That kiss in the rain-Part1

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Rupam Sabharwal

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Ragini stood near the French window of her apartment. Her bright eyes were fixed on the droplets falling on her window.  The dark clouds complimented the sound of the rain making it beautiful. It was already 12 noon on Sunday but it looked like evening.

Ragini didn’t feel like moving away from the window. That’s the magic of Mumbai rains- they mesmerise you.

“Ma, give me another coffee.” Ragini said, her gaze still fixed at the rain drops.

“This is your third coffee in the last one hour. Finish this and get out of that pajama. Don’t get me started!” Her mother yelled and pushed the coffee mug in her hand.

“Ma, but I don’t want to go…” She pleaded.

Her mother’s gaze told her that she mustn’t argue. All she needed then was some warmth. If not from her mother, the hot coffee helped. She cupped the coffee mug and her hands felt warm. Her head leaned against the wall as she sat near the French window.

“You are still sitting here!! Ragini, get a life and move on!!”

A few more droplets fell, this time it wasn’t the rain, “I can’t ma, I can’t forget him! Why did he do this to me?”

Her mother felt sad for her. She sat next to her and said, “You were not meant to be together. Destiny has its own plan. It will bring you together if it is meant to be, but don’t hold yourself back.”

Sahil and Ragini were childhood friends. It was in the 9th standard that Sahil proposed to her, on a beautiful rainy day like this one. Elated, she didn’t think twice and accepted immediately. After finishing their graduation, they told their parents about their love for each other. Sahil got placed with a leading car manufacturing company, based at Detroit after his post-graduation. He left for Detroit 3 years ago. Ragini was secure in their relationship, and why not? They had been together for 8 years and their parents knew about them.

Probably Sahil didn’t think like that. Last he called her was a year ago, when he broke up with her over a phone call. He told her that he had married someone there.

“May be you are right, ma. I will do this for you.” Ragini said as she relived the last 11 years.

She wiped her tears and headed to her room.

Ragini looked pretty in her blue denims and a baby pink top. Her matching pink earrings completed her look. She combed her hair and tied them in a ponytail.

You look beautiful with your hair open. Sahil used to tell her and she untied her hair.

The rain wasn’t stopping and Ragini didn’t want to drive in that weather. Mumbai rains were unpredictable and so she thought of booking a cab. The fares were quite high and she booked a shared cab.

The cab was there in the next 5 minutes and she hopped in.

“Yes, Band stand.” She confirmed.

Hi Rohan, I shall be there in about an hour. See you. She texted.

Beep. Beep. The navigation instrument beeped.

“Kya hua?”

“Share sawari hai madam.”

About 7 minutes later the cab reached the share passenger’s pick up area. The passenger got into the back seat of the cab and looked at Ragini. He immediately got out and moved to the front seat, next to the driver.

“Lilavati Hospital.” He confirmed to the cab driver.

Ragini felt uneasy in her stomach. Why does this man sound like Sahil? No, this can’t be Sahil. He doesn’t look anywhere close to him. In fact this isn’t Sahil’s apartment. Sahil won’t wear this cap, he hates it. He is so lean, again unlike Sahil.

She checked the app for the name of the share passenger and it said- Sahil.

“Sahil…” she murmured.

He immediately turned and their eyes locked. Yes, it was him.

“Hi Ragini..h-how are you doing?” he stammered.

Ragini was speechless. He couldn’t have changed so much in 3 years! Her eyes were full but she didn’t let her tears drop, especially in front of him. She didn’t want to show him, how vulnerable she felt.

She breathed heavily and responded, “I..I am great. How are you? And.. and.. your wife?”

He smiled and said, “Great. Where are you off to? I know you love rains, but only from your window.”

“I am meeting someone and if things go fine, we’ll get married.” She responded confidently.

Sahil forced a weak smile that didn’t reach his eyes.




Rupam Sabharwal, 29, works as a Brand Manager and lives in Mumbai. She believes life is too short to waste any moment and the time to live life is now. She is a curious traveller and is always ready for a new experience. A creative soul who loves to paint and create DIY things for her home and loved ones. Learning, for her, never stops and she embraces every opportunity to learn something new. Dancing gives her a high and she does that like no one's watching. She loves reading and a cup of coffee with a book is her idea of a perfect break. Writing liberates her and is her passion. She also writes a blog called Roasted Papad, which is on experiences that touch her.

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