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Sheela Kedarinath

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Hello all!

I have been contemplating forever to design a garden of my dreams. So finally when my partner and I started our garden design firm called ZENSAI I thought to myself — hallelujah! If nothing comes out of it, we will at least have nice gardens of our own!

Fortunately for ZENSAI and unfortunately for me, my clients keep me busy and my dream of having a garden is still what it used to be — DISTANT.

However, I do have a great number of pots and plants growing in wild disarray. Be that as it may, I still do a lot of ‘potting’ around it and it keeps me cheerful and happy. So much so that if my kiddo and hubby don’t find me around on a lovely Sunday morning, they know I will be tending to the plants! And they leave me to it, as after I spend a couple of hours with my plant family, they know I will be in a good mood to give them breakfast.

While some of us are happy with plants, flowering and non-flowering, some prefer not to have too many plants and like to focus on the design element. Minimal greenery, low maintenance and great aesthetics. Well, this is what the ZEN garden is all about. The elements that go into making a Zen garden are —

  1. Rocks
  2. Sand
  3. Pebbles and Gravel
  4. Moss
  5. Pruned trees and bushes

Wikipedia says that a Zen garden is usually relatively small, surrounded by a wall, and is meant to be seen while seated from a single viewpoint outside the garden, such as the porch.

The Zen garden is a dry garden and therefore designed such that the gravel is raked to give an appearance of ripples in water. It is believed that the stillness of water brings peace and tranquillity to the mind. Whilst it is growing in popularity in urban areas, it is and was predominantly a part of the Buddhist monasteries with the monks at the monasteries raking and re-raking the gravel into new patterns.zen1


The placement of objects and artefacts is an important factor to keep in mind while creating a Zen garden. You should be able to bring colour with various shades of green and red whilst not letting them distract you from the gravel/ pebbles.

A DIY project for you — try creating this mini Zen garden for your desk. It’ll look great on your desk and  also soothe your mind!

zen2All you need are –

  • A fish bowl or any bowl that you may have which is transparent
  • 4 different air plants or succulents preferably different colors and sizes
  • 4 small coir baskets with some coco peat and mulch
  • 6-7 different sized pebbles/ small rocks
  1. Pot your plants in little coir baskets with coco peat and mulch
  2. Set the base of the bowl with pebbles arranged the way you want
  3. Place the plants so that the tall one comes out of the bowl
  4. Arrange the rest of the plants around it
  5. Place a miniature or pug Buddha in the bowl

Voila! Your terrarium Zen garden is ready. Remember to keep the bowl out in sunlight once a week for the plants to get some sunlight. Water very lightly once or twice in a week.

Too busy for a DIY project? Buy this kit! Add a few pebbles and an artefact and hang it indoors.

Earth Airplant Terrarium Spanish Stone


Some more things that you can accessorize your miniature Zen garden with:

Planter & Dish
Zen frog sculpture
Zen cat sculpture


Would you like us to create your own ZEN garden for you? Or any other garden? Drop in a line to Don’t forget to mention that you saw us at to get a special discount!




Sheela Kedarinath has around 20 years of varied experience in the corporate world. She has worked in the Corporate Social Responsibility sector and has also been managing administration for an MNC for a long period of time. In her personal life, she is creative and passionate about the various aspects of interior decoration. Sheela’s home and garden are her pride and joy. She has added value to a lot of her friend’s homes and balcony gardens in the last 20 years.

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