Bummer Summer

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Jai Shruthi

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I live in Chennai, but I hear it’s the same across India. Temperatures are soaring, and people don’t need a stove to cook anymore.  This morning I was feeling so hot that my cold milk seemed to warm up in my hands! I had to gulp it down fast before it curdled! In a few days, I am guessing we won’t need to get to the kitchen to cook at all. Husbands would ask – “Honey, can I have an omelette?” Wives would reply, “Sure baby, here are the eggs, some salt and pepper, do you need a plate or will you eat it off your body just like that?” Romantic? Hardly. This is Hell! Doesn’t matter if your deeds are good or bad, you get fried all the same.

The heat is so unbearable that the umpteen ways to cool off don’t seem to work. Ice creams melt before I enjoy them, fruits spoil before I juice them, coconut oil head massages give me a cold, so sweat is not the only thing dripping off me. Last weekend as a last resort, we decided to hit the pool. I couldn’t wait to dive in and soak in the cool water. For once, I seemed to understand buffaloes. So, after rubbing it in my neighbor’s sad, sweaty face and updating my Facebook status on how awesome the day was going to be, I was all set to splash away. Little did I know that the ever shining Surya Bhagavan had reached the pool ahead of me, and it was a hot spring now! The water was hot! And we were getting hard boiled. As of now, I have deleted my Facebook App and will not be taking any visitors.

It takes great effort and an earnest pep talk to myself to get out of my air-conditioned bedroom every morning. Some days, I hypnotize myself and zombie through the chores, on other days I guilt-trip myself about not helping my joint family and push myself out of the room. One such hypnotic day, post lunch, the women retired to their respective rooms to relax. I ran into mine, locked the door, and stripped down to the bare essentials as I turned on the AC. I settled on the bed and I imagined myself on a deliciously cool beach. Suddenly, the door banged shut! Wait? What? Apparently, in my hurry to cool off, I had forgotten to latch the door properly! Luckily it was my husband who walked in and not another family member!

While most women love to preserve their complexion, housewives hardly sweat over it. But I learnt my lesson the hot way, one hot afternoon, when my maid bluntly refused to go up to the terrace to dry the clothes. Well, the good news is that it didn’t take much time for me to dry them, by the time I hung the last piece of clothing, the first one was dry! Neither did it take much time for me get cooked to medium-rare! (Anybody who watches MasterChef would know this term). So, like it wasn’t hot enough already, I wrapped my head in a scarf, wore my shades and used some really long socks as gloves and headed to the store to pick up some sun block. And, now I don’t even go out to throw the garbage without my sun block. My vegetable vendor didn’t seem very happy about his 20 minute wait outside my house under the scorching sun. Perhaps I should gift him a bottle of sun block, or maybe get him a pair of slippers for his burning feet to start with.

My maid is quite convinced that the only reason Surya Bhagavan is shining in all his glory is because of the floods. We prayed so much for some sun shine during the rains that he is now unstoppable. She believes it takes time for our prayers to be answered. According to her that is how seasons work, we ask for warmth during the winter and BAM! Six months later we have summer and vice versa.

Telling her about global warming, climatic changes, deforestation seemed too cruel. After all, she wasn’t responsible for it. She didn’t use any air conditioning to heat up the environment. She never used any plastic, probably because she was happy with her earthenware. And also she had her own organic garden, from which she earned a living for her big family. Her house was a real green house.

Unless we rethink our style of living, there is no way we can beat this heat. Or as my maid says, maybe we should just thank Surya Bhagavan this time instead of asking for something else. He probably won’t realize he has blessed us with enough heat, until we thank him for it!




Witty and humorous, Jai Shruthi, is an aspiring writer. She has been a professional dancer for 6 years and after dabbling in graphic design for awhile, she found her place in event management. She is currently a happy-stay-at-home Mum of two adventurous boys. She is also the founder of Shruts Handmade Stuff, a small online venture where she showcases her handmade designs. When she isn't busy with any of the above, she loves to sit back and relax with a good movie, language no bar. A dancer by soul, designer by mind and a mommy by heart, she loves to explore and expand her creative horizons.

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