Twist in the Tale: Daddy’s Girl

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Debolina Coomar

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“Kuhu, good morning!” She wished for a Mother’s kiss in the morning. It was 4-year old Kuhu’s first day at school. She had tried sleeping early the previous night, but her excitement in the conversation with her Mom, looking up at the night sky, kept her awake.

“Kuhu, good morning!” This time she knew the voice and opened her eyes to see the happiest face, she had ever known — her Dad. He was equally excited for his little princess. He had also stayed up late having a similar conversation with his wife’s picture.

Kuhu knew her dad must have planned a surprise on this special day. He gave her a surprise almost everyday — a new clip, a special breakfast, a colouring book  and so on. She wondered what it was this morning.

She checked under her pillow, but nothing. Her dad called, “Hurry up, Kuhu, you should not be late on the first day of school. Finish your breakfast, fast.” Perhaps it was on the breakfast table. It was paratha this morning with butter. Special? Not really. She knew her dad was a great cook, she loved everything he made from breakfast till  dessert after dinner. She decided to wait.

Kuhu looked like a little doll in her school uniform. Her dad carefully pinned on the handkerchief and put the ID card around her neck. He took the car keys, they prayed to God, both of them looked at Kuhu’s mom in the picture on the wall and left. She missed her.

She was still waiting for the surprise, but Dad only spoke about the Dos and Don’ts at school. As Kuhu turned away to enter the school building, Dad called her back again. She was excited, but all she got was a good-bye kiss. But her hopes were still high.

As she entered her classroom, she was overwhelmed to see so many of kids of her age. She felt a bit shy, but she definitely wanted to make friends with all of them.

The teacher asked everybody to introduce themselves and talk about their parents. When it was Kuhu’s turn, she fumbled a bit, but then she managed. In the end she said, “I love my Daddy a lot.” The teacher asked, “That’s great, Kuhu, but what about your mom, tell us something about her?” Kuhu managed a sentence, “I don’t know where she is, (pause) but I love her too.” The teacher could sense her uneasiness, and asked her to take her seat.

Kuhu’s dad was her entire world. He did everything that needed to be done for her, he said everything that needed to be said to her, he was the best Dad ever, and probably the best Mom too. Kuhu had seen her mother in the pictures, but vaguely remembered when she saw her last in person. Yes, they’d met, but she could hardly remember.

She heard people say  ”it must be difficult for him to raise a daughter single-handedly.” And often heard her father reply to such comments with, “it has always been my greatest pleasure.” Sometimes, Kuhu felt that dad was hiding something.

Her dad came to pick her up. She was a bit upset, because there had been no surprise since morning. They drove back home without a single word exchanged.

Kuhu opened the door, and saw someone standing there with a big smile and a huge teddy bear. The person in the Army uniform looked as ravishing as ever, just like in the pictures. Kuhu knew that this was her surprise — she rushed to her Mom and hugged her. “Thank you, Dad. This is the best surprise ever!” They were meeting after a year. And this time Kuhu would make sure that she had lovely and long-lasting memories of the family together, especially of her Mom, to tell others about and to cherish till the next time they met.

Kuhu’s mom chose a different life for herself, and her dad always supported her decision. He wanted Kuhu to be as proud of her mother, as he was. He knew Kuhu would eventually understand the choices both of them made.




As a believer of 'live & let live', Debolina likes to enjoy the little things of life. As a person who enjoys reading, writing and interacting with people, she finds it exciting to write about emotions, experiences, stories, lifestyle, parenting, self-improvement, current affairs and pretty much everything that affects a common man's life. Debolina is an ex-HR and Corp. Comm. professional, wife to a wonderful husband, mother to a lovely daughter; and a freelance content, creative writer, content developer and blogger. She strives to ignite the power of thought with a whole new perspective. Debolina shares her thoughts at:

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