Maya and me- Part 1

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Vedika Srivastava

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“What the hell is going on between my husband and that b****?” Maya’s patience was at its lowest ebb and she was ready to burst.

Sanjay knew that she was serious. “Look, Maya. There is nothing going on between the two of them. Just a little bit of healthy flirting, I’d say.”

“Flirting? Healthy flirting? Really, Sanjay . . .” she rolled her eyes in disgust. “That’s what you men call it? There is nothing healthy about flirting, Sanjay, not for a married man.”

Healthy flirting is a term introduced by perverted men who want to lend legitimacy to their extramarital dalliances. Flirting invariably has a sexual connotation to it. She got up from her seat and walked around the room gesticulating and muttering something to herself. Suddenly she stopped, turned back, looked at Sanjay and asked, “Did my husband sleep with her? You are his friend. Did he ever tell you anything about it?”

The door bell rang as my daily soap ended for the day. I switched off the television but Maya and Sanjay occupied my mind. My husband entered home after a long day of work but his tiredness left him when our four-year-old daughter rushed to be in his arms.

As I laid the table for dinner, I could hear the adorable conversation of my daughter with him. He then went for a shower. Maya and her trauma of dealing with the extramarital affair of her husband giving ideas to me, I picked up my husband’s shirt from the basket for laundry and inspected it carefully. To my amazement and disbelief, a lipstick mark near the collar caught my attention. A faint smell of ladies perfume entered my nostrils and I smelled an extramarital affair link to my husband. The smell seemed very familiar to me but I could not recall where I had felt it before. I thought it could be from some official family dinner where his female colleagues had greeted me but further investigation was indeed required.

As I was preparing my detective plan, I heard the bathroom door being unlocked which made me rush and hide the shirt in my closet. At dinner, my husband inquired the reason for my unusual quietness but I managed to divert the topic successfully.

I struggled for sleep tonight as my mind was not at peace today. But with the sunshine creeping in, my busy morning chores freed my mind for sometime from the extramarital thoughts which had gripped me constantly from the time Maya seemed to be in a piteous situation. I dressed my daughter for school, fed her a sumptuous breakfast, packed her lunch and waved at her as she boarded her school bus. I then dealt with my maid for sometime, who received unusual berating from me today. My husband, sensing me to be a little disturbed, kept inquiring about the issue, delayed his start time for work as well, but I left him unanswered as he finally made his way for the office.

Left alone now, I took out the shirt from the closet and went deep into thoughts. It was more than six years now that I had been married to him and never had I felt that he could, forget doing, even think of cheating me. We were a couple, people just looked up to, and compliment us to be made for each other and perfect together. He had planned and celebrated all our anniversaries with utmost care and love that had just strengthened our bond and made my belief that he was my hero and my love for him even stronger. Four years back, we were blessed with an angel to complete us. The perfection could not be defined in a better way. Happiness, chuckles, innocence filled our home. Playing the role of parents to our little one brought us even closer as we named our loved one Hridaanshi – a part of our heart.

The thought of my daughter brought me back into the present as I checked my watch. It was late. I rushed to receive my daughter. The school bus had arrived and for the first time, I was late to pick her up. No wonder, it was the first time that I was probably being cheated upon as well.




Vedika is an IT professional. A working mother, who feels that writing is a great stress buster and hence pens down her thoughts whenever she finds time to do so. Life is the best teacher and teaches great lessons, so her words are generally the reflection of her own experiences. Music and gardening are the other two pleasures she rates on par with writing and indulges in them as much as possible. Being a woman has always given her pride and satisfaction, and even more so now that she is part of the 'SiyaWoman' family.

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