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Indira Anand

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My husband’s parents have always been very open-minded to catching up with the latest in gizmos, gadgets and the like. Unlike my own dad who I had to literally drag into the computer age, my in-laws embraced every new technology I introduced to them. Appa is very patient (completely unlike my birth Appa!) and over long distance he would patiently follow my instructions, even willing to start over several times, in case we lost our way.

Over the years I showed Appa how to work with email, text chat with us on IM, connect and communicate with us on Skype, catch up on his serials online, watch golden oldies on YouTube. I even found his favorite game Word Jumble online and he enjoyed solving those puzzles on his iPad rather than on the pages of his favorite newspaper. This year, due to an absence of Tamil magazines in the UAE, I even managed to convince him to subscribe to his favorite magazines online!

Couple of years back when they were visiting us, my husband was playing the notorious Candy Crush on his iPad when he noticed Amma appeared utterly and completely bored. She is so efficient and runs a house with such organization and discipline, that by the time an average person figures out what to do (read me), she’s done it. It leaves her with a lot of free time to pursue her other interests, but it also sometimes leaves her bored.

That was the epic moment my husband chose to hand the iPad over to her and show her how to tackle the first level of Candy Crush. It took some time for Amma to pick up the general idea, but once she did she was unstoppable. Her enthusiasm at clearing a level was so infectious! We would all celebrate her success and cheer her on. And yes, we were proud of her for attempting and learning something new.

The confidence she gained from nailing this game also made her open to learning new things. Eventually we set them up on a different iPad with an ID of their own, and soon Amma too learnt to check emails, connect to us on Skype, browse her favourite bhajans and discourses on YouTube, use Facebook. Every year they visited us, she made it a point to learn a new skill, the latest being Whatsapp and reading magazines online.

Appa still stays true to Jumble. He refuses to have anything to do with Candy Crush, and glowers at the three of us, mother, son and daughter-in-law, each competing with the other on Candy Crush, discussing levels and new challenges and exchanging notes. The three of us however are having a ball, challenging each other, helping each other, just having fun!

But the moment that made us super proud of Amma (actually we are still split between feeling embarrassed at ourselves, and feeling proud of her) was the day she passed us by and moved on to higher levels, while we were still struggling to catch up. Where she used to ask us for help at almost every level, it’s very rare now that we are in a position to help her. The tables have turned so definitely on this that it’s now her help we seek to move on and clear our own levels.

Yes it’s embarrassing at one level, but it is also inspiring at another. The entire interaction around this silly game has taught me so many things about my mother-in-law. She is persistent and never gives up. She is open to learning and never feels embarrassed to ask for help. She works hard to achieve any goals she sets for herself. And like with everything else, she helps us catch up.

For our parents are so much more knowledgeable and experienced than us, that we will always be only catching up to them.




Indira is 40 years old and settled in Dubai for the last 18 years along with her husband. She works in IT Operations with a leading airline. Her hobbies include cooking, reading, traveling the world and other creative pursuits like knitting stuffed toys, clay modeling, drawing and painting. With her husband working in a furniture factory, Indira has the unique advantage of imagining a home improvement and actually having it come to life as imagined! A kidney transplant in 2010 changed a lot for Indira including her outlook to life and learning to live fully and in the moment. In her non-existent spare time, she also writes fiction and about strong women who have made it through everything. Catch her blog at

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