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Nida Zehra

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Whatever has happened by the God’s will serve some purpose.What you had been longing for could not happen. So what?

Why let those emotions known as regret and resentment invade your beautiful mind?

The rebellion in you does not want to follow the conventions and rules,

So, try to figure it out yourself with your optimistic yet realistic eyes.

Don’t you agree that this world has a river-like flow?

Moment by moment, few connecting units are forming a strange phenomenon we know by the name of `time’.

The same units have become the foundation of time till eternity.

Just pause. And get out of it. Stop worshiping this illusionary secret!

Surrender yourself to this manifestation of timelessness called flow.

And suddenly you will find yourself in the middle of the city of inner peace.

What those mystics have been telling you all this time, you will yourself get to experience and recognize the real beauty.

But that can happen only when you shift your focus inward to stay awake in peace.




Nida is an art lover, writer, and truly a poet by heart. Besides being an experienced editor, she is passionate about bringing a positive change in the society through her social work. She often expresses herself through her poetry and writings in English, Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi on her blog mysticsvault.wordpress.com. A die hard fan of the mysticism of Rumi's poetry and Kafkaism, she has an insatiable addiction to Murakami's work. Her other interests include traveling, photography, Sufi music, and food.

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