Free Will, Freewheeling, Will Power and Renewable Rewards!

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#free will – also known as of one’s own free will, voluntarily, without prompting or urging, spontaneously, willingly OR on purpose, deliberately, intentionally, knowingly, with eyes wide open

Definition of free will as per the ability to choose, think and act voluntarily. The philosophy behind ‘free will’ is to believe that human beings, and in this case you, are free to choose your own actions and behavior and reject the idea that your behavior is defined or determined by external conditions.


Life is like a game of cards. The hand you are dealt is determinism;

the way you play it is free will. – Jawaharlal Nehru.


#freewheel – also known as glide along without much effort, cruise, drift, float, ride the wave, go with the flow, get by and, it is when the wheels are disengaged from a driving mechanism and a vehicle freewheels – to move or function freely and independently – take care the steering doesn’t jam!


#willpower – also known as the ability to control your actions, personal determination, grit, self-control, self-discipline, drive


Our personal and professional environment is changing unbelievably quickly.

Tools and technology is advancing faster than most of us women care to or can keep up with. And that goes for Mother Earth too.

And yet, as if fast isn’t fast enough we are impatient and demand that things happen at an even greater speed! Our children can’t keep up. Neither can Mother Earth.

Fast. Faster. Fastest.

Awesome. Awesomer. Awesomest

Fastest delivery. Fastest internet connection.  Fastest fast foods along with a host of other awesome attractions to keep you loyal to your devices, apps, Flipkart or Jabong.

Go on, be honest. How many of you check your phones as soon as you wake up before you’ve even kissed your live-in love hello – if you have one OR if you still have one (pay attention), gotten up to go to the bathroom or had a coffee?

This rampant omnipresent and pervasive addiction to work, technology, progress and information is silently creeping into your life like a masterful thief – and even though you don’t want to admit it, it is stealing your treasured time and your feigned freedom – most certainly not giving you more. #can’tlivewithit #can’tlivewithoutit

The very things supposed to be providing you with more choices are the very same things reducing those choices – because you are overwhelmed. You are constantly being nudged into doing this, seduced into buying that, go get these things and forgo those. You’re becoming more and more addicted to distractions and it is a challenge to focus on the issues that really need your attention. Just like Mother Earth.


Still thinking that having the free will to choose is better than being told what to do, no?

And choosing is still better than freewheeling or just going with the flow, no?




Most of us, by design, are unconsciously and reactively operating in a world that is created for us and only a small number are operating in a world created by us. A repeated reactionary way of living is what I call cruising, drifting, surfing, going with the flow, riding that wave. If ignorance is bliss you might be blissfully drifting along, totally unprepared, into the unknown.


Everything you do happens in context within your chosen environment, and even though you believe you are making choices of your own free will in this trigger loaded world – you are not.




Because you are locked into a role. Or many roles. Wife, parent, daughter, business person, boss, doctor, teacher or ambitious student still seeking your spot under the sun in the workplace and society. And of course, your cultural role. It’s hard to make social and personal changes when people see you in a certain way, hold you accountable for certain actions and decisions and if you have a strong desire to be a people pleaser. So, while you’re living up to expectations – which is not r-e-a-l-l-y free will – you are not paying attention or getting ready for the next big changes – like Bitcoin and all the business shifts that are happening and going to happen as a result of crypto currencies. Or, a total depletion of natural resources, like water and clean air and the consequences that will happen as a result. You only have to look at the cities within the borders of your own country. You’re probably living in one.


But, you ask, if free will doesn’t exist, what does?

Will power does, and if you have the right amount of willpower and a will-ing-ness to intentionally go forth with your eyes wide open, you can create and shape the conditions essential to reap the rewards within your environment. And, Mother Earth. This is necessary. This is the only way to create renewable living – for your sake and for future generations. Unless you create an environment that allows you to act out your own free will, you will be an unconscious freewheeler continuously being acted on.


Just like going to the gym, going to the office or not going to the fridge to achieve some of your goals, you need a lot less won’t power and much more will power. The science behind ‘will power’ is the brain cells which make ‘will power’ happen. They are located in the prefrontal cortex part of your brain – right behind your forehead. Your prefrontal cortex is good at keeping you focused. It analyses things for you, manages your logic and reason, your short term memory, which you know as well as I do, is good for making decisions and solving problems. But, to do this you need to stop allowing yourself to be distracted by too many devices and irrelevant information.


The choice is yours. What will it be?

Will you truly start practicing a rewarding corporate social responsibility inside and outside of business hours? Will you remember to remind your child to pick up that sweet wrapper?

Will it be the will power to become a consciously driven and independent free wheeler investing in and reaping the rewarding fortunes of free will by going against the flow and taking care of your environment? Mother Earth, family and business? In that order?


Because you know that if you take care of the world, the world will take care of you.


Will you?




Hester is a speaker and story strategist, communication craftsperson, cross-cultural connector, and change activist. She has a unique streetkid corporate savvy which allows her to share her bold yet refreshing coaching approach with clients all over the world. She has collected over 42 000 hours of lecturing, training, coaching, consulting, mediation and more recently key note speaking on the subject of cross cultural collaboration. “Being Nice Isn’t Enough – A How To Cut Through The Niceties And Get Real Collaboration” is her second book waiting to be published. Her first book is The Flying Rhino’s Guide to Intercultural Communication was commissioned in 2015. Born South African, she has lived and worked in South East Asia, the EU, and CEE. Her current address is in India. By the age of ten she had logged more than 10 000 unaccompanied flying miles and as a young person spoke on a local radio shows telling about her solo travels to far away destinations. She remains an inspiring and uplifting storyteller with the most recent highlight being a keynote on her book at the United Nations in Vienna, 21st September 2016. Read this for more on Hester (, and get her inspirations on fb (

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