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One mid afternoon, with South Indian sambhar boiling over the stove and couple of songs at the background from my mobile, I was standing all alone at home looking at the sambhar and gazing through the kitchen window. Of late, this has become my routine.

Guna Akka, who once came to my rescue to take care of my daughter when she was young, was passing by the window and we exchanged a broad grin. Both of us quickly understood what we meant. She has been associated with us over the past 10 years and she knew everything about our house; my in-laws, other maids, my kids, my husband and more of all myself. She was amused to see me calm and quiet at home because it maybe one of the biggest changes that the recent years have brought.

Not only Guna Akka, many people who have known me for the past 15 years are taken back.  How does a lady who has worked a corporate job all her life, sit calm and be satisfied within the four walls of the house? Though I do not reply everyone about these questions, I smile back at them with complete inner satisfaction.

Corporate job at 21, marriage at 22, child at 23 –the hustle and bustle of city life made me run faster again and again.  9 to 9 was my usual with no time to breathe and no time to take care or think. I have managed thanks to my aged in-laws and parents who managed the home throughout and ran along with me. At last, the time came and all 15 years of compromises for a corporate job came to an end. Though the very thought of decision had been lingering on my mind, one fine day, I called it quits.

No more pointing fingers or petty fights.

No more heated arguments.

No more hurry.

No more guilty feelings.

I know I am not all alone when I realize a set of people looking for early retirement or convenient working hours unless there is a financial pressure.

Even now, I recall the deep disappointment my parents had when I quit the corporate job at the age of 40.  No wonder on their displeasure as they regret themselves for not picking up another job after their retirement.  But 20 years of a hurried life and personal compromises majorly influenced and made me stick to my decision.

With passing away of the in-laws, one next to the other and grown-up kids, the house which was hustling and bustling has become calm and quiet now. With the support system at home now shifted, I stand all alone gazing through the window and at the boiling sambhar with an aching heart and longing memories.




Geetha lives in Chennai with her husband and her two sweet children. She was with Cognizant for a long time and has now taken a break for the benefit of her children. A homemaker now, Geetha loves cooking, reading magazines and is now trying her hand at writing too. As a student, Geetha used to write poems in Tamil and completely enjoyed the creativity part of it. She is happy to be part of SiyaWoman's group of writers!

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