The statistics tell a compelling story. More than 151 million people worldwide, according to the Centre for Brain Health, are affected by depression. Most cases are not identified at the right time, leading to memory loss. Or even worse, death – typically suicide. 

Easier said than done; it’s often you who can help yourself cure your broken mind.

The support of your loved ones plays a big role, but it’s sad to see how often loved ones simply sound it off as a phase of life and spout generic solutions like, things will be fine soon – don’t worry!” Many of them are more concerned over connecting the dots of why one is depressed than to pull them out of it. The ones who wear the shoe and feel its bite know that it’s not about how soon or how late. It’s about battling the perception of the why and the how.

It’s very important we realize that depressed minds need an empathetic and patient listener. They need someone who can lend their shoulders to clueless tears and fears without judgment. They need pampering and continuous attention more than a social agenda. Most of all, they need no advice or solace of how things are better or will get better. All they need is an understanding heart to tackle their unknown fears and tears.

I repeat, I need no advice. Just look into my eyes and feel my empty heart filled with unknown fears.




An idealist by nature, I am a person full of dreams, passion and love! Apart from being a mom and a wife, I am also a Corporate Communications lead for a global ITES company based out of Mumbai. As a part of my profession I do write a lot at work but being able to pen your deep thoughts and share it with a similar mindset group is a different high altogether. In my free time (which is quite rare these days) I like to write, read, do nature photography (on I phone - not a pro) and go for nature walks.

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