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Some hearts understand each other, even in silence” – probably this goes from a mother to another. No one understands a mother better than another mother. Here is a story about one such mother, who went out of her way to help the ‘mother of all mothers’, our very own Mother Nature.

Manvel Alur is a well-known name in the City of Gardens, when it comes to working on environmental issues and programs. The growing population and pollution in Bangalore is gradually taking away the charm of the city.

After completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science from Bangalore and Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies from Aberdeen University, Scotland, Manvel chose to work with a few research institutes and an NGO. But, her dedication and expertise were awaited somewhere else. She came back to India in 2002 and decided to start something of her own, something to help Mother Nature.

She saw so many issues and problems around her, mostly ignored by the rest. There was so much that we took from Mother Nature, but so less we gave in return. One fine day, she decided that our environment, our Nature needs our HELP. The air we breathe in, the water we consume the natural resources we exhaust- cannot be at the mercy of humans to waste and ignore. We need to preserve it for our generation and the ones to come. Everybody is aware, just that no one cared.

Manvel believed in ‘Environment Matters’ and with this mission in mind, she started EnSYDE (Enviromental Synergies in Development). Apart from the duties as a wife and a mother, she took up this task of a responsible citizen.

EnSYDE is working towards bringing a change in the society at large, “Working extensively on the ground to sensitize citizens on issues and solutions. Above and beyond also that it’s their responsibility to both address issues and the solutions.”

Manvel’s work is not easy because at some point, it deals with changing the mindset of people and motivating them for a CHANGE, which can be the most difficult part.

She says that, “I find it hard to deal with people who are false and embrace environmental issues for the fad.”

We owe a lot to Mother Nature and she always nurtures her children through good and bad times. So, like we love and care for our mothers at home, we need to care for her too. Else, one day, that protective umbrella under which we all survive in will collapse forever. And, kudos to this mother, who is working day and night to make us aware, shows us the real problems and teaches us how to help our environment thrive and prosper. The healthier the environment, the better a place it will be for us.

Manvel firmly believes that, “No work is greater than the cause; be humble about true achievements and keep those to guide you to just do better.”

We keep saying that ‘we need to care for our environment’, but we seldom do. This is an inspiring story about a woman, who decided to ‘walk the talk’, and make a difference.

This is just the beginning, are you ready to walk with her till the end?




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