My first love, my Superman

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Amrita Kolay

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It all started with a very confusing day. A moment ago I was floating in my dreams, and suddenly felt a painful jolt. Few minutes later, as the pain in my body increased, I thought this was the end of my life. When the pain reached its peak, I lost all hope and was about to give up my life, but suddenly someone’s hand gripped my head and that person made an effort to pull me. Though the pain continued, but moving out of the pit appeared to be the only option for my survival. So wasting no time, with all my strength I pushed myself down. The commotion continued but neither me nor that person lost faith, we both tried and finally I was pulled out of my misery.


At first, I was clueless about my whereabouts as everything was hazy. My brain was active, so it started to gather details of the images around me so as to give me a clear picture of the surrounding. After a few hours, I got my eyesight back and I saw a huge figure approaching me. This was not what I had expected to see, but I was ready to fight whoever it may be. My body was equipped to raise terror alarm in case of an emergency, so wasting no time, my internal reflex signalled the appropriate nerve and I started to cry; at that point of time this was the maximum that I could manage.


As the figure came closer, it became quite evident that my alarm was a big failure. Cursing my failure, I watched the figure as he lifted me up. Honestly, it did feel good initially, soft and warm, but I did not switch off my natural alarm. After reaching close enough, I saw him for the first time, eyes sparkling with love and care, there were soft lines and curves all over his face and corner of his lips were trying to reach up to his eyes. I was mesmerized by his looks and wondered how a person can carry so much love in his eyes. I felt as if strings of my heart were attached to him. My alarm automatically turned off and I got lost in his love. Then, he pressed his lips against my forehead. Though I was just born, but I could tell back then that it was the best kiss one could ever have. Finally, he came closer and whispered in my ear “I will never let you cry again, my sweetheart, my love, my baby”.


True as a man, after two decades my father has still kept his promise, good or bad he always stood by my side, be it my monstrous dream of tigers eating me or live dogs chasing the hell out of me, he protected me from all. All these years, I haven’t felt alone even for a moment. He pushed me to challenge myself everytime and stuck around like an invisible protective mask. One drop of tear from my eye and he would shake everybody up who is responsible. I have left no stone unturned to utilize this lifetime valid promise and blackmail my mother and elder brother.


I never saw him care about his dreams, I was his only priority. I used to see his friends making fun of him when he made excuses to not go to any fancy restaurants, vacations or any places that cost a lot of money. Merely a child back then, I always thought that my dad was the world’s greatest miser; little did I know my Barbie set, new colourful frocks, colour books, soft bed, matching sheets, light emitting shoes and much more came with a cost, which he paid. As a child, I always used to wonder as to why my father wore only two pairs of shirt. He never purchased anything from a branded store, the reason he gave me back then that those are shops owned by bad people. Little did I know back then that he was sacrificing his dreams, luxury and comfort to raise me up like a Princess!


Time flew by and we completed one generation. I am an adult now and he is old. Soon, I will get married and my permanent address would change forever. I am not quite sure what my married life holds for me, but I am absolutely sure of one thing that long back a man had made a promise to a little girl and he kept it, this is what matters to me. If I know what Love is, it’s because of Him. He is not the only guy in the universe, but he’s the only one that matters the most to me.




While pursuing my graduation in electronics and communication, I realized my life had nothing to do with why AC (Alternating Current) was passing DC (Direct Current) or why we had to turn into Aryabhata to answer which resistor or capacitor would fit in place. In the final semester, programming of Microcontroller introduced itself and our brief meeting was more than enough to kill the budding engineer in me. So after completing my graduation, I took writing as a full-time job. Of course, the transition was not easy and after 5 years of continuing in this field, I still encounter the question “Why did you choose to become a clerk after engineering” (I can be seen typing/writing/working all day). Over the years, I have tried my hand at various genres of writing such as Resume Writing, Blogging, Story Writing and Content/Website Profile Writing. Extracting the key points from a person's job profile and writing an impactful story in the form of a resume has always been my major area of Interest. So far I have worked for Top notch clients who were associated with big giants such as Google, Facebook, Walt Disney, IBM, Microsoft etc. Each day is a new stepping stone of learning, so I would call myself a truly passionate writer, who is keen to pour her heart out and let the rhythm of my words dance in sync with the readers.

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