Blissful Burden

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Janani Koushik

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The need to strive for perfection is somewhere deep rooted in the DNA of every woman. I reiterate, Every Woman. As girls, we loved troubling our moms with the mess in the house. But as soon as we grew into young ladies, felt shivers down the spine to think how life would change once we started a family of our own. I don’t know exactly when the “Responsible” tag is added into our genes but it comes. Once a wife, we expect the same from our husbands and those wet towels on the floors or the gym t-shirts on the bed irk us!

But with Mommyhood comes a new dimension of the term “cleanliness”. Lego and Disney toys claim their authority over your long desired glass center-table. Those costly curios handpicked from far-away lands have to settle for the dusty top shelves once the kid starts crawling. Your idea of a picture-perfect living room goes for a toss once the kid comes — with its play-mats and stuffed toys and rattles hogging the entire space.

From browsing Flipkart to Firstcry, even our shopping experiences and preferences change. From nosing around for that lovely designer handbag we end up searching for toy baskets where we can dump toys in a more presentable manner at home (only to be strewn everywhere the minute the toddler is active again).

Ask any mom and she’d agree. The only pain that is comparable to that of labour, is stepping on your kids’ building blocks! Every 3 hours you make an attempt to impose some orderliness on your environment and gather blocks up from impossible nooks and crannies of the room.

With every mom, there are three stages of putting away these toys. The first stage: in the initial days of the toy’s arrival; one makes sure each and every  piece is scrupulously picked up and dusted and put back into the cardboard box from whence it came. The second stage comes with familiarity and a time crunch. Three to four sets of building blocks make it to the same storage basket — and you convince yourself that you are sorting the toys broadly, as per their genre. Finally, the third stage: the crucial one, where you have lost your patience and time and are ready to explode at your kid for messing up the hall. Every toy or block is picked up with a great amount of fretting and fuming and dumped into ONE huge laundry basket and stashed away in the corner of the room, so that your cleaning process becomes simpler!

But, at the end of it all, when your kid grows older and these toys make it to your loft — you  go back to stage one, and sort them patiently. Only now, each piece you put in is accompanied by a snippet of a memory and misted over eyes.




Janani Koushik is a software engineer by profession and a freelance writer by passion. Based out of Delhi- she writes on things that strike an instant chord with her. Mother to a wonderful three year old daughter- who is the inspiration for her works- she likes writing on things that she loves and Parenting is top on the list! Also interested in singing, books and cricket- find more of her reads at

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