Hope and Ropes

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Debolina Coomar

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I dreamt of swaying and sliding in the air, forever,

Fulfilling my dreams of expressing myself and succeeding in every endeavour.

I loved dancing on the ropes, which tangled my different emotions,

The ropes playing with the rhythm of my body works like a magic potion.

But, one day, the ropes I loved shattered my dream to pieces,

They threw me to the ground, and made my dreams far from my reaches.

My broken heart was more painful than my broken leg,

My dreams changed to nightmares, which I would always dread.

I kept looking at the silent ropes for hours together,

Trying to find ways to again float like a feather.

But, all that came to my eyes were tears of failure and pain,

I gave up all hope to dance on the ropes again.

Then the winds came and ruffled the ropes,

I felt something was there to stir my hopes.

I took a leap of faith, and climbed onto them,

The satisfaction and happiness were still the same.

The ropes were my start and my end too,

They were making it difficult in my journey through.

But, I was determined to dance with them again,

I wanted to fulfil my dreams, I didn’t know when.

Day by day, my determination grew stronger, and my disability too,

Then, one day, I succeeded and my greatest strength I knew.

I was again, swaying and sliding in the air,

All it took was dedication and a passion to dare.





As a believer of 'live & let live', Debolina likes to enjoy the little things of life. As a person who enjoys reading, writing and interacting with people, she finds it exciting to write about emotions, experiences, stories, lifestyle, parenting, self-improvement, current affairs and pretty much everything that affects a common man's life. Debolina is an ex-HR and Corp. Comm. professional, wife to a wonderful husband, mother to a lovely daughter; and a freelance content, creative writer, content developer and blogger. She strives to ignite the power of thought with a whole new perspective. Debolina shares her thoughts at: debolinacoomar.wordpress.com

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