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Runali Basak

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Wherever you go, whatever you do

I will be right here, waiting for you ….

As a young adult, these lines from Richard Marx used to transport me into a dream world where a prince charming on his white horse kept smiling at me romantically. How I would keep playing that particular side of the cassette (those were the days when CD’s were not born) again and again.

Many years have passed by since then. Today on a trip down the memory lane I play the songs for my children. They are retro songs for them, but I still love them. Retro or modern music and art, I feel, are closer to the concept of association with the moment that we cherish, we miss and those that have made us happy or may be sad and nostalgic. However, of late, I have developed a third dimension towards our love for a song or a work of art.

Here, I would like to share my biggest weakness- it’s not my love for my children. It is the security and joy that the sight of my maid present in my home.

She has the good habit of informing me in advance as and when she wishes to go on leave. The reason mostly happens to be a much needed break from her mundane routine. And this good habit makes its presence felt almost every alternative week.

Just 10 days ago, adhering to her good habit, she informed me that she had developed cataract in one of her eye and that the doctor had advised immediate surgery. That afternoon, she skipped the 2nd half of her duty (which in any case is a regular affair) for the various pathological tests and the search for a hospital that would perform this operation at a minimal or no charge.

The day finally arrived. She uttered the magical line- ‘I won’t be able to come for work for nearly a fortnight. But don’t worry, I will leave a replacement for you.’

I stood at the door, waving her goodbye as she left.

Days went by but no replacement was present in the vicinity of my house.

The wait was incredibly painful. It was sadder than missing your beloved. The only words that flashed across my mind were –

Wherever you go, whatever you do

I shall be right here, waiting for you…




Runali is a multi lingual person with knowledge of English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, making her multi cultural too. Her hobbies are writing, teaching, watching movies and listening to music. She believe that the most difficult thing to achieve in life is simplicity. She also endorses the fact that if you can make at least one person smile, it's a great feat.

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