I was right

I was right Loading

I said the sun is rising from behind my friend’s house,

Amma said it is not actually there but really far away.


“I will wear my new pink frock to go play,”I stomped,

Amma didn’t say a word while stitching up the big tear in the frock.


“I would love to be a doctor, a model, an astronaut…”

Amma said, “Follow your heart and follow it up with your head.”


“I swear he’s just a friend, Amma.”

“Trust me, he wants more than that,” she said.


“I hate him, I could kill him,” I ranted.

“Let it go my darling,” she reasoned.


I shed tears when I left home, heaved down with garlands

Amma blessed me, “Hold your head up high and be happy.”


“I have to go to her,” I cried when I got the call,

“I had to see you before I go,” said Amma to me weakly.


I said “I love you more than anything Amma,”

Amma closed her eyes, smiled and said, “I love you more than that.”


I knew that was true. I was finally right. 




The written word has always had its sway over me, much to my terrestrial soulmate's envy. I'm not a straight arrow when it comes to writing. Launch, zip and kill. Nope, I'm more like a leaf in the wind, wafting along...with grand thoughts of being compost for the unborn leaves of the future! I am an editor by birth, proofreading even the love letters I received. Professionally, I'm currently employed as the CMO- Chief Mothering Officer(!) of an extremely personal startup. What the future holds for me...is nobody's guess!

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