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Vedika Srivastava

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Today, when my in-laws left for their hometown after staying with us for six months, I took my comfortable t-shirt and tracks out from my closet and changed from my salwar suit into them. Seeing me, my husband remarked, “You look so young today!!!”. I was amused!

Indeed, clothes make a man.

I remember, in my previous organisation, where formals were the dress code, every Tuesday was marked as a day when employees were expected in western formals to the office. One of my colleagues who stayed in a joint family was not comfortable leaving home wearing the western outfit. So she would wear an Indian attire at home, pack her western formals in her bag and change in the office washroom. She tried excusing herself at times but the manager would reply that they were training us for onsite travels, preparing us to be comfortable carrying off western clothes with ease overseas. No more questions!!!

In another firm that I was associated with, there was no formal dress code. Casual wear made employees happy. Few tried to be so casual and comfortable that they made interesting sights in the office. Some employees came to work in their shorts and slippers. That’s when certain do’s and don’ts were made handy to employees. HR intervention was indeed required since clothes not only make a man but dictate an organisation’s work culture and atmosphere as well.

I remember, one of my aunts in Delhi making this funny statement about her clothes arguments with her daughters. She was fond of dressing her daughters, while they were growing up, in short, smart clothes, while they were adamant on wearing long, covering dresses. While all their shorts and jumpsuits lay waste in the cupboard, they would flaunt their jeans and leggings even in scorching Delhi heat. This was some ten to fifteen years ago and now when my aunt would prefer to see them in churidars or jeans, shorts and skirts are their favorite picks for every day.

I face the same struggle with my daughter today.

Reminding me that when my daughter was being introduced to different colors in school in her prep standard, she was told to shun her uniform for two weeks and was instructed to wear certain colored clothes to school each day. Clothes make learning easy too.

Clothes can prove to be lucky charmers as well. When my sister appeared for her first job interview and successfully cleared it, she tagged the clothes that she wore that day to be lucky for her and till today, if it is her appraisal discussion day or the promotion announcement day, she makes sure she drapes herself in the same piece of cloth that day.

Vacations are incomplete if you do not dress yourself as a tea picker and click your photo in Assam, or put on a Kashmiri dress with all the ornaments and accessories to go with it when in Kashmir. The “I love Goa” t-shirt ought to be bought and worn in Goa. Clothes make a vacation memorable.

Recently, I had to travel to Canada for my employer’s annual party. After a lot of confusion, I picked up a dress for the event before travelling to my destination. Eventually, I landed in Montreal airport on the day of the party only to know that my suitcases were delayed. Thankfully, my manager guided me to a nearby mall to pick up one for the event till my suitcases arrived. So I finally was dressed comfortably in the dress bought at Montreal for the Montreal party reminding me of the “I love Goa” t-shirt in Goa.

Weddings are the other grand clothes affairs. So much time and money is spent on the bride and groom’s dresses for the D day that it is worth saying – Clothes definitely make occasions or festivals look more beautiful, colorful and brighter.

Working from home from the past one year has allowed me the liberty of not checking on my wardrobe on a daily basis. Else it is a known fact that though you have ample clothes to select from, every time you open the cupboard to choose your dress for that day to work, you end up commenting “I do not have anything to wear today!” with the pile of clothes smiling back at your comment. This has something to do with the changing rather evolving fashion trends which make certain lines of clothing obsolete today, only to bring them back into fashion tomorrow, keeping people in a dilemma whether they are dressed up as fashionistas or as out of fashion folks.

Thus, clothes make money too. No wonder, we have successful costume designers who come up with such fabulous and innovative ideas in clothing that changes the way a person is looked at completely. Elaborate fashion events are organized to flaunt their work and ideas. Numerous models and celebrities adorn themselves in such attires which are spell bounding and leave us speechless.

Nevertheless, clothes alone do not make a man.. what does? The list is endless.




Vedika is an IT professional. A working mother, who feels that writing is a great stress buster and hence pens down her thoughts whenever she finds time to do so. Life is the best teacher and teaches great lessons, so her words are generally the reflection of her own experiences. Music and gardening are the other two pleasures she rates on par with writing and indulges in them as much as possible. Being a woman has always given her pride and satisfaction, and even more so now that she is part of the 'SiyaWoman' family.

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