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Sheela Kedarinath

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Hello and welcome back!

As I was browsing through the net, I came across some interesting fun quotes and could not resist sharing this one with you.

“There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments.”

Janet Kilburn Phillips

On that note we shall proceed to liven up our next gardening experiment.We will touch upon the following points that go into making a lovely Balcony garden



of Garden

Balcony gardens, as you know are most suited for apart
ments. Certain things that you should keep in mind before you start planning for it –

  • In case your balcony is attached to your living room, it becomes an extension of that room and therefore you should consider whether it goes well with your décor
  • Does the living room have French windows? Then you will probably have a lovely view of your plants as you sit and have an informal chat with your friend!
  • Does the balcony receive at least 3 hours of direct sunlight?
  • Do you have time to water the plants?

Kind of plants that would suit the garden – I would prefer to keep it simple and recommend that you have a good mix of greenery combined with flowers. If you use palms or bamboo, you will certainly have a lot of green grow ing in your balcony. Add some colorful begonias and anthurium, impatiens flowers and you are pretty much set. Keep in mind the direction of the sun – and choose your flowers accordingly. For example, anthuriums may wither if there is too much heat, as will begonias.

Factors that go in to keep a garden healthy – Three important things – water, sunlight and fertilizer! Do not over water your plants or get them too dry – either ways they will wither away. Water the anthuriums only to keep the soil moist – and it should be fine if you water it once in two days. Dust the leaves with a moist cloth once a week to allow the leaves to absorb light.

Accessories you can use to beautify the garden – Use terracotta, ceramic or metal as your base  (cute frog or snail, a couple of elephants, the beautiful Bankura horses, watering cans, metal planters and window boxes). You should accessorize as per the size of the balcony and not let it dominate the plants.  Consider having a focal point in your balcony and then arrange your plants accordingly. Don’t have any accessories? No worries. Go to the following link and buy, buy, buy!

Plant container sets

Terracotta Pots

  • Garden maintenance – Keep this to a minimum! I would recommend that you try out the plants I have mentioned above. Use a fertilizer mix that you can spray on the plants twice a month – you should be able to get it from your local garden store. Add some coco peat and a bio soil mix once in a month to the potted plants. Remove the weeds and dried leaves from the plant regularly.


In case you have any questions, feel free to write to me. And
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Sheela Kedarinath has around 20 years of varied experience in the corporate world. She has worked in the Corporate Social Responsibility sector and has also been managing administration for an MNC for a long period of time. In her personal life, she is creative and passionate about the various aspects of interior decoration. Sheela’s home and garden are her pride and joy. She has added value to a lot of her friend’s homes and balcony gardens in the last 20 years.

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