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“Change their minds, and change the world” – Wonder Woman

Wonder woman is a state of mind. You don’t need a cape, a bat mobile or a spider’s web to conquer the world – just your mindset. Dr Mani Pavitra is a living example of this. She is a woman with multiple superpowers!

Besides being an orthodontist, a childbirth educator, a Life Coach, a serial entrepreneur, an author, a Lamaze instructor, a yoga and woga (water yoga) trainer, a Social activist, a blogger and a mother of two, she also manages the home front and is still counting. Just when we women thought we could not have it all, she proves us all wrong. She is a woman of grit, determination and willpower. How many of us work on making every dream we have come true with the same gusto? Here is a woman who made every dream of hers a reality and on the path to success.

Her day starts at 4.30 am, with meditation and yoga. 18 years of meditation practice helps her focus and channel her energy in a constructive way. While her spiritual practice helps her stay positive and self-assured, “Pranayama” and chanting guide her through her periods of self-doubt. This self-made wonder woman considers Robin Sharma and Vishen Lakhiani as her role models. Smart time management and effective people management are the two important factors that have helped her maintain a harmonious balance between personal and professional life. She believes in doing one thing at a time and applies herself to it with full fervor.

She was born and raised in Hyderabad, the City of Pearls. As a child, she was an introvert, extremely independent, mature and strong-willed girl. An avid reader, she would devour her schoolbooks the moment she procured them. These books were never touched again, not even for exams! Such was her phenomenal photographic memory. She often wondered why her friends were flustered about exams, while she enjoyed them. With this background, its not surprising that she was among the Top 100 in the State board exams and a recipient of Prathibha Puraskar. Her zeal to excel at every activity that she participated in at school made her an exceptional all-rounder. Scraped knees were her prized scars.

Watching her parents, both Doctors, juggle their busy schedules while trying to find time for the family made her realize the importance of a work-life balance for a gratifying life. So, when it was time for her to decide, she opted for a career that would help her live life to the fullest, because, wonder women are their own heroes. She left a few questions in her MBBS exam so that she could have just the right score for Dentistry, a field where she would be a Doctor and yet have time for family and life. Nevertheless, to her dismay, she passed with excellence. Her family was in for a surprise when she voiced her opinion. A gold medalist orthodontist was in the making.

Marriage and pregnancy brought in new experiences. During her first pregnancy, she felt well-educated people were providing misinformation about simple things like eating, sleeping, walking, breathing etc. Her search to find the right answers took her to “The Sanctum”, a natural birthing centre, where she felt as normal as every pregnant woman should feel. Her first birthing experience was magical and she felt something in her shift. She felt empowered and stronger than ever before. The feeling was so wonderful that she wanted more mothers to experience the same. Hence, along with her first-born, the idea of being a childbirth educator took shape.

This was just the beginning. She went on to fulfill an inspiration that came to her. As a dentist who designed everybody’s smile, she felt it was more important to fix a smile from within. She went on to add more superpowers to her cape – a certified Lamaze instructor, Yoga and Woga (water yoga) trainer. She made her debut to entrepreneurship through “Pampered Moms” – a platform where she catered to pregnant women and new moms. Taking it a step forward, she joined forces with “Healthy Mother Wellness & Care” and is a partner at their well mom centre and “The Sanctum”, a natural birthing centre.

While interacting with other young mothers she realized the drastic shift in the way they looked at themselves. Successful women who were once oozing confidence were mere shadows of themselves after going through childbirth. It was time to add another superpower – being a Life Coach (or Life Curator, as she would like to call it). With her life coaching skills, she helps them structure, re-design and direct their lives towards their goals. She also simultaneously mentors business people to reach their pinnacle of success.

Most woman face gender discrimination in some form – our wonder woman was no exception! She feels women have to deal with challenges on a regular basis just to live life on their own terms. It is unbelievable how a woman’s words, clothes, views and mere existence can offend some men. Quite a few men cannot work with a successful woman. Whereas, some men become their pillars of support – like her husband, Pradeep who have always believed in her and help make every dream of hers a reality. However, discrimination of any sort never deterred her, and she feels it should not deter any woman, either. Instead of wondering ‘why me?!’, women should march ahead because everything is temporary. Times will change.

Dr Mani Pavitra is on a mission to create more superheroes like her. Thanks to the support of her business partner Kaali Sudheer who helped make her dream a reality, ‘Million Moms Move’ is her next big project. She aims at making a difference in the lives of millions of moms by making them realize their true potential through mind, body and soul enrichment. OJAS, her community centre(opening in November), will enable this transformation. Trained professionals will teach yoga based on the five elements of nature (panchaboothas). It will cater to families who would like to spend their weekends productively, rather than at the mall or cinemas. This, she strongly believes, will cater to their intellectual quotient and stimulate the family to think constructively. For the first time ever in Hyderabad, in a bid to take her mission to every woman, she will be releasing an augmented reality app based on OJAS – which means women in rural areas have access to right knowledge and trained yoga teachers.

“I love teaching. The core of everything I do is teaching. Whatever I experience, I want people to experience it too. Life is beautiful and awesome. It is beyond awesome.” –Dr Mani Pavitra

“And remember that in a world of ordinary mortals. You are Wonder Woman.”




Witty and humorous, Jai Shruthi, is an aspiring writer. She has been a professional dancer for 6 years and after dabbling in graphic design for awhile, she found her place in event management. She is currently a happy-stay-at-home Mum of two adventurous boys. She is also the founder of Shruts Handmade Stuff, a small online venture where she showcases her handmade designs. When she isn't busy with any of the above, she loves to sit back and relax with a good movie, language no bar. A dancer by soul, designer by mind and a mommy by heart, she loves to explore and expand her creative horizons.

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