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Editor’s note: Aru’s poem, Laughter and Tears was about the mother-daughter relationship. She had called Dr Shubhangi early on the morning of a competition saying she had a writer’s block and did not know what to write about for the theme they were given ‘Laughter and Tears’. Dr Shubhangi suggested “Aru..write about a mommy-daughter relationship, write about us. There is a lot of laughter there and also tears..”. This is a dedication to the lovely mother-daughter relationship in Aru’s words.

You told me that life has it’s highs and lows,

It’s not a smooth path we pave,

It’s like the mountains tall and the valleys below,

Like the crest and trough of the ocean wave.


You told me I’d meet with tears

As I’d fight to jump every boulder,

But you also said that I would have no fear,

If I stay with the music of my laughter.


You told me your story, how through that night of pain

You tried to picture my “unknown features”

And the sea of hurt was not in vain,

When you held me, your baby daughter.

You spoke of the day I took my first step,

You clapped with delight to watch me fumble

And the laughter turned to tears of mirth

As I bumped my head when I took a tumble.


You spoke of how you watched me grow

With dreams dancing in my eyes

I saw mostly the laughter, the tears didn;t show

Until the day we first said bye.


When I left for college, a whole new world

You came with me until the threshold.

Your smile was brave, it was stuck to your face

You did not let me see your tears unfold.

But I know you broke down without a sound

The moment the car turned round the bend

You looked back to see how far I had come


This new beginning at the end of an end.

You saw me in a white coat

The day I wrote my name after “Doctor”

Your tears were proud on that evening

But prouder still was your laughter.


And then there came a day

When you knew you’d have to let go

When he came to take me away

I wanted to cling to you so!


That was the day I forged another bond

And looked for my “happily-ever-after”

The salt of our bitter-sweet tears

Mingled with the chime of our laughter.


And now life’s come to a full circle ma,

With a balance of tears and laughter

For now, it is I who laugh and cry

As I hold my baby daughter…


3rd place: Parva Festival, SDUMC, Kolar

23rd September 2010

Age: 20 Years




The Arundhati Foundation is a private, non-profit foundation started by Dr Shubhangi Sanjay Tambwekar and Mr Sanjay Achyut Tambwekar in the memory of their daughter Dr. Arundhati Sanjay Tambwekar who passed away in a gruesome road-traffic accident in Vellore on the morning of the 9th September 2014. Arundhati was on the way to CMC Vellore where she was Post Graduate Registrar pursuing her Diploma in Clinical Pathology. She was riding pillion wearing a helmet. Vellore roads are extremely bad and possibly this is the main factor which took away the life of a brilliant, talented, hard-working girl and a gem of a human being.

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