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Teja Dalvi

Hello, December and thank you Loading

As a child and even today, I always waited for the month of December to arrive. Christmas and New Year has always been on No. 3 and 4 respectively in my favorites list only after my Birthday and Diwali being the first 2.

But after December of 2016, this month tops and breaks apart all other charts and preferences. Reason? It’s my marriage month.

What’s so exciting about marriage? OK. Nowadays it’s trending among the youth to belittle the concept of marriage and gradually reduce its worth. I would be clearly lying if I say I never thought the same. What’s so fascinating about spending so much, exhausting oneself with a week long celebration to be with some stranger? Moreover, why only rituals and traditions will validate it? Two people can anyways stay together even in a photo frame.

Only until I could actually be a part of the chanting and verses we were asked to repeat and we understood the deeper meaning of what marriage is to the core, it changed both mine and my husband’s perception of marriage forever. The worth and beauty of each moment ever since, the fragrance of those blessing petals on us, the freshness of those mixed emotions, to part ways from the family who was your only family till then but just to join the highway with an incredible human being, the hues of a new environment, have been carved in the deepest recesses of our minds.

It’s been a year round the clock. I have no clue how it passed in a wink. Sahil, my husband is one of the most pleasant encounters of my life. Emerging like magic, making me blindly sail with his vision; in a shot, my life turned into a fairytale. He is the reason I believe that to know someone completely is impossible. But, that’s the beauty of a partnership. Unveiling each color of the other person slowly, only to get astonished and amazed every time. Time, like all say, is never a factor. Intent is what matters!

So, after thinking too much about what gift to give him that he cannot buy for himself, I thought let my pen spill out what’s buried within. I thought of gifting him an eraser to wipe out his complaint about me that I don’t fully express my feelings for him. Hence, I express my gratitude to life, to Sahil, to each one who taught me so much in this year and to the year 2017, with kind support of the platform of SiyaWoman.

I know it will take pages after pages, but precisely I want to thank this year for tying me with Sahil. I want to begin my thank you with him.

  • For the immense love and patience showered on me, condoning my frustrating actions in the initial days and still standing by me like a pillar.
  • For the incredible support and encouragement rendered to me to pursue my hobbies, writing, painting and travelling once again. On that note, I believe I am one of the few lucky wives who are pushed by their husbands to take a vacation abroad with their long lost friends.
  • For taking care of me in my sickness, calmly managing work from home and the cutest thing ever seen, crying because the fever wouldn’t reduce. That’s when I realized that he claims me to be his strength, but I can also be his weakness.
  • For being very comfortable and indulging in conversation with my friends like his own.
  • For being with my mom in my absence, for being her son like he promised her 3 years ago.
  • For being the elder brother my younger brother always wanted.
  • For increasing my appetite by taking me to the best eating joints, for never putting a restriction of figure maintenance.
  • For appreciating and participating with me in cooking.
  • For taking me out for shopping and asking me to select clothes for him. Not every guy does that.
  • For his small gentlemanly gestures like offering seat to old people or ladies in the bus or any public place, taking his mom for shopping, silently tolerating the bargain fights and carrying her shopping bags, ALWAYS opening the door for all women, offering to get drinks or desserts for everyone at the table (because he is always the first one to finish his meal), happily serving my midnight cravings and much more.
  • For being my most unwavering critic of my writing despite not being a reading type of person. I adore him for critically evaluating my concepts and delivery.


I want to thank him for never saying NO to me which is why every opportunity for me is a YES.

I cannot wrap without thanking my baby bro Tanmay, my best friends- Randhika and Pratheesh who have witnessed our relationship even closer than our parents. What I am, what appealed Sahil to seek a partner in me is duly creditable to these three people.

A huge hug of gratitude to Maa, who is the reason I have a life, who is the backbone of our whole family, straight and steadfast. Her mere existence is enough to drive me through the waves of stress and problems. My aunts Smita and Chhaya are also in my thank you list. My foundation, Maa is so firm only because of this unswerving strength with her.

On that note I end my 2017, happy, secure, loved, encouraged and appreciated.

With Sahil, this year end marks beginning of the 2nd year. I wish we be “US” for numerous years to come.




Teja Dalvi is a Goan by heart and a working professional in Bangalore. She is also an aspiring writer and an obsessive reader like how one breathes in oxygen. Married for a year now, she is an independent individual yet depends on her family for the love she seeks. In a city of Information Technology, she is one of those who do not belong to the “Engineering” quota. Her qualification makes her a Clinical Researcher and Microbiologist. But deep in her heart she is that little girl who spreads her color pencils and crayons all over the floor and let’s her imagination just flow and finally settle on a canvas. She believes to preserve the child inside her mind and feeds it often with board games and cartoons. She claims that her inclination towards Arts and reading books is what keeps her going through tough times and emerge even stronger.

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