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It wasn’t something I would normally choose. I had in fact entered the mall with a totally different agenda. I needed a walk to clear my head and also get a gift for my son’s friend’s upcoming birthday party. I got the gift and on my way out, couldn’t resist glancing at the accessories section. And there it was. The ‘M’ necklace. A chain with a lovely pendant with my initial, studded with glittering stones. I just fingered it and thought I would try it. Will it look silly? Too teenager-ish? I mean, I have a son who’ll be a teen in a couple of years! What will he say?

Lately, that’s been weighing on my mind too. Being judged by your growing son. The walk was actually a by-product of one such judgement passed a few days back. It was said casually, but middle-aged women (did I just call myself that?) can be trés touchy.  All he said was how lucky I was to be on vacation all the time. Vacation, huh! That was news to me. After working in IT for 14 years, I gave up a very satisfying (read stressful) job to take care of family. The manager-to-maid transition (yes, mine!) was a slow process; but now I consider myself an expert. I can name almost all my neighbours on the same floor, I know the price of every grocery item, and have the supermarket on speed dial. But I’m digressing. There are times when you feel that you’ve made a sacrifice of a fruitful career to do (a kind of) a thankless job. Especially since my son feels I do nothing significant at home when he’s away and nag him to study when he’s around.

So with these thoughts, and feeling a little sorry for myself, I had attacked that mall with a vengeance. They say retail therapy works, so why not try it out, I thought. So back to the ‘M’ necklace. After much deliberation, I put it in my shopping bag and decided to brave any comments thereafter. I came home, just in time to meet my son’s school bus. I got busy with the usual, asking him a thousand questions about school while I fixed him something to eat. I completely forgot about the bag I had dumped on the dining table. He happened to notice it almost immediately and asked me where I had been. I just told him I had been to the mall to buy the gift. ”Oh let me see. Let me see!”, he said, all excited, and grabbed the bag; only for the necklace to fall out. I didn’t really want to reveal my personal shopping just yet; but now that he had seen it, I falteringly asked him what he thought of it. I expected an answer to the tune of ‘It’s OK’ or ‘Are you going to wear THAT?’ Instead he said, ‘Oh nice. It will suit you because it means ‘M’ for ‘Mads’, ‘M’ for mom, ‘M’ for musical and ‘M’ for marvelous. All the things that you are!’

That one statement just floored me.

OK, so I may be doing a job which, at times, feels thankless; but my son thinks I’m MARVELOUS! I was on top of the world. That one brief conversation made me look at my life from a totally different perspective. After all, life is all about how you look at it and counting your blessings.

Oh and of course, retail therapy!




Madhavi Ochani (nee Chandanapurkar) is the mother of a ten-ager(currently 10 but already going on 18) and relishes the challenge with gusto. An engineer by profession, she’s worked with some top IT MNC’s for a decade and a half before taking an early retirement from working outside the home. She used to consider herself a hopeless romantic by birth until ofcourse marriage cured her of that malady. Marathon reader, crossword-solver and fitness enthusiast on weekdays, she totally transforms herself on weekends into a binge serial watcher( Game of Thrones, SUITS, House of Cards) and food critic (external to her own kitchen naturally). A huge fan of laugh riots like P. G. Wodehouse, F.R.I.E.N.D.S and SEINFELD, she tries to find humour in everyday life situations and sometimes writes about it.

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