The Circle of Life- Droplets of emotion- Part2

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Debolina Coomar

The Circle of Life- Droplets of emotion- Part2 Loading

Previously, we have seen that Shamli, Meera, Imli, Debashish and Mr and Mrs Sharma were struggling with different problems in life. Imli runs away from the NGO shelter she was living in and ends up meeting Meera in a park. A desolate Meera talks to Imli and eventually decides to adopt her. Everything was running smoothly, until Imli meets someone. Who will it be? Will everything turn out to be okay or will it bring more mayhem into Imli and Meera’s life? Read to find out more.

One day, in the park, she saw a lonely girl playing with some paper boats. She went to her and asked, “Can I play with you?” Anshika looked up with a sad face, but didn’t reply. Imli tried to strike a conversation again, “Why are you sad?”

Anshika didn’t respond. Imli felt disheartened and went and sat on the bench. After sometime, Anshika came to her and said, “I am sorry. What is your name?”

Imli looked at her with a smile and said, “Imli. And yours?” Anshika replied. That moment marked the beginning of a new friendship and it was marked by the first droplet of rain of the season.

Soon, it started pouring, and they ran back to their houses. But, when the rains stopped, they could not stop themselves. They met in the park and was glad to see the lane full of water. Now, they can sail their paper boats. They chased the boats, giggling and laughing. They saw their boats sail away.

Imli asked, “Whom are you sending your boat to?” Anshika replied, “I am sending it to my father. He is in the office, and I want him to come back in the boat. He is so busy that he doesn’t have time for me. I think he doesn’t love me.”

A tear rolled down her cheeks. She saw that Imli was also crying, she asked, “Why are you crying?”

Imli broke down and said, “At least, you have your dad with you. My dad used to take me to the fields to play, he was a farmer. One day, I saw him hanging from a tree there. They said he is dead.”

Anshika had a blank look on her face. She ran away.

The whole conversation was overheard by Mr and Mrs Sharma, who were just passing by. They looked at each other, and a thought made them smile. It was time to fulfil their son’s dream.

Anshika ran into her house and picked up the phone and dialled her dad’s number. Promila was confused, and kept asking her what happened. When Debashish answered, Anshika said, “Baba, I love you a lot. I do not hate you. I know you are busy with work. I will never get angry with you ever. I will never ask you to take me on a vacation. Just, don’t leave me ever. You promise that you won’t leave me.”

All three of them took a minute to understand the situation. Anshika broke the silence, “I am sorry, I love you.” All three of them had tears in their eyes. Promila hugged her daughter and kissed her on her forehead.

Debashish was in the middle of some important work, but the monologue from Anshika made him close his laptop and rush to the washroom to wipe his tears. At that moment, nothing was more important.

Mr and Mrs Sharma went straight into Pratik’s room, when they got home. They opened his cupboard and took out a box. It had some money, which Pratik had started collecting to help the farmers. It also had some contacts and a brief plan. Mr and Mrs Sharma decided to start what their son had left behind. They searched for Imli as they had seen her many times in the housing complex, but they didn’t know who she was.

They spoke to Meera and Venkatesh and got the details of the NGO, who brought Imli to the city. They told them about the condition of the village and its people. Mr and Mrs Sharma told Meera and Venkatesh about their son Pratik and his work. They wanted to donate the money for the cause to help the farmers. But, they realized that it was not enough.

So, they decided to run a campaign in their locality, so that everyone can donate a little for a cause. But, they wondered how to organize everything. That evening, Anshika and Debashish came to meet Imli. Meera and Venkatesh told him about everything they have planned.

Debashish gave them hope. He proposed the event to his boss and they agreed to sponsor it as a part of their CSR initiative.

Soon, they were able to raise enough money to help farmers. They decided to visit the village. Imli was really excited that she will be able to meet Shamli, finally.

When they arrived, Imli ran straight to Shamli’s house. They had a lot to catch up. Mr and Mrs Sharma met Sukhiya, Shamli’s father and gave him some money. It was enough for them to survive till the rains came. They also distribute money among the other farmers.

That day, everybody had both tears in their eyes and a smile on their faces.

The people, who were strangers till now, though they lived side by side; people whose lives were barren with negative emotions; people who were fighting a battle with themselves every day were suddenly drenched in showers of happiness, togetherness, love and care.

The rains always doesn’t pour on your head, sometimes it just soaks your heart, and washes away the pain.




As a believer of 'live & let live', Debolina likes to enjoy the little things of life. As a person who enjoys reading, writing and interacting with people, she finds it exciting to write about emotions, experiences, stories, lifestyle, parenting, self-improvement, current affairs and pretty much everything that affects a common man's life. Debolina is an ex-HR and Corp. Comm. professional, wife to a wonderful husband, mother to a lovely daughter; and a freelance content, creative writer, content developer and blogger. She strives to ignite the power of thought with a whole new perspective. Debolina shares her thoughts at:

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