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Editors note: The lovely SiyaWoman writers got together on their WhatsApp group on a marathon to write a horror story. Here is what came out – the unplugged version!

Henry looked at his lunch. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing inside his lunchbox. What was supposed to be chicken, rice and roasted veggies was now transformed into an animated, horrible, disgusting hive of activity.

His stomach churned. He sneaked a glance at that pasty faced Sophie. Henry hated Sophie. He couldn’t stand her pushing and shoving around in the playground. She deserves it, he thought to himself. Unnoticed by anyone, or so he thought, Henry crept up to where the other kids’ bags were kept and emptied the contents of his lunchbox into Sophie’s gym bag. He giggled as he quickly walked away.

Sophie’s body shuddered to shake off the dream of Henry putting his hands in her bag. But she was not dreaming – those slimy hands which had holed in her bag had dug their way through the pillow and were pulling her head into it by her hair. She shrieked to get her head off from the pillow. The hands grew in size to cover her face and ripped them into pieces.

“Help!” she shrieked, till her screams were muffled under the demonic laughter of her little brother Mac. What a brat he was growing up to be, she grumbled as Mac ran off, green jelly dripping off his ‘slimy’ hands. Sophie for once, was shaken for sure, though she wondered how that freckled pest of a Henry had made his way to her dreams. Rubbing her eyes, she walked into the bathroom and turned on the tap. Her blood froze! The water gushing out of the taps was blood red!

Her heart was in her mouth. A movement in the mirror caught her eyes. Her reflection was smiling at her. It looked just like her except, she looked demonic. As she stood frozen a cold raspy voice whispered in her ears “It’s time to come home”. And suddenly her hands reached out and seemed to strangle her own throat.

The mirror began to crumble as Sophie was being choked to death. The wind picked up the¬† howls of the wolves and the wind chime began to rattle. Sophie couldn’t breathe and she ran out crying for help.

Suddenly she saw a cloud moving towards her. She shrieked with horror as she saw it had a strange form and blood shot eyes. She was swept off her feet amidst the rumbling and roaring sounds ….

A box fell on Sophie and all it’s belongings got scattered. It was a box filled with remains of what looked like a human body. Suddenly, two black cats came from behind and jumped on Sophie’s feet. She fainted in fear.

When she came to, Sophie could not move. Her shrieks fell on deaf ears. It was nothing but air coming out and she was could feel herself being dragged by the cat to the nearby cemetery and there in the misty cloud she could see the silhouette of a person so familiar to her. Through her blood shot eyes she figured it was none other than the pest –¬†Henry! Through her blurry eyes, she suddenly realised – horrified¬†–¬†Henry was being choked too!¬†And he was in the same situation as Sophie –¬†Helpless!

The¬†fog in the cemetery floated around eerily to form a film –¬† a mirror. Sophie saw¬† herself¬† in¬† the¬† mirror. She¬† did¬† a double¬† take¬† as the¬† mirror¬† had split¬† her¬† face¬† into¬† half. The¬† left¬† was¬† her¬† own¬† face, all¬† contorted¬† and¬† ugly¬† with¬† fear. The¬† right¬† was¬† Henry’s¬† face, smiling –¬† no, no, beaming¬†in fact! It took¬† her¬† a moment¬† to¬† realise¬† that¬† evil does¬† not¬† reside outside¬†of¬† us, but is part of us. And¬† evil¬† is¬† not¬†necessarily baying wolves, ghostly¬† ghosts, eerie sounds¬† from¬† closed¬† doors¬† opening¬† on¬† their¬† own, or¬† silhouettes¬† under¬† a moon. Evil¬† is¬† all¬† our¬† own ugliness, our pettiness, jealousy, rancor, pompousness. They¬† all¬† congeal, putrefy, and¬† become¬† the¬† face¬† of¬† evil. We externalise¬† by¬† projecting¬† it¬† as fear!!!

While she was learning her lessons the hard way, to her horror, the fog mirror crumbled to pieces in front of her, cutting harshly into her flesh giving her bruises all over. The blood that oozed from them seemed to form seven letters in the air in bold to revive the fear in her blood shot eyes, which had calmed a bit till now. REVENGE!!!

A year before Sophie, together with Henry, played a dirty trick on Alisa, a classmate. When she was away, Henry and Sophie messed with her project work. Alisa realized it only during the final submissions. The teacher was really cross with her.  Alisa, who had always been a topper till then, lost her first place and missed getting her scholarship for the first time in her student years. Not being able to bear this, she left and was in the class no more.The words REVENGE reminded Sophie of Alisa. She mustered all her strength and an up to tell Henry.

Henry was not visible any more! He must have gone back home, she thought. She kept running but Henry’s house was nowhere¬†in sight. She was sweating and breathless. Something was wrong, she frowned. Henry’s house wasn’t that far! She looked around and didn’t recognise the roads where she had lived all her life. She realized she was in the middle of nowhere! Gripped with fear, her throat dried up and she started to sweat profusely. She was petrified. Just then she heard her name being called out from behind. Yes, someone had located her. She heard her name again..and again..and again. She turned around to see Alisa standing up close behind her.

Sophie had hated Alisa all her life..because she was intelligent, popular, beautiful and had a good heart within. But, this Alisa was darker than evil. Pure white eyeballs, twisted arms, blood drooping lips, black teeth, which seemed to have just torn into live flesh, she seemed to be¬†the living dead personified. Sophie did not believe in devils and did not want to believe¬†in it either. So she closed her eyes and prayed all of it would¬†vanish into thin air. But, it DIDN’T. This Alisa seemed hungry, hungry for human flesh, blood and more for revenge. Sophie realized she just had one way ahead to run. As she turned, there stood Henry…with an expression that could give Alisa’s a run for its money.




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