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She ran around the house happily with the new doll that mom gave her. Just then papa gave her a chocolate which she ate hurriedly and flashed her chocolaty grin. Her giggles livened up their home. Mom and papa looked at her dotingly; little did they know she would spread this happiness in thousands of lives. Meet Latika Wadhwa, the founder of MaStyle Care, an organization that aims to spread awareness about various social issues prevalent in the society.
It is not every day that you come across a woman in her late twenties who wants to do more for the society than her own self.
She studied in a convent school, did her graduation in English (Hons) from Daulat Ram College, Delhi University and went on to do her post-graduation in Communication Studies from IP University.
After passing out from college she worked for about a year into PR and Online Marketing. She was leading her life like almost everyone else with a job and stable routine. But as they say, you need just a moment to realise your calling in life and it happened for Latika too.
It was on a cold winter morning in 2013 when she was heading to her office, she saw some children walking bare foot and begging on the street. It is a sight that makes us feel sad for these kids, but Latika did something extraordinary. She quit her promising career and started MaStyle Care in the year 2013 with an aim to bring change in society through driving awareness campaigns, event and social stories. This was the first step and since then, there has been no looking back.
There are numerous things she has done for the society through MaStyle Care. When more than 4000 people come together and write their pledge, it is no small feat. It is a heart-warming site to see messages such as ‘stop violence against women’ and ‘respect women’ on roads, written in chalk. It sure teaches a lot to everyone reading and participating! They are planning to take up ‘Chalk Walk’ in Bangalore and Mumbai next.

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Stress! This is a word that is used more often than Hi or Thank You. I have heard people say that there is so much stress, but no one wants to do anything about it. MaStyle Care did it again, with the initiative ‘Pop the Balloon’. You may not be able to handle stress alone, but when 6000 people came together to take it head on, things do work out. These 6000 people wrote things that put them under stress, on balloons and burst them.

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The organization also carried out ‘Colorothon Delhi’ – to bring people of different castes and religions at a single platform to celebrate art. Art doesn’t have religion, caste or race. This event received an overwhelming participation from 10000+ people.

Everyone wants to make the birthdays of their kids special. But what about those kids who don’t have anyone with them? MaStyle Care played the mother and celebrated ‘Birthday Away’ on their first anniversary where they organized and celebrated a Princess theme birthday party for 100 orphan girls in Delhi. Their beautiful smiles were the best reward on their first anniversary.

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Apart from these MaStyle Care has done lot of online campaigns on Cracker Free Diwali, Go green Plant Trees, No Colour on Animals on Holi, Christmas, Dominos Party for underprivileged kids, Autism etc.

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But all this was not easy. There was cash crunch after she left her job for her entrepreneurial journey. She wanted to start something from where money could be generated without any disturbance in MaStyle Care’s working. It was then she co-founded Adworry with her partner in October 2014. Adworry is a Content Writing and Digital Marketing company. It provides clients with good quality blog posts, authentic website content, copywriting, SEO Content, press releases etc. Adworry today has more than 50 clients spread across travel, finance, NGOs, e-commerce, real estate etc.

Latika’s parents worked in the education sector, her mother took an early break from her career to raise her and her brother. She noticed that her mother and many women like her had to leave their careers for similar reasons. This thought made her come out with a campaign on Mother’s Day in May 2015 and that’s when she started with Mompreneur Circle, a community for mothers and married women who want to restart their career after marriage or post motherhood.

They offer online mentoring sessions, paid workshops, meets and soon they are planning a Job Fair for Work from Home Opportunities for mothers and married women. Every week there are Facebook chat discussions with an expert to help the community of 4500+ mothers and married women to guide them with restarting their careers.

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She recalls that during the entrepreneurial journey, there were friends who instead of encouraging made fun of the venture. Some of them even told her it won’t last for even a month. But there she quotes beautifully, “When you have passion nothing can stop you from doing what you want to do.”

Her journey wasn’t easy but she considers herself lucky to be able to connect with lot of like-minded individuals at every stage of her journey. There were many helping hands and supportive people as she got going. Her beautiful hearts wants to have her favourite people by her side when she turns 60, together doing more for the society with her campaigns.

Let’s put our hands together for this wonderful woman who stars the month of March in our SiyaWoman 2017 calendar.

If you have any questions or would like to contact Latika, please drop us a line on, and we will help you connect with her.




Rupam Sabharwal, 29, works as a Brand Manager and lives in Mumbai. She believes life is too short to waste any moment and the time to live life is now. She is a curious traveller and is always ready for a new experience. A creative soul who loves to paint and create DIY things for her home and loved ones. Learning, for her, never stops and she embraces every opportunity to learn something new. Dancing gives her a high and she does that like no one's watching. She loves reading and a cup of coffee with a book is her idea of a perfect break. Writing liberates her and is her passion. She also writes a blog called Roasted Papad, which is on experiences that touch her.

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