Freshly Baked Panties, Anyone?

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Sarba Basu

Oven Fresh Loading

We women have all been up against the word ‘Hot’ at different stages of life. Few longing to gain that adjective and few proud of being the title bearer. We also wish to accentuate that feature with a line of clothing and most importantly inner wear or as the section at malls that go as ‘Lingerie’.  Most of us have underwear which may be called as hot as the delightful word that women want to hear. However, I once owned a pair which goes beyond the meaning in the pleasant sense and turns out to mean quite horribly in the literal one.

Being a single woman living outside your hometown, you face several challenges. Many would know, as it is with this generation, how lucrative jobs are always in those few selected urban jungles.  You need to worry about mundane things or what we earlier thought as mundane; electricity bills, groceries, water bills, house rent and the list goes on. Days come when you fight the battles of power cuts, water shortage, no food at nights and neighbors who glare at you for your decibel levels as though the entire apartment was actually a library in disguise. On one such day came the moment I regretted most for leaving home.

After about two weeks of ceaseless rainfall, there comes a time when you are overloaded with dirty laundry which haunt you every night after you go to sleep thinking tomorrow would definitely be the washing day and the sun would brightly shine on to dry them all.  Now, you must be wondering why take so much trouble, didn’t I hear of convenient words such as washing machine or domestic helpers? The domestic help, a darling girl of 25 had frolicked away to her hometown leaving us to the horrors of household chores. Living with my two best friends I had learnt one thing: never leave your chores for later. On the morning of that fateful day, I woke up to find not a single pair of clean underwear and the electricity gave out at that precise moment of horror.  I contemplated on various alternatives on how to go about the day with such a grave problem and to top it off I had an important presentation at work which simply could not be delayed. While I was debating in my head what to do, my friend Priya walks in with a cup of tea in her hand and all the world’s time. The next few minutes flashed by as she presented a super brilliant and completely fool proof solution to the problem at hand.  She decided to wash a pair and then roast it on a frying pan and there we would be standing with an almost oven fresh warm pair of panties. Yes, all this in a span of 15 minutes. As I shouted my protests at this absolutely ridiculous idea my friend ignored me and made me realize I was getting late for work.  I got shunted off to take a bath and the master plan came to effect.  Dreading the sight I would find in the kitchen, I went in and found a wonderful shade of purple being tossed around in the pan and standing right next to it was our caretaker of the apartment with a dumbstruck expression looking at what he thought was our breakfast. Priya, grinning ear to ear, just simply waved off my horrific cries and asked me to shut the door after the poor man who rushed off hurriedly forgetting what he had come to deliver.

The rest as the say it was definitely history for me as I chose for many days not to remember it. You see, the elastic at the sides got burnt completely and made the entire of my presentation a wonderful experience I would never tell my grandchildren.




My name is Sarba Basu and I work as a Business Analyst with a consulting firm.Reading has led me to love the art of writing as well and here goes one such attempt.

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