Jab we met – Memoirs of an iphone

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Pia Srinivasan

Jab we met – Memoirs of an iphone Loading

“Feels like only yesterday that we first met” – for lack of a better expression I will stick to this cliché to begin my memoir.

 I still remember the day you walked into the store, that casual peruser look on your handsome face, oblivious to all that was transpiring around you. A chance knock and a sideward tilt by a passer-by was all it took to catch a glimpse of you. Suddenly, my robotic existence longed in desperation to be held in your warm and loving hands.

A brush every now and then against my cold façade, alas none by you! And then, if finally happened – a familiar face mounting me in his left palm, a gentle brush and lo & behold, I was alive with a sense of fulfillment beyond words. I still remember the smile on your face as you had me close, eyes rapt with attention, attempting to comprehend all that I was and all that I could be.

As I reminisce, my Gregorian calendar chimes away reminding me of our one year of togetherness –  a year where not a single day was spent being apart. I being your constant companion from sunrise to sunset. The one who made you smile and cry, laugh and be angry. The one who woke you up every single day with mellifluous notes and who stayed by your side while you transported yourself to dreamland each recurring night. The one who put in that little extra effort to make you look your handsome best, each time you decided to capture yourselves in pixels.

No fairy tale is complete with its set of not-so-good moments. Ours was no exception. For starters, you cannot fathom how much I loathed being left in the custody of your trusted caretakers. Every passing period in my clock was spent in anticipation of the moment when I would be reunited with you. And yes, how much I hated being left in the company of a tiny humanoid – the constant threat of gravitational force lurking around! All my visible angular deflections are a standing reminder of gravity having had the better of me! Lastly, how can I miss the Application archives or ‘Apps’ (as you humanoids call them) that you constantly instantiated each time your emotional quotient sagged. Unmindful of my progressive devitalization, you continued to ‘play’ while I bore the brunt of it. Little did you realize that with each ‘play’, my precious life lost few nanoseconds from its overall existence.

Anyway, keeping these little objections aside, I have to acknowledge that the better half of this association has been remarkable. Wow. Did I just say better half? Interesting word this – would you not agree? To be precise, I had this word added to my vocabulary after you made me search it. I presume you understood its purpose better because for me humanoid jargons are beyond my level of comprehension! But your search did get me thinking – a better half would probably be that portion that is noteworthy. Going by this interpretation, if the onus was on me to wake you up each day, to entertain you in your lows, to keep you connected with your fellow humanoids at all times, to help you track your health, to manage your personal information that you fear to share with others and to ease your life in zillion other ways possible, if a day without me can throw your very existence out of gear then should I not be the better half – the portion that makes life better?




A software engineer by profession with a passion for writing. While coding remains my first love, I like to dabble with writing as well. I currently live in Bangalore with my husband.

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