That kiss in the rain- Part 2

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Rupam Sabharwal

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Previously, we saw Ragini stuck in a whirlpool of emotions owing to the heartbreak Sahil left her with. While she struggled to get back to her feet, her mother’s efforts propelled her to get outside and meet new people. She struggles with all the little memories until she steels herself and decides to take charge of her life. But life has its own weird plans and she ends up bumping into Sahil after 3 years, once again. Let’s read on to know what happens next.

“When did you get back? Who is in the hospital? You look so weak, what have you done to yourself? And this cap- since when did you start liking it?”

“Whoa! One by one, Rags. I mean, Ragini. I am in good shape and this cap is the in-thing, doesn’t it look cool? I moved here, umm, a year ago with my wife. She is in the hospital, we are becoming parents.”

She sunk in her seat. This was the last nail in the coffin. She couldn’t respond. She kept looking at the rain and they reached Lilavati hospital.

“Ragini, you deserve the best. Maybe, I wasn’t the one for you.” He bid her goodbye and the cab roared into motion again.

 He has moved on, nothing is left within him. He has moved on.

She messaged Rohan – Stuck in traffic. Looks like it’s going to be difficult to meet today. She reached Band stand 15 minutes later. She got out of the cab and chose not to open her umbrella. The rain drops felt soothing, as though they were healing her wounds. She sat on a high rock as the tides washed her feet. She was drenched by now. To her right, she saw a teenage couple under the umbrella. She smiled as she recalled Sahil and her first date as teenagers at band stand. It was raining then and it is raining today, only Sahil is with someone else. She still didn’t want to believe that Sahil was with someone else. “No, he can’t be. Our love was not that weak.”

She got up and looked for an auto.

“Lilavati!” She said as she jumped into the auto.

She reached Lilavati Hospital in the next 15 minutes. Stupid me, I don’t even know his wife’s name. But, I need to see her and get closure on this.

At the reception she asked,” I am looking for a lady who is due anytime now.” The receptionist gave her the worst look.

“Ok, I know there would be many women like that. Sorry. Um, I am looking for Sahil Kapoor’s wife, if that helps.” She wasn’t sure if this will help either. “Sahil Kapoor. Hmm. Sahil Kapoor. Yes, Room no. 507, but that’s not his wife. He is admitted himself. He just got admitted.” The receptionist responded.

Ragini was shocked. “W..what are you saying? W..what happened to him?”

“Cancer patient, he has been coming regularly for treatment.”

Ragini was numb.

She got answers to all her questions she asked him in the cab. Now, her tears would not stop. He wanted her to hate him as he knew he had a short time on hand.

“I need to see him!” Ragini said urgently.

“Ragini. What are you doing here? Why are you drenched?” It was Sahil’s mom, holding some papers.

Ragini ran and hugged her tight and she cried like a child, “Aunty, why didn’t you tell me? All this while, he wanted me to hate him, to forget him.”

She caressed her and said,” Doctors say that he has just a few months with him. What can be worse than this? Take this attendant pass, go meet him.” Her wet eyes screamed of a mother’s pain and fear of losing her son.

She ran and figured her way to room 507. The door was closed. Her heart was heavy and eyes were wet. She opened the door.

Sahil saw Ragini standing there, not trying to hold back her tears this time.

“Ragini…. I …”

She hugged him and said, “I am here now and things will only get better. Destiny wanted us to be together!”

“Why are you here Rags? You have your whole life in front of you. I don’t even have a few months.” Sahil turned and looked at the rain drops out of the window.

“Sahil, I want to live my entire life with you in whatever time we have. Will you marry me?” Ragini took his hand in hers.

He cried like a child. His tears expressed his heart’s desires. Ragini wanted to make their wedding special. She kissed his forehead and told him that she will be back soon. She stepped out and called her mother, “Ma, you were right. Destiny has its own plans. I am coming home. We have a lot of work to do.”

A week later, Sahil got discharged after a few sessions of chemotherapy. Ragini was wearing a white gown as she came to receive him.  She handed him a suit to change into. She took him to Bandstand instead of his home. There were at least 50 more people over there, some friends and some family. They exchanged vows where they had their first date 11 years back.

It started raining and people started rushing not wanting to get wet. Ragini and Sahil stood there and kissed as man and wife.

The rain sealed their wedding as everyone looked happily at them.




Rupam Sabharwal, 29, works as a Brand Manager and lives in Mumbai. She believes life is too short to waste any moment and the time to live life is now. She is a curious traveller and is always ready for a new experience. A creative soul who loves to paint and create DIY things for her home and loved ones. Learning, for her, never stops and she embraces every opportunity to learn something new. Dancing gives her a high and she does that like no one's watching. She loves reading and a cup of coffee with a book is her idea of a perfect break. Writing liberates her and is her passion. She also writes a blog called Roasted Papad, which is on experiences that touch her.

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