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Sometimes, we are very confused by big words, that take away from the essence of said activity in real life. Like, financial planning. It seems like a very big term, but isn’t that what we do essentially as masters of both our homes and boardrooms? I was reminded of this little mind boggling, soul uplifting fact recently when I was travelling from London to Chennai. I draped myself carefully in one of my favorite Mysore crepe silk sarees that my father lovingly brought me in 1997. While I saw the other passengers of all nationalities look at me with awe and admiration, I trotted around like a proud hen.

When it was my turn to go through the security scanners, the scanners started to beep like Christmas lights on steroids. If you have been through one of those recent high tech ones, they make you stand in the most bizarre poses – with hands and legs spread out like a silhouette of Donald duck that just crashed through a wall chasing Chip and Dale. When I was walking through with my face flushed red with embarrassment, the very kind and smiling British lady officer asked me if I had any hidden purses in my blouse or my petticoat. And lo! It brought back memories of my grandmother, who would always produce bundles of notes from the most unexpected of places and give me a gift to take back home.

When I passed through security, the lady showed me the picture that the screen showed – all in gold that would have shamed Bappi Lahiri into poverty! Looking at my flabbergasted expression, she explained that the scanner would show the colors of the metal that my body housed. That’s when I realized that I beeped like crazy because my saree had gold strands woven into it – like a true Mysore crepe silk saree! She kindly advised – this is a beautiful saree, but not for airports! Over the next 9 hours of my flight, I thought of all the ways women across generations and continents have been smart financial planners. From buying valuable high quality silk sarees, to gold ornaments, to tucking away the 10’s and 50’s for a rainy day, they have all been great financial planners thinking far ahead planning for a rebellion son, or educating the interested daughter, or even the dreaded dowry, irrespective of how formally educated they were.

Without any doubt, financial independence gives a person the ability to take risks, be independent and take on life with confidence.

As the times progress, women have started to venture out more into the outside world. We travel more, are more educated than our older counterparts. But have we become more financially savvy? Or have our grandmothers been much smarter than we merit them for?

SiyaWoman, in association with Kuvera, brings you the ultimate personal finance quiz. Take this financial savviness test and see how ready you are to be financially independent!

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Lakshmi Ananthamurthy, almost 40, is the founder and CEO of Siya. She is the Jack-of-all-trades, master of none and has dabbled in Music, Travel, Reading, Sudoku while working in senior level corporate positions across the globe. She is the mother of two young children, who keep her active but not enough to help her lose her baby weight. She tries hard to not take herself too seriously, and is seriously working at it.

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