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Ushasi Sen Basu

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My ambition, for as long as I can remember, was to have a beautiful, book-lined home, with white bookcases swooping up to incredibly high ceilings, and gauzy ivory curtains billowing in the sea-breeze. I would sit and read in a huge squashy sofa placed closed to the French windows overlooking a sunlit beach, and occasionally climb up a wooden stepladder to fetch myself a fresh book from my obscenely large collection.

Though I managed to have a floor-to-ceiling bookcase built in our master bedroom, the carpenter refused to make it white. My bedroom window overlooks 20 other bedroom windows, and I bought unexciting brown curtains on a regrettable whim. The ladder is one of those heartless, collapsible steel contraptions, and a beanbag, the poor cousin of the sophisticated sofa of my dreams, has been all but demolished by my exuberant daughter. And because dirt doesn’t exist in the realm of daydreams; I was unpleasantly surprised by what dust magnets my rather nice assortment of books turned out to be. My dreams literally turned to dust, I got myself a Kindle instead.

To come back from these rather dramatic digressions to what I was saying: I love books. And I have a fondness for making lists. I make lists even when there’s no danger of forgetting things. It’s almost an OCD.

So it made perfect sense to bring two of my loves together in this new series of articles called “Feeling Bookish”. (Like ‘feeling peckish’, only the appetite is for books, so ‘bookish’. Get it? No? Moving On.) In this series, I’ll list all the books that I’ve absolutely adored reading for one reason or another. There will be books to read to soothe your soul, there’ll be those I loved reading to my toddler, and books that leave you satisfyingly teary and tragic for days. Another list will name books which make you do that inelegant snort-laugh thing in public; you know, where everyone edges away from you like you’ve escaped from a psychiatric facility. Historical novels, travelogues, autobiographies/biographies, children’s books, fantasy books, romance novels: Step right up lovely ladies, if you need it, ‘Feeling Bookish’ has got it! Ingratiating smile.

After that hard sell, I feel compelled to provide a disclaimer here. This is by no means a series which will give you an “exhaustive” or the ‘best 100 books in the world’ kind of list. It will contain books that I (and some other keen readers I know) have enjoyed. I’ll keep things in the realm of easy reading, because that’s what I personally enjoy. Once you start writing in to contact@siyawoman.com with your suggestions and why you’ve enjoyed them, (preferably right after you finish reading this) the lists will grow broader and more representative of diverse tastes.

Watch out for the first part of this series — Of Caterpillars, Choo-Choo trains and Crazy People.

Happy Reading, ladies!




Ushasi Sen Basu, 37, lives in Bangalore and is the erstwhile Editor-in-Chief of SiyaWoman.com. She published her debut contemporary literary fiction novel, 'Kathputli’ in early 2017, in both Kindle and paperback formats. Ushasi has been a professional writer and editor for over a decade. She also has an unpopular blog called The Crib that pokes fun at everything, including herself. Ushasi (aka Shashi, "U" and 'You-Over-There') loves literature and music, and dances like nobody’s watching. She is the mother of a five-year-old girl, who is the joy of her life and grudging guinea pig for many of her parenting experiments.

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