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Mamata Kolte

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Sitting alone in my office cubicle, I am thinking about replying my friends’ emails. This is the part of the day that I like the most – writing all that has happened during the day – every tiny detailed bit of it, the conversations at work and at home, my breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, anything and everything.
I am away from my friends and family and I now understand why it has been said that “You understand the value of a person only when that person goes away from you”. Thank God that my friends have not “Gone away” from me – they are just physically far away and I truly realize their value in my life. Though I fight with them quite a bit, exchange a couple of swear words every now and then, but instead of steering away from me, we have just developed a stronger bond. And I just love that. They accept me for what I am; this again reminds me of another quote that says “A friend is one in front of who you dare to be yourself”. Luckily I have found few such friends in my life. They keep fighting and arguing with me, yet do not want me to change. Their unconditional love for me has spoiled me enough and I sometimes take them for granted…but would never want them to take me for granted, until one day one of them made me realise that “It’s only your friends that you can take for granted”. That is so true.
I have learnt so much from them that I get overwhelmed thinking about all that they have given me. They often seem to know much more about me than me, myself! I am almost stunned when I call a friend after a long time and she mentions exactly those things that were running in my mind, or when they read my mind by merely looking into my eyes. They can feel the matters of my heart even when they are physically far away from me. I cannot hide anything from them – I either tell them everything or they figure it out themselves (And I still don’t know how). There is so much more and I can not write it down in words.

I sometimes feel that it’s magic when it happens and it happens with a few only. I don’t know how and when this magic has come into my life. I wish for no more magic, but pray that the one sticks with me all my life.




Mamata is an energetic, optimistic person who believes that anyone can do anything if one wants to. She loves to travel, write poems, watch movies, cook, garden and sing. Mamata follows her heart in anything that she does and thus can not do any thing just for the sake of doing it.

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